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  1. rangerone766

    Dell XPS 400 Upgrade

    I would try and upgrade to a dual core if possible. an old e6600 would smash that Pentium d
  2. rangerone766

    Bad Motherboard or 4930k overclocker?

    I can't help you with settings, I have never messed with socket 2011. But I can say this. Not all of asrock stuff is junk. I have a z77 oc formula, and it is beast. Could be you got a bad board. It happens with all brands. I have heard that asrock's tech support sucks. So if you can return it...
  3. rangerone766

    Feedback & Bug Reports for new Forums

    i'm very happy with the new design. I absolutely hated the last one. this is just like the original, only freshened up a bit. I like a lot, thanks Wizz.
  4. rangerone766

    Giveway: Sleeping Dogs

    Thank you so very much! Been a very lucky day for me. Won a new game, and I won $100 on a scratch off lottery ticket tonight. Very Happy! I really appreciate your gift, Thanks again.
  5. rangerone766

    Dell is back to their old tricks. This is why I hate Dell!

    Proprietary PSU? Or is it the low quality look to everything?
  6. rangerone766

    Share your AIDA 64 cache and memory benchmark here

    my score- w/16 gigs of Samsung low profile ram.
  7. rangerone766

    Giveway: Sleeping Dogs

    I would love a new game to play. i'm pretty bored with BF3 and COD. Sleeping Dogs looks like a fun game. Pick me! Pick me! Plus i'm an old timer around here, and I have never won any of the free giveaways.
  8. rangerone766

    Should I Overclock to my VID?

    the VID will change depending on what multi you have selected, try and stay under or at 1.52v for 24/7 use. and keep an eye on temps. my sandy 2600k needs 1.44 for 5.2ghz windows stable, which is my daily. and 1.51 volts for 5.4ghz windows stable, but at those temps my 120.3 rad starts having a...
  9. rangerone766

    Are Sandy Bridge i3 CPU passe?

    sounds like a very fair price for the rig. but the ad needs a little work. move all the system specs to the bottom, and then wow! people on what this rig can do. a nice cheap rig for hooking up to your big screen tv. use it as a DVR, a media streamer, and best of all, games that play smoother...
  10. rangerone766

    2700k @ 5.0 or 4770k @ 4.6? What would you keep?

    a bit off topic but my sandy 2600k needs 1.44 for 5.2ghz windows stable. 1.51 volts for 5.4ghz windows stable, but at those temps my 120.3 rad starts having a hard time keeping up with temps. I have never bothered testing for max multi. i'm going to stick with this cpu and board until i have a...
  11. rangerone766

    Feedback & Bug Reports for new Forums

    I did not know that new styles were being developed. thank you very much.
  12. rangerone766

    Feedback & Bug Reports for new Forums

    i'm not going to lie, I hate this new format. I miss having the news, and recent post on the main page. if there is a way to give us the option to use the old skin, it would be appreciated.
  13. rangerone766

    OCZ Filing for Bankruptcy, Announces Offer from Toshiba to Purchase Assets

    I hope we don't loose the pcpower and cooling name. i'm still running a silencer 750 quad from back in the p4 days, never had a bit of trouble out of it.
  14. rangerone766

    Feedback & Bug Reports for new Forums

    I preferred the old forum. but I suppose I will get used to this new one.
  15. rangerone766

    Nuclear power is safe, but countries forced to shut down nuclear power stations

    we have the computing power to safely control nuclear power nowadays. you just have to be smart where you build them. don't put them on the coast where they can be hit with tidal waves or hurricanes. don't build them near active earthquake zones. but all of that would take someone using a...
  16. rangerone766

    AMD Radeon R9 290 4 GB

    this or the 290x will be my xmas present to myself this year. along with a full cover water block. I could care less about the noise. I just need a beast of a card to carry me another few years. my gtx470 is still running strong, still maxes out BF3 and gives steady 62fps with vsync on.
  17. rangerone766

    UNIGINE-Valley BENCHMARK scores

    2600k@5.12ghz, 16gigs ddr3@1874mhz, GTX470 920mhz core, memory@1004mhz, shaders@1840 Not to bad for an older GPU. I do think it is time for a new vid card though. Maybe I will buy myself a nice Christmas present this year.
  18. rangerone766

    NVIDIA to Cut Pricing of GeForce GTX 780 and GTX 770 Post GTX 780 Ti

    my last AMD card was a 4870. been on NVidia since. Now that my GTX 470 is getting a bit long in the tooth and i'm ready for an upgrade. I just may go back to AMD, give myself a nice xmas present this year.
  19. rangerone766

    Corsair 750W - CX vs TX?

    keep in mind that PSU's are a piece of hardware that stick around, if you buy a good one. you move it from build to next build. I am still running a PC Power and Cooling PSU that I bought back in the Pentium 4 days, still works perfect in a backup rig.
  20. rangerone766

    PSU Longevity

    I've been running my PCPower&Cooling 750 Quad since 2007. Still going strong. I think you will be fine. Same OEM Seasonic.
  21. rangerone766

    Patriot Introduces the Viper 3 Low Profile Memory Kits

    I would not call this low profile. maybe if these were 30nm Samsung's relabeled with a heat spreader. then I would be excited.
  22. rangerone766

    [FS][US] Intel Q9550 - ASUS Maximus Formula II - 8GB Corsair Dominator - Megahalem Cooler

    this would still make a nice rig. my old q9550 rig was a beast. bump for you and good luck with sale!
  23. rangerone766

    Giveaway-A-Day: Borderlands 2

    Count me in! Borderlands 1 was a great game, definitely interested in acquiring part 2.