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  1. inferKNOX

    Optical audio from different sound chip on ASUS Maximus VII Impact?

    Here's my thinking, Samsung's SM951 is really attractive, so I'd like a replacement for my mini-ITX mobo, one that has M.2 PCIe 3.0 x4: Found ASUS Maximus VII Impact. Now I look at the mobo and it breaks my heart because it doesn't have all the audio jacks for my beloved Roccat KAVE 5.1 headset...
  2. inferKNOX

    Need advice for LAN party dedicated game server build

    I host what are probably among the largest LAN parties in my local town, which are nothing special or big, really, but I hope to build them up to be. Sponsorship isn't something that comes easily in my region, so I have to fund-raise through the LAN to purchase LAN equipment. Now that I have...
  3. inferKNOX

    Monitor feature stagnation

    Is it just me or have manufacturers been heavily holding out on us? Sure, we all know the argument about the fact that monitor resolutions are pathetic when resolutions on current mobile phone screens are considered, but there's much more that is seemingly lacking. Is illogical to think...
  4. inferKNOX

    Gaming Mice with vertical thumb buttons

    Hey there guys So, it's been quite a while since I bought my Microsoft SideWinder X8 mouse and have been wondering if there is any comparable high quality gaming mice that also have vertical thumb buttons. I can't figure out why on earth this hasn't caught on, it's so much better. There are...
  5. inferKNOX

    UT3 Offline LAN Dedicated Server not showing in Client Server Browser

    This issue has eaten the greater part of my day & I wanted to ask if you guys can help me out with this. I'm trying to set this up for LAN parties at which we'll have no internet. I've looked at pages such as: http://wiki.unrealadmin.org/FAQ:UT3 ...
  6. inferKNOX

    June 2011 lunar eclipse

    Thought that some of you that can't sit outside and watch it would want to see it live here: http://eclipse.slooh.com/ or on the Google Channel on Youtube here: http://www.youtube.com/user/Google#p/l/UgUieQsR4YI It's on right now. Enjoy :toast: More info here...
  7. inferKNOX

    Future & direction of visual computing

    Lately I've been contemplating the direction that I'd like to see the visual aspect of computing go down in terms of monitors & screens. It seems more of a board room presentation, but I figured since I'm not on any monitor/tech companies' payroll (at least yet), I may as well discuss my ideas...
  8. inferKNOX

    AfterBurner obseleting FRAPS & PlaClaw?

    With the new features introduced into MSI Afterburner, it's now seeming that there is no reason to buy the rather pricey Beepa's FRAPS at US$37 or Sytexis' PlayClaw at US$30. Afterburner 2.1 now supports recording gameplay video, which teamed up with screenshot support and overlays of...
  9. inferKNOX

    Eyefinity Dongles in UK

    I've been searching around trying to find the AMD Certified Accell B087B-006B in a UK e-store, but no luck. I have however found something that seems to be the equivalent at Scan. Now I do plan to buy a NZXT Phantom and Hale90 from Scan, so I'm hoping this dongle get's the thumbs up then I can...
  10. inferKNOX

    Best 1866 or higher RAM

    I'm starting to think about what would be involved in making a good Bulldozer upgrade. I've learnt that the memory controller wants DDR3-1866 RAM. So I'm looking to find out what is the best RAM to be looking at which is rated at 1866MHz or higher for my current system, so that when Bulldozer...
  11. inferKNOX

    Multi-Stream Transport (MST) Hubs & daisy-chains for HD6000 Eyefinity

    Has anyone seen listings on the MST Hubs or the daisy-chains (mDP -> 3xDVI if that's possible) for use with the HD6000s for Eyefinity? I've been failing to get an answer from Google about it for a while now...:shadedshu Please place your listings in this thread.:toast: Edit: source: Bit-Tech...
  12. inferKNOX

    Audiophiles chime in

    I've seen a lot of talk about the SRS Audio Sandbox, now called the SRS HD Audio Lab and wanted to find out from audiophiles here what you think about it's performance. You can get it free to try here: http://www.srslabs.com/store/store/comersus_viewItem.asp?idProduct=38 :toast:
  13. inferKNOX

    Skype-like program for LAN

    Hi everyone I administrate at LAN parties and would like to find out if there is some sort of application available that can be used to chat with the other members of the LAN via a microphone; preferably something quite easy to setup on my part and VERY easy, on the others' part. The basic...
  14. inferKNOX

    Mass Effect 2's decisions in Mass Effect 3 *Spoiler Alert*

    Before I start powering my way through Mass Effect 2 at insanity difficulty to get all the achievements, I have to ask: what accomplishments and/or decisions do you guys know/think will carry through to the Mass Effect 3? For example, I finished my first play-through with almost exactly the...
  15. inferKNOX

    The Best, Most Bezel(less) screens for Eyefinity

    I did some Googling and didn't find any such a thing, so I thought it'd be worth discussing what are the best monitors for use the ATi's Eyefinity, ie those with the least bezel, etc, which would feel most seamless when used together, here would be worth it. I've been thinking about it more...
  16. inferKNOX

    Auto-Login to webpage

    I have a bit of a complex problem... to me anyway. I live in a country where power outages are frequent and I need my work computer to have internet access automatically upon the electricity returning so as to access it remotely. I have already configured to the BIOS to switch the computer back...
  17. inferKNOX

    FPS Limiter software

    Do any of you know of a software that would do the equivalent of v-sync in the sense of limiting the number of frames. Games without v-sync is mainly why I want this software to reduce the number of frames. The software gotta be compatible with Win7 x64 please. Thanks in advance & happy...
  18. inferKNOX

    Lucid HYDRA 200 Multi-GPU Technology Performance Preview

    After all the talk of nVidia blocking Lucid's Hydra and much speculation about whether there may be reasons to fear it for nVidia because of quality control reasons, we finally see some performance stats. Well, all this of nVidia's block has been thankfully recanted:nutkick:, so here's a preview...
  19. inferKNOX

    OCing Phenom II X4 955 on stock volts

    I'm working on my first ever overclock.:rockout: I thought this thread may help first timers like myself to get to know things a bit quicker.:toast: However, heat is always an issue, and if you're a gamer and want a 24/7 OC without busting your budget (which is very tight btw) or your ears to...