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  1. a_ump

    bridging, double bandwidth usage?

    So I know 9/10 bridging a router will cut the speed in half or 3/4th. I've seen both. Anyways tonight I was downloading a game onto a bridged PC network and wondered - Does downloading at half the speed on my bridged computer still use half the home network's speed? in my situation, the at home...
  2. a_ump

    TV/Monitor going to Rainbow Static??

    As title states, after 3 to 10 minutes of being on this random monitor/tv my in laws had goes to rainbow static starting from the top and working its way down. Now my computer keeps running just fine, and if i turn off the monitor and turn it back on problem is gone...until that random amount of...
  3. a_ump

    Different Wireless Coverage is a lie!

    at least for my area in WV all the main carriers for cell phones: Verizon, Ntelos, US Cellular, Sprint have the same coverage. The only carrier with a different coverage map is AT&T Soooo from what i can tell there's really only 2 service providers in WV at least tower wise because i can't...
  4. a_ump

    Higher high speed internet overrated/unnecessary?

    I was pondering earlier today about what internet speed i should get as i'm about to move. Its from suddenlink and speeds offered at 15, 30, and 50mbps down at $35/$45/$55 per month. I got to thinking, why do we have such outrageous internet speeds now? I remember about 8-10 years ago when i...
  5. a_ump

    Intel and smartphone's/mobile, when will they dominate?

    So i was pondering they other day about stocks and thought of intel even though they've been somewhat stagnant, but then i realized they haven't really busted into the super mobile market of smartphones/tablets. I currently am just 23, but i thought if there were a company i'd invest in, it...
  6. a_ump

    Video: HDMI cables hate me!!!

    So this is more of a general nonsense but still hardware question. I have beaten, thrown, and taken horrible care of laptop cables, ethernet, even BNC security camera cables, and never had them break or stop working. HDMI cables are a different story though. i've bought probably 5 cables in...
  7. a_ump

    Why isn't Desktop memory the same size as Laptop memory?

    So i was contemplating this and decided to google and just found link after link of the different memory speeds, progress over the years, etc. But seriously why isn't desktop memory the same size as laptop memory? Surely it would reduce costs as there's about 56% less PCB in laptop DIMM's, and...
  8. a_ump

    Cannot access proxy server. IE, Chrome, any app no internet. HELP!!!

    Hello all. My mother-in-laws computer is having the "The proxy server isn't responding server" problem. I've tried to uncheck the use proxy server box under internet options, i've tried running cmd.exe as admin and the command "netsh winsock reset" followed by a reboot, and i've...
  9. a_ump

    PS Vita Origonal hunt, or PS Vita Slim easy buy

    So father's day is coming up this Sunday and having killed my smartphone in the ocean this past vacation, I've been wanting a new portable gaming device. I had the PSP and loved it, even with the small library at the time. Just so happens my love asked me if there was anything in particular i...
  10. a_ump

    Starting a Home PC repair service, EULA and liability help?

    Hello all, i know there have been several threads about pc repair business but this is a little more specific. For background details i originally was just helping out friends and family, averaging 1 pc every month or so. But lately i've been getting more like 1pc every week and that's just from...
  11. a_ump

    Netgear WGR614v10 as repeater for ADSL2+ network?

    I wanted to know if anyone could assist with expanding my network coverage. As stated in the title, I have a Netgear WGR614v10 wifi router and am hoping to use it to repeat/extend my network which runs off an ZyXel P-663HN-51 ADSL2+ Modem/Router. The Netgear has a Wifi Repeater mode that looks...
  12. a_ump

    No facebook, youtube video's won't load, nor Google

    My water lines busted and I went away for about a week with my woman to her in-laws. We come back and we're having this issue in the title. I can't access facebook, it leads me to a chrome download page which then my Avast(free) reports malicious software. I was trying to watch some gameplay...
  13. a_ump

    Anyone else feel there's something missing from today's games?

    I was just thinking about how all the games i play today, some are very fun, but none of them seem to grip me like games i played say 10 years ago. Maybe it's because, just like movies, 99% of what can be done in a game plot wise and mechanics wise has already been done. I'm a young guy, only...
  14. a_ump

    Anyone else having trouble with Logitech Unifying?

    I'm having issues with my unifying device, my wireless mouse m510 keeps going active/inactive which is essentially my mouse powering off and then on. I've Google'd and no threads seem to have answers, just "contact customer support" but i don't feel like contacting them for them to end up saying...
  15. a_ump

    Password protect Win XP folder/drive, but access by camera software?

    Hello all, i manage a small network of camera's at my father in law's corner store. It's not connected to the internet so intrusive access is not a concern. However some of our employee's we believe are skipping their stocking and cleaning duties. I never password protected the system because i...
  16. a_ump

    Monitor stays black after reboot, no beeps.

    hello all, I've ran into an issue and i'm not quite sure what could be the culprit. Last night I got on my PC(in system specs), and noticed it was lagging a touch with responsiveness. So i figured it needed a reboot as it has been about 2 weeks since i last restarted it. I rebooted, went into...
  17. a_ump

    Why does the "new Posts" option dwindle?

    Why is there a reset or w/e for new posts on thread? that's my main button that i click, and i'm sure for many others, i posted a thread not 3 hrs ago and now it isn't there. So many people may not see it. I'd just like to know what kind of reset system we have going on. thanks
  18. a_ump

    GTX 560 oc, safe to oc now?

    Hello all, i recently just purchased an i5-3570k from Angel_Killer. Upgrade from my Celeron G1610, i assume i'll be good with it at stock for a while since i game at 1280x1024. However my question is about my GTX 560(non-Ti). At that resolution i don't believe i'll need to overclock, but i do...
  19. a_ump

    Who wants a curved glass smartphone?

    So i'm seeing all this hype about new phones and their curves, mainly LG and Samsung, and i find myself thinking: Why in the hell would i want a curved smart phone? it'll be a little odd to play games compared to a flat screen, it'll definitly be more likely to break in my pocket not to mention...
  20. a_ump

    H61 cpu compatibility confusion!!!

    So my bday is the 18th and i'm getting some cash and i'm going to upgrade my g1610 celeron to an i5. No overclocking since i'm on an H61, however i'm confused on how good an i5 i can get. This states i can only get up to an i5-3350P. However, i've seen other manufacturers' boards(MSI) with...
  21. a_ump

    [WTB][US] Tablet 7"+

    Hello all, my lady broke her Kindle fire, so her birthday is coming up and i'd like to get her another tablet. I've been looking at the 7" kindle fire HDX, and for $229 its just a little steep for my wallet at the moment, and anything else just doesn't look like an upgrade to her old one. If...
  22. a_ump

    DVR fudged up, need some recordings from it.

    Hello all. My bosses DVR for his bar recently keeps messing up. Called Swann(manufacturer of DVR) for tech help twice and ended up with RMA. Here's the issue. A very close town/family friend just passed away and some people want the some of the nights recordings of her as that's the last people...
  23. a_ump

    [WTB][US] 320gb-1tb hdd

    Need a hdd and none in the FS thread. Looking to spend $50 max
  24. a_ump

    laptop hdd's keep dying from heat?

    I built a new desktop with a laptop huddle. The case does get pretty hot. You can feel the heat when touching the case. Question here is I've gone through 2 laptop hdd's. They run fine then about a few days later each have died with clicking noise. But the desktop hdd in it is fine. Do laptop...
  25. a_ump

    wire two 3-pin case fans into one?

    I currently have a computer tyats gets rather hot. I have two 3-pin fans but only one secondary fan plug in on mobo. Can I wire one fan into the other and plug in the main fan to power both? I got the tools and tape to do it but don't want to short the board.