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    NVIDIA Powers Amazing Windows 8 Experiences

    For me after many years as windows/PC user i have never seen a new OS to be faster. Windows 98 faster than XP but crashed and buggy as hell, had to switch at some point because hardware was that fast it wouldn't matter how hungry XP was. Then comes Windows ME/2000, buggy and not a big...
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    New 3DMark Trailer Shows Stunning DirectX 11 Graphics

    very weak, don't see a good future for 3dmark with graphics comparable with actual games.
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    DOTA 2: Free to Play Confirmed

    No one put the free 2 play problem on the table, cheaters ! At least when money was involved the consequences was losing the money, now WTH will happen ? a new steam ID on a new email ? But who cares, if money flows better (from items,hats and all that bullshit you see in tf2) than when it...
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    Japan's Nexon Attempting to Buy Out EA?

    Little programs that run in your corner so you can play a game and those runs only with internet or online happens because of piracy. Game developers probably have discussions like "wtf should we do so we can make money after our 2 year hard work on a game and millions of dollars spent on...
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    Crytek Creating DirectX 11-like Graphics Effects for Crysis 3 on Xbox 360 and PS3

    I loved all crysis games so far, story and gameplay, sure they don't compare to modern warfare or BF3 but i love the sci-fi story and very good atmosfere. Problem with this game is they don't have a good multiplayer and if there is no good multi you are bound to have it cracked and pirated and...
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    Nofan Unveils All-Copper CR-95C Silent CPU Heatsink

    It looks nice but i don't think it can compare to noctua/thermalright high end coolers wich most are not all cooper. I believe thermalright made an all cooper TRUE once that weight so much it could brake the MB, other than the price and weight it wasn't such a breaktrough in temps to make it...
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    EA is Consumerist's Worst Company in America for 2012

    Great response from EA.
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    GTX 680 Generally Faster Than HD 7970: New Benchmarks

    Don't you love new members that made an account just to flame here about Nvidia and AMD ? browsed the topic and found a few 2012 march members :) .
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    Toshiba to Launch the World-Fastest Class SDHC Memory Cards

    But , they go into a memory buffer , even if you have the fastest memory card on the planet they still go into the buffer and then dropped on the sd card , if the buffer is full then you will wait no matter the sd card. You will see a difference when you copy them on HDD.
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    Toshiba to Launch the World-Fastest Class SDHC Memory Cards

    They all think they are the best. I didn't know SD cards got so fast , if so then recording some high bitrate video on those hacked DSLR's can be achieved now , good to know.
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    Kepler Unbeatable: NVIDIA

    If they are not in a price fixing deal we could expect the new Nvidia monster to make AMD start a price war wich could benefit whoever wants a new card.
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    Apple's Market Cap Crosses $500 Billion

    Yeah , let's bitch about slaves and wars but let's enjoy cheap gas and shinny ipad's and keep buying them of course , we did our job , felt sorry for the slaves for a second and move on.
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    AMD Designing Next-Gen Playstation's GPU

    We all know why they chose AMD , because they were cheaper. Not to say they are worst than Nvidia , considering they need raw power and not sophisticated CUDA, physx or some other gimmicks , then AMD is really a no brainer , decent arhitecture in an envoriment where it will be properly...
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    Apple Seeks Patent for Fuel-Cell Powered Notebooks

    It's stupid what apple sometimes wants as patented but understandable when you see how suddenly all the cool selling smartphones started to look like iphone , look at samsung , LG , HTC , sony........ before Iphone they never even thinked about making a phone like that and one day they started...
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    January 9 Launch Date for AMD Radeon HD 7900

    Fine move from AMD , they stir up this news and build hype to drive away customers from Nvidia in the coming days when people will spend on gifts and ...... It's interesting why it isn't realeased now when they could make big sales , they could rush it a bit but no , in january when pockets are...
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    AMD Radeon HD 7900 ''Tahiti'' Pictured, 384-bit Memory Bus Confirmed?

    SK-1 and everyone that says upgrade , FOR WHAT ? except 1-2 games with absurd level of detail that you can't even spot , there is no game that will need all that power. PC's have now like over xxx times the power of a console and they still lack games that trully use all that power , of...
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    Are you going to try Internet Explorer 9 ?

    On my desktop computer i mostly use IE 9 and found it to be without a problem , haven't seen hangs up or anything like that , also no viruses got trough that would mess up my computer wich is very important for those porn webistes :). I use chrome too and found it to be very very good ( that...
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    New CUDA 4.0 Release Makes Parallel Programming Easier

    While Cuda has been very very good for video editing apps ( adobe ) and some other areas i don't know about ( science ?? ) it think it will come to an end at some point. Bottom line what cuda brought of real value to the world ? in games was physics and in content creation was faster...
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    AMD Boosts Application Development for AMD Fusion APU-Powered PCs

    I was just bitching in another thread about Ati not doing anything for accelerating some apps with stream/opencl and i was wondering if you guys know any program that can use Ati gpu's to encode , or some pro editing app that use Atis GPU for preview and exporting. I'm really pissed i have this...
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    AMD Catalyst 11.1 WHQL and 11.1a Hotfix Formally Announced

    But me as end user of these products ( video cards ) i don't need to care why this doesn't happen for Ati EVER , there is not a single pro video editing app accelerated by Ati properly (gpu encoding ) , there is not a single game with physics on Ati's platform , what should i do ? blame Adobe ...
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    AMD Catalyst 11.1 WHQL and 11.1a Hotfix Formally Announced

    improvements bla bla bla I reached a point when gaming is not so important and some support for adobe cs5 suite or vegas pro or edius or anything could be helpfull , no matter what graphic card you get from Ati they don't have the extra things Nvidia has like export a damn project/movie in...
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    EVGA Readies Analog CPU Speed Meter

    Evga must be amazed people want this as we are seeing it and some wanting it. They probably made some market research and when the results came back they were WTF ? for real they want toys like this ? well then let's give them. If this sells then gainward , asus , gigabyte ... will follow :)
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    VIA Launches VIA eH1, Embedded Industry's First Dedicated Graphics Card

    The big question here is not will it run crysis , will it run first half-life ? or some old decent 3d game ?
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    AMD Releases Catalyst 10.12a Hotfix Update, Adds Radeon HD 6900 Series Support

    Give them drivers monthly and they complain , give them 4 drivers a year and they complain , give them nothing and they would most likely complain , simple explanation - they are just people. Even for free things people bitch so no shock to see this or try to change , they are people and that...
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    Find the oldest gamers .. am I too old for gaming ?

    This thread sounds like a rehab , hi i'm joe and i'm addicted to ......... :) I'm 30 and i've been playing since .... zx spectrum games , remember how i was colecting games on audio tapes and playing r-type and ramo or something as i remember the load screen was awesome. Then i moved to sega...