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    New F@H Team Members Post Here First

    Hello everyone, I am beginning to protein fold again after being semi-retired on my system for a long time. As of now, a great friend of mine is going through the struggle of dealing with Huntington's Disease. As soon as I saw the option on F@H last week, I have taken it and even joined this...
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    Siberia Elite headset jack adaptor (3.5 headphone and mic jacks) frayed, need replacement

    Problem half-solved. Support had nothing so I had to strip the wire and hold the frayed points together with the help of some solder and some electric tape. Thanks for your efforts anyways.
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    Siberia Elite headset jack adaptor (3.5 headphone and mic jacks) frayed, need replacement

    Hello everyone, My brother has been biting my ear off all day over how he has lost sound on his headset, which is a Steelseries Elite. I was dragged over to his apartment to find that it was the two-jack headset adaptor frayed via the headphone jack being pulled out. Fortunately, none of the...
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    AMD Readies Radeon RX 490 for December?

    When will AMD just think "Ok, dual core is a bad idea, lets just stuff as many bloody transistors as possible"?
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    LF 2 Battlefield 4 Sqaud mates (PC)

    Full DLC requirement, full Skype availability between 8-11pm EST. Absence WILL be tolerated. Casual gaming is supported. Please provide Skype in PMs if you wish for a chat. Thank you. Deadlyraver
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    More Radeon R9 390X Specs Leak: Close to 70% Faster than R9 290X

    We will buy the 200 series GPUs till the end of next year anyway.
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    EVGA Announces Pro SLI Bridges V2

    *droooooooool * * * * * *
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    NSA Hides Spying Backdoors into Hard Drive Firmware

    NSA: A place that tries to reincarnate old ideas. Such as: Breaching people's privacy. Finding people's privacy. Storing people's privacy. AND Telling people they have privacy. I see democracy is still working for us.
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    Gigabyte GeForce GTX 960 G1.Gaming Pictured

    Mean looking cooler as always.
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    Microsoft to Rebrand Internet Explorer

    I would be satisfied of it, the name of the browser alone makes me frustrated.
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    Best 2-slot dual fan VGA cooler f?or R9-270Xs?

    The options I've found all day is the possible use of theG10 block, however I need to have water cooling systems that allow me to install the fan separately. As for eidairaman1's selections, the GELID cooler accomodates three slots, all ARCTIC cooling units accomodate three unless if you have...
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    Best 2-slot dual fan VGA cooler f?or R9-270Xs?

    I have two R9 270Xs from Club 3d, and their front fans are beginning to "sag" down towards the neighboring cards since they are crappy sleeve fans. I need two replacements, and I am fine with any large expenses involved however what are my options? I know most aftermarket coolers that are good...
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    NVIDIA Sacrifices VESA Adaptive Sync Tech to Rake in G-SYNC Royalties

    NVIDIA is taking advantage of it's place too seriously, they have the power to do this so long as consumers will be consumers.
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    Acer Announces Two New Monitors with a Frameless Design

    Would like to know the price, I am tired of running frame compensation programs with Catalyst.
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    ASUS' Entry Level X99-A LGA2011v3 Motherboard Starts Selling

    I'm convinced I will be enjoying the same experience with ASUS's new entry-series of motherboards. I own the P6T and it's six years have never gone in ruin.
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    AMD Readies Radeon R9 390X to Take on GeForce GTX 980

    AMD is lagging behind, they need to pick up the pace in terms of design if they want the high-performance throne this year. All they are doing is relying on a solution to be the bridge to higher specs when they should be looking into higher-quality OEM components to reduce the temperatures...
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    ASUS to Cut Motherboard Prices by 5-10%

    I like the idea of that when I am buying an X99 kit this year!
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    First Intel Core M "Broadwell" Benchmarks Surface

    For once, consideration on Window's side for tablets.
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    Seagate Ships 10 Millionth Solid-State Hybrid Drive

    My friend loves these things, after a couple runtimes in BF4 the next maps loads in under 5 seconds.
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    LG to Unveil World's First 21:9 Curved IPS Monitor at IFA 2014

    Now we are getting monitors to be excited about!
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    ASRock X99 Extreme4 is World's First Windows 8.1-Certified X99-Based Motherboard

    Here, here! :toast: I gotta say, after nearly 9 years it blows my mind over how much money's worth I'm getting out of this rig right now! :rockout:
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    New Editions of CM Storm Devastator and QuickFire Rapid-i Now Available

    I really like how they themed the keyboards this time.
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    Microsoft Announces Steps to Simplify Organizations and Align Devices Strategy

    I wish the economic conditions today did not motivate such compromises. Thanks to big companies like Microsoft, they play as a leading example over how job security really is like in the world of technology. I can only imagine the future now.