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  1. gumpty

    Google Android users clubhouse

    I'll get in on this. Galaxy Nexus (4.3) Galaxy Tab 10.1 Wifi (Cyanogenmod 10.1) HTC One X (wife's - running 4.2) Chromecast
  2. gumpty

    flashed 5970 with 7600GT bios..... Now with fix!

    Resurrection thread. IT LIVES!
  3. gumpty

    best Mechanical Gaming Keyboards

    Ducky I don't own a mechanical keyboard myself (although it's on my wishlist), but I think I've found the only mechanical keyboard that is appropriate for you. Killer_Rubber_Ducky's new keyboard.
  4. gumpty

    DayZ (Mod for ARMA II: OAH) Clubhouse

    I think if you hang out on packed servers, and go looking for other survivors in the cities and high-traffic areas then you're probably a lot more likely to come across hackers. Don't know about your second question.
  5. gumpty

    DayZ (Mod for ARMA II: OAH) Clubhouse

    I have been playing for about a month and only encountered my first script-kiddie the other night (I have pretty much been playing devoid of any human contact - creeping around by myself). Surprisingly, the script-kiddie was a benevolent one. I was scrounging around the NW Airfield looking for...
  6. gumpty

    Google Android users clubhouse

    I should be part of this club forum. Have had the GNex since last December. Also talked my missus into getting the One X earlier this year. We swapped earlier this month (her mobile data stopped working - turns out her store-cut micro-sim was shorting), and I have had some fun recently running...
  7. gumpty

    Antec Releases its New USB Accent Lighting system

    They do make white. I have them. They're decent enough, I suppose. Not going to change your world, but can be a nice touch if you're keen on details. I doubt the adhesive is permanent.
  8. gumpty

    Classic Computer Desk / Entertainment Center

    Awesome, I love projects like this. If only I had the time to do one myself ............... it would be nowhere near as good as this.
  9. gumpty

    The TPU UK Clubhouse

    England looked good for about 10 mins in the first half. Pretty rubbish for the other 110 mins. They should be happy they don't get to be completely humiliated by Germany. Bring on the next World Cup.
  10. gumpty

    The TPU UK Clubhouse

    Good Lord this game of football is boring. Someone score soon, please. I'm almost past caring which team wins.
  11. gumpty

    Microsoft Reveals Main Windows 8 Editions

    Maybe. Maybe not. From my six months or so of owning a tablet I've found that they are really only good for content consumption - they still struggle with anything more than basic content creation and the problem is as much software related as it is form-factor and hardware related...
  12. gumpty

    Microsoft Reveals Main Windows 8 Editions

    I hope MS run the same sort or pre-order deals that they did to get early uptake of Win 7. I bought three retail versions at the time (one 7-Pro for myself and 2 7-Home Premium just in case). Ended up saving myself plenty of money later on when I had to get new licenses for secondary machines.
  13. gumpty

    1366 x 768 Most Popular Screen Resolution, Overtakes 1024 x 768: StatCounter

    Oh NOOOOOESSSS!!! This is TERRIBLE news! There are so many websites currently optimised for width at 1024, which means my monitor can display two browser windows side by side perfectly. Don't change this, developers. Please don't do it!
  14. gumpty

    The Tablet owners clubhouse

    Woops haven't updated myself in here for a while. Have a Galaxy Tab 10.1 32GB. Not rooted or anything. Use it mainly as an e-reader, skyping parents on Sunday mornings, and watching videos. Hanging out badly for the ICS update though. I like where the Kindle Fire is heading. If that had been...
  15. gumpty

    Ivy Bridge 7 GHz Rips Through Pi

    Fast overclock is fast. It's a bit meaningless showing the 2600K at stock in that graph without also showing the 3770K & 980X at stock too.
  16. gumpty

    Samsung Miniaturizes 1920x1080 Pixels Into A 4.8" Display

    Even up close I really struggle to distinguish individual pixels on my Galaxy Nexus' 720p display (315 ppi - an iPhone 4 is about 325 iirc), so I'm not sure that we'll see much difference with this even higher res display. That said, I am all for it and hope Samsung is successful with it...
  17. gumpty

    Samsung Miniaturizes 1920x1080 Pixels Into A 4.8" Display

    Pixel Density Calculator (for the dummies like me that can't do the math)
  18. gumpty

    Samsung Miniaturizes 1920x1080 Pixels Into A 4.8" Display

    I'm all for higher res displays, but is it true that most people can't really see any extra detail above 300dpi? If so, this res display isn't really going to benefit the end user much. Just done a quick calc here and it looks like that display has 458 dpi. Which is, frankly, ridiculous. I...
  19. gumpty

    Windows Flag Logo Gets a Facelift, Not A Flag Anymore

    I think monochrome would be a mistake. But hey, who the fuck am I?
  20. gumpty

    Windows Flag Logo Gets a Facelift, Not A Flag Anymore

    [hangs head in shame and heads for the door]
  21. gumpty

    Windows Flag Logo Gets a Facelift, Not A Flag Anymore

    I just can't see this being the final product. Maybe it's a concept art from the advertising agency, or maybe it's simply one of many variations to be used (the mono-coloured one could be for tablets, for instance). Without the word 'Windows' next to it there is nothing about that logo that...
  22. gumpty

    Random 'Test Reviews' popping up in my RSS reader pointing to broken links.

    Hey just wondering what's with the random links to reviews that have popped up in Google Reader just now. They point either to broken links or reviews with no content. This: http://www.techpowerup.com/reviews/W1zzard/Test/ & this: http://www.techpowerup.com/reviews/test/
  23. gumpty

    ASUS Launches ROG Rampage IV GENE X79 mATX Gaming Board

    Good to see them continuing with the Genes. [sits back and waits patiently for the ROG Ivy Bridge Gene]
  24. gumpty

    Microsoft Flight Discussion Thread

    What's the bet they release this first, then a bit down the line release Microsoft Flight Pro (paid), which is more true to the original simulation heart of the game? I'd probably buy it, I'm a bit of a sucker for MS Flight Sim games. It was the first ever 3D 'game' I played on a PC.
  25. gumpty

    G.Skill Unveils 64 GB Quad-Channel DDR3-2400 memory kit

    When someone looks up 'diminishing returns', they should be taken to this product's webpage.