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  1. PopcornMachine

    VESA mount problem

    Attempting put new VESA mount on my new qnix monitor, and right away I'm having trouble with screws. Four screws hold bracket to the 100mm holes in the back of the panel. Two of them are now just half-way in. They won't tighten, and they won't come out. Hoping someone knows a clean...
  2. PopcornMachine

    I think my Samsung 245bw has died

    I have been working from because I'm sick as a dog. Had my laptop connected to this monitor and left it up that was most of the day. I came back to turn it off after a nap and noticed that my monitor would not show anything. The power button was lit, but switching to dvi and back did...
  3. PopcornMachine

    6950 black screen while gaming

    I have this sapphire hd 6950 2gb for about 18 months and it just started doing this. Went into a game and got a black screen. System would not respond to Ctrl-Alt-Del, Atl-Tab, reset button or anything. Had to force power down. Had a mild overclock on, but now it's reset and still doing...
  4. PopcornMachine

    Frontpage News RSS Feed Broken

    Results in "Fatal error: Call to undefined function vbdate() in /home/techpowerup/www/functions.php on line 361"
  5. PopcornMachine

    use triple channel memory as dual channel?

    Just wondering if putting 2 sticks of tripple channel RAM in a P67 or Z68 motherboard, for example, would work. I'm pretty sure the answer is yes, but wanted to know if some knew for sure. Thanks.
  6. PopcornMachine

    No BIOS screen on boot

    Situation: Have recently redone water cooling loop. System has been running fine for the last 5 days. This morning I was trying to tidy up cabling and then booted it again to make sure it still worked and everything was connected. The login prompt was on the screen, but I didn't have the...
  7. PopcornMachine

    The Green Blooded Vulcan

    When I first saw the NZXT Vulcan, it love a first sight. I was looking a good reasonably priced MATX case, and it was very cool looking. Although perhaps not the intent of the manufacturer, it looked Star Trek Vulcan to me. Mine has gone through several changes over the last year and a...
  8. PopcornMachine

    Need to Clean Water Block

    I'm starting to redo my system, and started out by removing everything. As you can see, there appears to be something growing in gpu water block and wondering what the best way to treat it is. I have a silver coil in my reservoir, but that doesn't seem to have helped. So this probably...
  9. PopcornMachine

    Redoing my loop and have questions

    I'm currently using an XPSC Rasa kit with 1/2" fittings and 7/16" tubing. Makes for a nice tight leak-proof connection, but is a pain to make changes on. Basically have to cut the ends off the tube. So I'd like to try compression fittings and smaller tubing. 3/8" or 1/4" tubing. And I...
  10. PopcornMachine

    Catalyst 11.3 in Linux

    Just curious if anyone else is using Catalyst in Linux. About a month ago I broke my main Win 7 system and changed my Linux/Q6600 system to dual boot. I had been using default Fedora drivers with a 4760 as I hadn't found much linux support in the past from AMD. But when I put my HD6950...
  11. PopcornMachine

    Review link to jpeg only

    The link to the review "Cooler Master Elite 343 @ Benchmark Reviews" is just a jpeg. Just giving a heads up to the TPU team. I know how to find the article, so no smartalec responses needed.
  12. PopcornMachine

    1st time water cooling...possible disaster...wet motherboard

    I recently installed a new XSPC Rasa 750 RS240 kit on my system. It was cooling the CPU and IOH for about a week, but the goal was to add the GPU into the loop. Everything was out of the case and power only applied to the pump and fans for a leak test. Apparently I had not reconnected a...
  13. PopcornMachine

    Review link to image?

    Front page link to Panzerbox review is just an image. NZXT Panzerbox @ Tech-Reviews.co.uk http://tech-reviews.co.uk/images/reviews/nzxt-panzerbox/large-thumb.jpg
  14. PopcornMachine

    RSS error on Frontpage News

    Getting the following error in Opera Browser. Looks like invalid characters.
  15. PopcornMachine

    i7 920 for $200

    I've been debating as to whether I should build a new system or not, and decided that Bloomfield was the way to go if I did. $280 was the lowest I saw online for the 920. In researching how to identify a D0 stepping, I saw someone who claimed to get one at Micro Center for just $200. The...
  16. PopcornMachine

    9600 GSO temp monitoring

    I recently got a ASUS 9600 GSO and it seems to be working fine, but there's something curious about temp monitoring. The ASUS Smart Doctor software that came with the card shows the temp to be around 55C, which is fine. But other tools (RivaTuner, GPU-Z) show nothing for the temp, as if it's...
  17. PopcornMachine

    PSUs and PCI-E Video Cards

    Hello, first time poster here. This looks like a good place to get some info. My question is simply this. Is using molex adapters to power video cards a bad thing? I ask because every system building guide I've read seems to imply that the power supply needs to have the appropriate...