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  1. Activeduke

    8600m GT Driver stopped responding/BSOD

    Hello! Recently picked up my Qosmio G40 from service It worked fine, no problems until 2days ago when I started getting BSOD (stop 116) upon logging into windows. The only way I can escape it is using safe mode/uninstalling the drivers I tried these drivers so far: 186, 195, 250 and the...
  2. Activeduke

    Asus PCE-N53 issue

    Hello! Just bought a new wireless network card to replace my Netgear WNDA3100v2 USB wifi card.. My PC is at 1st floor in a window and the router is across the road in my neighbours house. The signal strength is good, but im getting an appalling 100kbs, more or less.:cry: Tried swapping...
  3. Activeduke

    Sapphire hd5770 vapor-x won't overclock

    So I tried overclocking my 5770, and if I raise either the GPU clock or the memory clock I get some nasty screen tearing/artifacts on my 2nd screen (1280x1024 LCD) and some small artifacts on my primary screen (1080p LED). The GPU clock gets max 860MHz and the memory clock wont overclock at...
  4. Activeduke

    New motherboard for laptop (Toshiba qosmio G40)

    My dear Qosmio G40 is starting to break down all the time :mad: , so is there any way to get a new motherboard and maybe a motherboard with a new socket and DDR3? many thanks :toast:
  5. Activeduke

    Help to chose new budget watercooling

    So I finally got tired of my terrible stock cooler for my Phenom 1055t.. I found these 3 watercoolers and cant decide which one to buy: CoolIT VANTAGE A.L.C. cpu cooler Corsair H60 Hydro Series Antec Kuhler H2O 620 Thanks!:)
  6. Activeduke

    DLink Airplus G DWL-G510 Problem

    Hi there! Im using a D-Link Airplus G DWL 510 wireless card on Win7 SP2 with latest drivers and everything. So the problem is I dont get the speed I should get when using the internet.. I should get 20mbps(Loqal AS, Norway), but speedtests shows everything from 0,10mbs to 7mbs. Online...