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    Next generation cards

    At 1600p? I should make myself clearer, by 'handling' I meant play at 60fps. No need to get abusive, this is just my opinion guys. By the way, on max settings, my dual 6950s get 50fps in broderlands 2... I wouldn't call that ideal. Maybe my expectations are higher than others. :confused:
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    Next generation cards

    Guild wars 2, Borderlands 2, and upcoming game Planetside 2. GTX 680 cant handle them. We need better vid cards.
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    Hardware they don't make but you'd want

    ahem.. uhhh... read the first word of the title of this thread...
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    Build me a gaming PC for under $650!

    I like this... That way when I tell him about it itll be like: "yeah its a quad core, 3.6ghz, 8gb ram, 1000gb hard drive!" :laugh: :nutkick:
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    Build me a gaming PC for under $650!

    Nope, nope, nope, nope. I assumed that that was implied, given the build I posted.
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    Build me a gaming PC for under $650!

    Here's what I got: What could be better? And here's the site I'm working with: http://www.umart.com.au/newindex2.phtml?bid=5 The build is for a teenager, so bigger specs = better. And of course he wants a shiny/cool looking case. Go! Go! Go! Go! :toast:
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    Home Made Free Game!

    'This program cant start because MSVCR100D.dll is missing from your computer.' Damn
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    DAW Pc

    Depends on how serious you are. DAWs are one of the few applications of computers where a 6-8 core CPU is very much beneficial. I have an i5 2500k (overclocked no less)for my DAW and I am kicking myself for not getting an i7 2600k for the extra threads. If I had my time again I would go for an...
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    Samsung, Apple... and YOU

    Well, everyone has copied IBM in one way or another...
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    No "><" key

    Try going into bios and typing > and < somewhere, if possible. This should tell you if your hardware is dying or if its a windows thing.
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    Intel NUC 4-inch Mini PC Costs $400

    How awesome would it be if they made one a bit bigger but with a HD7750 in it or something along those lines...
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    Buying this in 1 hour let me know what you think

    samsung 830 ssd. other than that, looks good
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    What would you do with Dell 1000w psu?

    You could power a car amplifier with it, but this would only be practical if you already had an amp lying around also.
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    Hd 6950

    The 6950 is a great card, I have two and before I crossfired I had just the one, and it played everything on high settings. Two 6950s is overkill but I just wanted a constant 60fps in BF3 with all settings on max plus maximum AA, because I was dipping into the high 40s on occasion. Everything...
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    Will Windows 7 ever see a Service Pack 2 update like XP got before Vista came out?

    Nearly 50% of the posts in this thread is not about the thread topic. Including this one. :roll: Just sayin...
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    need suggestions for a new mobo x58

    Yes, I think he knows that, but that does not take a away from the fact that the power draw from those cards would be enormous.
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    Learning method

    LOL You ever tried to learn how to play guitar reading a book? I mean like finger positions and movements (not music theory). Trust me, a video is A LOT better than a book in that regard. It all just depends on what it is you are learning, as stated previously.
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    Parrot AR.Drone 2.0

    was about to say the same thing. Very cool toy
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    How long do you need to run temperature tests?

    +1 You gotta keep in mind that stress tests are artificial. You can stress your cpu for days and have the computer crash 5 minutes into a gaming session. My temps usually get no higher after about an hour of prime 95
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    Windows 7 install not recognizing hard drive on brand new rig

    You might have to format the drive, which means plugging it into another computer and going through disk management in windows. It probably won't show up in My Computer if you just plug it in.
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    2 TB WD Green 2.5-inch Hard Drive Goes on Sale

    I dont care! I cant afford that! :roll::roll: But its sata powered? :wtf::wtf:
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    iTunes Question

    Welcome to not living in America. Hahaha, this reminds of a few years ago, where an Australian made car, the Holden Clubsport I believe, was imported to the US by Pontiac, rebadged as the Pontiac G8 (or something), and sold CHEAPER in America than here, when converted to AU $. It was actually...
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    2 TB WD Green 2.5-inch Hard Drive Goes on Sale

    Now make an external 2TB USB-powered 2.5" HDD!
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    Graphics Card upgrade

    7870 is much better than 7850