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    Last Try Before I Trash It (ASUS X58 Sabertooth)

    I'm sure you checked, but any bent pins on the socket that might prevent a connection?
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    A Memorial to Kreij - Gone 4 years but not forgotten- check out the latest build(s)

    Color me interested, I love playing with server hardware, and I have electricity included with rent, it would be easy for me to provide a home and let 'em crunch away.
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    NVCleanstall - Clean installer for NVIDIA drivers (Alpha)

    This thing is awesome, thanks for making it!
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    **ENDED**Giveaway time: Tom Clancy's The Division + $15 Newegg Gift Card + Consortium:Mstr Edition

    after playing the beta and having fun with it, Im in!
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    ASUS Announces Zen AiO S Series

    Man, the only thing I see missing is VESA mounts, it's a nice looking iMac clone for sure.
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    Now that W10 is out, are you a W7 / W8 refusenik?

    I wait about a month then install it. While there may not be any day one issues, I'd rather not deal with them. My time is becoming more and more limited to tinker with things.
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    ASUS Announces that All its Z97 and X99 Motherboards Support NVMe

    I didn't see it either. :(
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    Small RAM Size -- OC?

    To use a car phrase, "There's no replacement for displacement." (in reference to engine size) It will help, but its not going to be any kind of miracle for speed, it seems most things now love sheer size and not always speed of the ram.
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    MSI Announces Z97I Gaming ACK Motherboard

    I like the vertical mount that some of the Asus boards use. You're right tho, better than none.
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    MSI Announces Z97I Gaming ACK Motherboard

    M.2 on the bottom? I dunno how I feel about that, its something you don't always need access to, but when you do you'd have to take the motherboard out. I've built several mITX boxes, none had access to the bottom easily.
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    What would you do: Abit IP35 Pro or ASUS P5E

    I would just try and see, but that 1.1 pcie kinda scares me.
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    Razer Debuts Seiren Digital Microphone with Studio-Grade Recording Quality

    I'm not convinced this would be better than my Zoom H1, it functions as a USB mic very well, and it's $70 cheaper.
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    Shuttle Releases Energy Efficient 4K HTPC, DS81L

    And I bet its a lot more expensive than this will be too.
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    Shuttle Releases Energy Efficient 4K HTPC, DS81L

    OO! Dual lan is nice for such a small box, that would allow for pfSense and also plex with a 2.5 inch 2 TB notebook drive.
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    PWM Gentle Typhoons?

    Hmm, something to go on, at least with exact model numbers I can search around. Thanks!
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    Giveaway: Far Cry 4

    I loved the Bushmaster gun in FC3, sneaking around a base and taking everyone out with that gun plus melee, I lost many many hours to just mucking around doing that.
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    PWM Gentle Typhoons?

    So, after reading some of the comments in this thread about the new EK "GT Clones" I was wondering if Nidec ever did a PWM GT? If so what's the model number and is it still available on Amazon or the like? I'm using Corsair SP120's, but they aren't the PWM versions and I'm looking to upgrade...
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    Mushkin Announces Reactor 1 TB Solid State Drive

    I have a notebook with room for just one drive, I'd love a cheaper 1 TB SSD to go in there. This is a more common situation than people realize. :)
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    Are these processes normal?

    CAM_Client.exe is for the new NZXT CAM monitoring software, also controls the lights in the newer closed loop coolers from them.
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    2 CPU Socket Motherboards

    If you're gaming and general desktop use, you'll most likely get no extra performace from a 2p motherboard. They also cost a ton more than a more normal one, and you'll have to get the more expensive server grade CPU's to get the QPI links for them to talk to eachother. Not to mention the extra...
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    NVIDIA Outs GeForce 344.60 WHQL Game Ready Driver

    Installed, played some Mass Effect 3 multiplayer and started a Beyond Earth game. No issues so far.
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    TechPowerUp NVIDIA Shield Tablet Giveaway

    Ugh, facebook? I'll pass.
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    Phanteks Rolls Out the MP Series Fans

    It's a bit easier to see on the 140, but it looks like its just the edge of the blade that's flared out a tad. Any word on pricing?
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    Should we drop 5760x1080 in VGA reviews?

    As someone who games at 5760x1080 in a few games, I'll just look to the 4k numbers and approximate it from there.
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    Aqua Computer Intros Kryographics GTX 980 Full Cover Water Block

    That's one sexy block! I'm tempted to WC a 980 once there's some unlocked bioses for more power.