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    You're just going to brick your graphics card That is all
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    VRAM at high res

    Unfortunately with the recent death of my 6950, I'm left needing a new graphics card, the 280 and the 760 appear to be about the same speed, I quite like the sound of some of the nvidia features like shadowplay and physx but will the 280's extra VRAM help extend it's life especially at 1440p...
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    Your Battery High Scores?

    I'm up to 133% with the HP G6, what's yours?
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    2000 Year Old Graphics Drivers

    I found this interesting error in Blacklight:Retribution How does something like this even occur? :laugh:
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    Corrected Hardware Error

    The computers been running slowly for a while now, but as of yesterday it decided it would delete part of the MBR, which resulted in me spending 4 hours attempting to get the data back Now I have finally got the computer into at least a usable state, I decided to try to find out what may be...
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    AMD Radeon HD 6950

    As some of you may know, I was recently given a new 6950 (Thank you Erocker) and it arrived today Since I've never had a AMD graphics card higher then a 5450, i have some questions about how to get it working the way i want it to... 1: I have 2 VGA monitors, however i can only seem to...
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    Android is now on X86

    http://www.ubergizmo.com/2011/12/android-4-0-ice-cream-sandwich-available-for-intel-x86/ Google decided to release an X86 version of 4.0 (Ice cream sandwich)
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    Sudden loss of display when load is applied to graphics card.

    I was playing Race driver grid 2 days ago and all of a sudden the computer froze,the audio looped,and the display went blank. I, decided to ignore this and restarted the computer. hoping I would never see the problem again, unaware of the issues lurking deep within my computer cases' dark...
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    Which is better?

    as the title says, which one of these is better? This one http://www.bestbuy.co.uk/product/1000166009/onkyo-tx-nr509-av-receiver-plus-51-speaker-system.aspx?icmp=HP-FS2-17-11-11-%20onkyo-tx-nr509-1000166009&ref=AW&loc=HotUKDeals&awc=2533_1321822519_7776c6730f9370196382bf25bb1180e0 Or this one...
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    [UK] Batman AC + 2 Free DVDs for £23.85

    As said in title, PC version of the new Batman with 2 free DVD's http://www.thehut.com/games/platforms/pc/batman-arkham-city-the-dark-knight/-batman-begins-dvd-bundle/10564450.html
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    Steam:Cities XL down to £0.99

    they appear to of made a pricing error which puts cities xl down to 0.99, even if that doesn't sound good to you remember they will give you 50% off the new cities XL 2011 if you own the original through steam, so it might be good for you anyway...
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    Error in GPU-Z

    when the pixel fill rate goes below 0.1 GPU-z starts to replace fields with unknown I'll PM you a screenshot if you want
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    what causes this?

    Why does TPU occasionally identify me as another user, even when i'm me? It's been happening on and off for a while now, and i just want to know what causes it
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    Desktop Customisation Thread

    I noticed that although TPU has a lot of space devoted to the customisation of PC's, it has very little in the way of customisation when it comes to the actual software, therefore, i have created this thread so that people can share and discuss the ways they customise the software of their PC...
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    Please help me fix my hard drive problem?

    Please help me fix my Case, PSU and motherboard problem? My Maxtor one touch 4 is having some minor problems, after prolonged use (more then 20 mins of data access), the speed and access rate will start to slow down, and after a while, the drive will stop responding it does have warranty on...
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    Caching fileserver

    A place i have been spending a lot of time at lately has a router/server system which caches recently downloaded items, such as program installers and windows updates. this means that, for example, say you have 3 PC's running windows 7, and you want to download service pack 1, the first one has...
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    How does AMD HDMI Audio work?

    thinking of buying a low end ATI card so a pc can connect to a TV and send both sound and video through the same cable How will i have to set up the card so it sends sound, i'm thinking just put the card in the pci-e slot and turn on the audio in driver settings? (although how i do this i...
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    Worth it?

    To sum it up in not many words was going to get a £33 500gb western digital caviar blue, but for £36 i can get a Samsung f3 1tb, i won't use the space difference, as i barely fill a 250gb drive now, but i heard the Samsung drives are faster and more reliable then the WD drives, is this true?
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    Nvidia phone?

    nvidia has taken over another company in the mobile buisness http://gizmodo.com/5811573/nvidia-can-soon-build-its-own-all+in+one-chipsets-with-icera-purchase- seems their getting dangerously close to having enough parts for an entire phone anyone else think this is where Nvidia have been...
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    Cows are now producing human breast milk

    http://news.sky.com/skynews/Home/Strange-News/China-Scientists-Engineer-Genetically-Modified-Cows-To-Produce-Human-Breast-Milk/Article/201106116006586 http://gizmodo.com/5810080/cows-in-china-are-now-producing-human-breast-milk-for-your-dairy-needs (not original but the video is bigger)...
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    Core overclocking

    On my CPU the overclock is limited by the cooling, since i do a lot of gaming most of the time only 1 or 2 cores are in used, would there be any benefit in games from changing the CPU so instead of having 3.2ghz on all cores i could have something like this Core 0 -3.4ghz Core 1 -3.3ghz...
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    Sony hacked , Again...

    http://www.betanews.com/article/Sony-hacked-again-1-million-user-accounts-compromised/1307125900 one SQL Injection and they had access to all the data, something tells me the people at sony honestly couldn't care less about our Data :laugh:
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    Best mods

    i've heard quite recently of a lot of forum members modding their equipment. (amps, headphones, sound cards, mp3 players etc) What i want to create is a sort of database of the best and most effective mods that TPU members have done to their equipment, focusing on (but not exclusive to)...
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    my keyboard doesn't work

    (mobile phone to the rescue) When i press a button on my keyboard nothing happens, however the mobo makes a really loud click(imagine a very loud clock) I have tried unplugging it and plugging it back in again
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    Codec vs Bitrate

    when dealing with audio codec's such as mp3, wma, AAC what are the equivalent birate for each? the reason i ask is i'm not sure if spotify's 320kbit mp3 is better or worse then iTunes 256kbit AAC