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    Windows 10 server any good for normal usage?

    I'm thinking about switching to a newer version of windows from 7. I had Windows 10 in the past but some update broke it in a way that I couldn't fix and went back to 7. Now I would like to know if going to windows 10 server has any hidden surprises for desktop users.In a VM test all I found...
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    Strange Bios on RX 470

    I have a MSI GAMING X RX470 4gb but the bios in it seems to be very rare or experimental. It is reported as a TV341MH252. I searched it and the only other occurrence was a reddit post from someone who ordered a RX480 8GB and it identified itself as a rx470 4GB with this BIOS. I did an upload to...
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    Help chosing a GPU

    I intend to buy a GPU off the used market .Within my budget (around 120 $ ) most options are on AMD side: RX 460 RX 560 pulse or RX 550 and older.on the Nvidia side Gtx1050 960 950 and very rarely 1050TI and of course the older models. My PSU only has one PCI power connector 6+2 so this limits...
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    NO on board sound

    Recently i installed a new GPU (HD 5770) after the previous (GTX 460 SE V2) died. After starting up the pc i noticed that the Optical SPDIF light is off.There was no sound coming and windows only showed digital output.I should mention that I don't use digital output. Despite everything I did I...
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    Is this GTX 960 4GB a scam?

    While I was browsing Ebay I found an offer for a GTX 960 4 GB for only 32.39 pounds .The screen shot of Gpu-z is very weird since its missing info and has very weird specs.The seller , however, has an excellent rating.
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    Fixing a PSU - Nexus Value 430

    Hello, I have the psu mentioned above and after a lot of problems and blaming software and hardware, I install SpeedFan and I find out that the 12v rail is actually giving 10.98v at idle, with a low of 10.93v and a high( under load) of 11.04v . These values are very different than what reviews...
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    Headphone Migraine

    Here is my problem: I am using headphones and the sound appears to originate from inside my head.After an hour or so this is starting to give me a migraine, at which point I need to stop.This doesn`t happen when I use speakers. I don`t use them at full power or nowhere near that. My smartphone...
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    Windows 10 update error

    I recently tried to update my Win 10 1511 (10586.713 ) to 1601 and after several restarts it arrived at the screen that covers the log in screen and then it restarts with the message " restoring previous version ".After it started , the updater displayed a message " failed to migrate user data...
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    Dedicated network card? Is there any benefit?

    Hello, My computers motherboard comes with a built in Qualcomm Atheros AR8151 PCI-E Gigabit Ethernet Controller .Would there be any point in installing a dedicated network card? I mostly browse , watch videos and play JC2 MP.
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    Nvidia Virtual audio What is it?

    hello,I was going through the add/remove panel and i saw this entry. Does anybody know what this is about ? Is It safe to remove?
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    Have you seen this in the wild?

    Hello everyone I hope the collective can help me with a time consuming problem I`m having. I need a video converter that can cut unwanted parts of an video,then segment that video and perform an horizontal flip of the video ,and then add subtitles in .srt format (or any other format).The...
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    Unrealistic names for normal hardware

    I noticed for some time now that some Press Release and other posts on the site come with names that sound mighty impressive for a piece of normal hardware.This thread is dedicated to them ,so that that we can forever mock them. I submit the first one: Patriot Memory Supersonic RageXT 32...