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    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980 Specifications Detailed Some More

    Just another proof how poorly designed previous generations of NVidia GPUs were (T, F, K). Now it's AMD's turn to play catch-up and this time they don't appear to have an answer ...
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    TP-LINK Launches Outdoor Wireless Access Point for Long-Range Wi-Fi

    Ouch, that is ungodly expensive !!! I wouldn't want to advertise for any company but with TP Link coming out with a similar product I guess it is fair to mention the fact that Uniquiti gear has offered this kind of performance (and on 2.4 GHz band as well for those who need this kind of...
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    TP-LINK Launches Outdoor Wireless Access Point for Long-Range Wi-Fi

    Trees "eat" 5 GHz signal just as well. Microwave communications and obstacles do not mix well, period.
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    Intel Outs Six New Haswell-based Entry Level Processors

    But i3 don't cost half of what i5 chips cost - Intel could very well make the unlocked i3 "K" the most expensive i3 out there (as is the case with the fastest i5 and i7 K chips), on par with locked and slower i5. This would give users a choice between more real cores and higher single=-threaded...
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    EVGA Allegedly Cuts Out Original Developer of Precision Overclocking App

    There's your problem mister!
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    VIA Readying New 64-bit x86 Processor to Take on Intel Bay Trail and AMD Kabini

    The results are meaningless without the power consumption figures - a ULV Haswell will trash any of these chips at the expense of more heat generated and more power (battery) used.
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    AMD to Launch New Single-GPU Card This Summer, to Take on GTX 780 Ti

    What is this "28 nm SOI" you speak of ? Global Foundries does 32 nm SOI and 28 nm bulk sillicon.
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    Intel Core "Haswell" Refresh CPUs Launch Date Revealed

    Huh? Don't blame the CPU if you turned EIST off. The CPU can downclock just fine when idling.
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    Intel Finalizes Feature-sets of the First Wave of 9-series Chipsets

    First half of 2016 is more likely, lest you are only interested in preview articles rather than purchasing the real thing.
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    EVGA Announces a GeForce GTX 750 with 2 GB Memory

    What HumanSmoke has been trying to covey to you is that there is no such thing as GDDR3 in today's consumer graphics cards, yet you don't seem to quite get it. Do spare yourself the embarrassment and shut up..
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    AMD "Kabini" Low Power APU Lineup Detailed Some More

    Precisely, nobody wants to buy that Atom crap for desktop applications anymore. This is why Baytrail-D is going to fail so hard, correct?
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    TechPowerUp GPU-Z 0.7.6 Released

    How about fixing those vertical alignment issues with labels (to the left of fields containing data) ? They are all misaligned by a number of pixels (which is most pronounced at the bottom of the screen where the checkboxes for OpenCL and related features are located), this makes your...
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    Intel Rolls Out Celeron "Bay Trail" Based NUC

    Moar cores puhhlease!
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    AMD A-Series "Kaveri" Performs Better with Dual-Rank DIMMs: Report

    Why do you even bother posting nonsense like this ? Dual rank modules use separate chip select si9gnals for each rank. This allows them to avoid contention for the memory bus (by driving these signals out of phase with one another), thereby allowing for (slightly) better performance.
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    AMD Readies 16-core Processors with Full Uncore

    Wow, a post made of pure 100% stupid. Never, ever utilize your 100% stupid when posting. According to various online reviews of Kaveri that thing runs Battlefield 4 (without Mantle which shoudl enable even better performance) with reasonable framerates. Most reviews used recent titles and came...
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    AMD A10 "Kaveri" APU Pictured, Battlefield 4 Bundles Planned

    Judging by the screenshot I understand that this chip is limited to 20x max. multiplier for some reason (which means 2 GHz CPU speed) ... how comes ? This seems awfully low for the flagship desktop APU whose predecessors ran closer to (or above) 4 GHz than 3 GHz.
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    Iiyama Unveils the ProLite E1780SD 17-Inch Monitor

    I wouldn't mind that price tag if it was 1600x1200 and 19" with built-in USB hub. Would pay extra for IPS display. Nobody makes displays like these anymore, only that wide-screen crap :(
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    Microsoft Releasing 11 Patches Next Week

    I ran into this problem the other day and the only thing that seemed to speed up the process somewhat was manual update of root certificates (August 2013 one). Google it and you can install it manually.With this installed things seemed to move faster. Keep Windows Update disabled until you...
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    AMD A10-7850K and A10-7700K APU Specifications Detailed

    Because 8 MB of L3 cache occupies about as much die area as one module (= 2 cores) together with its local L2 cache. Do you REALLY want a single module APU with 8 MB of L3 cache that does fugg all in most cases ? (and will do even less with only one module to feed)