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    AMD Announces Radeon Software Adrenalin 2020 Edition

    Drivers are now available... https://www.amd.com/en/support
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    AMD Announces Radeon Software Adrenalin 2020 Edition

    Answering my own question, per AMD on Twitter:
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    AMD Announces Radeon Software Adrenalin 2020 Edition

    Is there an ETA on public release? Thanks!
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    GeForce GTX 650 Ti Specifications Detailed

    Q4 launch? Does that mean early October, late December, ???
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    NVIDIA Pioneers New Standard for HPC With Tesla GPUs Built on Kepler Architecture

    A few things... 1- Kind of sad that the K10 has 1/5 the double precision compute power of a 7970. 2- I can see the K20 being GPU compute only, similar to the Intel MIC cards.
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    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 690 4 GB

    Wish there was a 7970 CF setup included...
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    GLOBALFOUNDRIES Fab 8 Adds Tools to Enable 3D Chip Stacking at 20nm and Beyond

    An APU with stacked on-die memory for the GPU is exactly what AMD needs. It will be a while before 20nm is available though.
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    More GeForce GTX 690 Details Surface

    I am wondering if both vendors will have enough chips to sufficiently supply the market. AMD's 7970 seem to be plentiful, so they may not have a supply issue. Nvidia's 680 on the other hand seems to be OOS or on back-order every time I check (multiple sites). I think Nvidia will release the...
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    GTX 680 Generally Faster Than HD 7970: New Benchmarks

    What AA are they using? All the slide show a generic 8xAA.
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    AMD 2012 CPU Roadmap Unveils FX-X300 and A10 Series

    Looks like they will sell both only until the lower-end Trinity is released in Q3. Then it is all Trinity. A triple core Trinity is not possible. LLano was based on Phenom/Athlon II based "Stars" core so triple was possible. Trinity uses PileDrive modules, each with 2 integer cores, so the...
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    Radeon HD 7950 Launch Delayed to February

    It could be possible that most of the chips don't need to be binned down to a 7950. The 7970 has so much headroom that they could have a hard time getting sufficient chips for the 7950.
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    GeForce Kepler 104 and 100 GPU Specifications Compiled

    I agree, was about to mention the same thing.
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    AMD Delays FX Series Launch to October, Expands First Wave

    Right from the chart - "Data by unofficial sources, compiled by X-bit labs" You should change "sources" to "unofficial sources" in your article. This is nothing more than combining several rumors out there into this chart and guesstimating on a release date. Really does its job to drive...
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    Gamescom News Post Rekindles GTX 590 Successor Rumors

    Wow, just in time for Radeon 7000 to be released. Coincidence???
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    Intel Equipped to Lead Industry to Era of Exascale Computing

    I wonder if this will be able to compete with AMD's "Graphics Core Next" GPU which is supposed to be heavily developed with compute in mind.
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    AMD A-Series APUs Tested Against Sandy Bridge CPUs at Gaming on IGP

    Hmm, the second slide indicates the A series APUs will be 25, 35, and 45 watts? Can that be correct??
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    AMD Gaffe Has AIBs Ship Radeon HD 6790 with Too Many ROPs

    How much will performance suffer when the 16 ROP cards are released?
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    XFX Radeon HD 6790 Pictured, Too

    I think it depends on the Manufacturer... PowerColor's 6790 only has one 6-pin connector and looks virtually identical to their 6850, except for the display port configuration.
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    PowerColor Radeon HD 6790 Pictured, Listed

    Pics on NewEgg shows only one 6-pin power connector. I guess the previous comments about the cards requiring two are wrong. This is good news for power consumption.
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    AFOX Unveils its GeForce GT 530 Graphics Card

    It's going to be a tough sell at the $100 price point...
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    ASUS GeForce GTX 590 3 GB

    Why oh why do you insist at reviewing at such ridiculously low resolutions for these monsters? These cards are made to drive multiple monitors or the VERY LEAST a single monitor at 1920x1080. Second, how do you calculate performance per watt when you know that the Nvidia cards use power...
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    GeForce GTX 550 Ti redefines PC gaming at £119

    Where do you get 6%? Asus review shows 20% Zotac review shows 16% MSI review shows 22% Palit review shows 16% So you are not willing to pay $20 more (WITHOUT REBATE) for a STOCK CLOCKED 6850 even if it is on average 19% faster?
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    GeForce GTX 550 Ti redefines PC gaming at £119

    Why is this site giving the review card a score of 8.8 and a "RECOMMENDED!" status? The cards are all significantly slower than a 6850 for the same price! Why would they "Recommend" this card at all????
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    GeForce GTX 550 Ti redefines PC gaming at £119

    Looks like NewEgg has them for $149.99 and up. You can get most 6850's for $159 after rebate with a PowerColor 6850 going for $149.99. The 5770 is listed anywhere from $99 to $119 after rebate. There are even overclocked versions of the 5770 going for $119 after rebate. The 550ti barely...
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    Thunderbolt Technology: The Fastest Data Connection to Your PC Just Arrived

    Sounds like another FireWire vs USB to me and we all know how that turned out. I don't see a significant need for this by a majority of end users. Besides, it's another chip that has to be utilized, totally new interface, drivers, cables, devices = $$$. I just don't see the point.