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  1. ColdRush

    X2 Rolls Out the CoolStorm T402B Spider Red CPU Cooler

    Black widows have red accents, I'm sure that's what they're going for. Edit: Apparently red spiders are a thing too, although I regret looking that up.
  2. ColdRush

    Seasonic Proudly Displays Its Snow Silent Gold Lineup of PSUs at CES 2018

    Forget the PSUs I want one of those Seasonic stress ball hearts!
  3. ColdRush

    Saber Interactive Working on World War Z Video Game

    I sincerely hope that the game follows the book instead of that horrific Hollywood botch job of a movie that had almost nothing in common with the original story aside from the title and zombies.
  4. ColdRush

    Shuttle's SZ270R9 Gaming and VR Cube Comes with Overclocking on Demand Function

    Wow no kidding that's the exact same cooling setup I had in an old 1155 box! Such a low effort product, they couldn't even be bothered to powder coat the recycled case.
  5. ColdRush

    Razer Launches the Atheris Wireless Notebook Mouse

    Can't believe it's not rechargeable with battery life that pitiful. Any modern Logitech mouse is a better option whether it uses AA/AAA batteries with a life span measured in months or rechargeable.
  6. ColdRush

    Originative SABER68 Keyboard

    I've had the TADA68 for almost a year now and I absolutely love it, I'm all about the retro colors and simple layout.
  7. ColdRush

    Inno3D Announces the First Liquid-Cooled GeForce GTX 1060 Graphics Card

    I'm sure the main benefit for most is that it'll be quiet at 100% load. I'm all about silent operation which is the reason I've put AIO coolers on many of my cards in the past. When they release a bracket for the 1060 I'll get a dirt cheap Corsair AIO immediately.
  8. ColdRush

    AMD to Supply Cloud Server Chips to China's Alibaba

    Looks like the Grabber Blue Mustang color
  9. ColdRush

    Western Digital Announces the WD Blue and WD Green Consumer SSDs

    Aww they could have made the PCB green and had a black PCB if they ever came out with that edition. Missed opportunity for the most colorful drive company.
  10. ColdRush

    Thermaltake Intros its Sandia-inspired Engine 27 1U Low-Profile CPU Cooler

    It's cool tech and I'm glad we're seeing an actual release, but at that price? I don't know if it'll survive competing with similar established tiny coolers like the Cryorig C7 and Noctua L9x65 both of which can be found cheaper. It'll only have value in the 1U market and other extremely niche...
  11. ColdRush

    [FS][US] Sold - Gigabyte R9 290 4GB with Corsair AIO

    Sold Model: GV-R929D5-4GD-B Gigabyte Page: http://www.gigabyte.com/products/product-page.aspx?pid=4821 Corsair HG10: http://www.corsair.com/en-us/hydro-series-hg10-a1-gpu-liquid-cooling-bracket Corsair H60: http://www.corsair.com/en-us/hydro-series-h60-high-performance-liquid-cpu-cooler Imgur...
  12. ColdRush

    [FS][US] Vizio 15.6" 1080p Dualcore i7 Ultrabook

    Sure give me a moment I'll add a link to the main post with an imgur album, they're taking a while because of poor upload speeds. I tried to take some better pictures and closeups of any damage.
  13. ColdRush

    [FS][US] Vizio 15.6" 1080p Dualcore i7 Ultrabook

    I'll have one up in a minute for the nitpicking rule. I could just as easily write someone else's name on a piece of paper if I was impersonating.
  14. ColdRush

    [FS][US] Vizio 15.6" 1080p Dualcore i7 Ultrabook

    There are a few visible scratches on the top mostly in one area and color fade on the curved part on the top. If you'd like any specific pictures pm me and I'll take what you want. Bump and price drop.
  15. ColdRush

    [FS][US] Vizio 15.6" 1080p Dualcore i7 Ultrabook

    Whoops forgot to copy that over.
  16. ColdRush

    [FS][US] Vizio 15.6" 1080p Dualcore i7 Ultrabook

    Sold Official Product Page (Not really useful other than pictures): http://www.vizio.com/ct15a1.html Selling my campus workhorse with wear and tear as you would expect. It's essentially mint on the inside but the bottom and top that were exposed to my bag have abrasions and other scratches...
  17. ColdRush

    NVIDIA New GTX 1080 Cooler Shroud Design Confirmed

    Looks like it's inspired by the Aventador
  18. ColdRush

    [FS] CMStorm Alcor White Edition Mouse BNIB

    Won it from a giveaway but I already have a matching setup that I don't want to part with. http://gaming.coolermaster.com/en/products/mice/alcor/ Unopened and looks like white is a limited edition special order from the packing slip, I can't find anything about it anywhere but other than the...
  19. ColdRush

    [FS][US] Boxed i5-3350P

    Newegg Link: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16819116782 Purchased 12/29/2012 from Newegg and has been in my primary desktop up until today, ran at 3.7 with No-K OC for the past few months when I switched to a Z77 board. Minor indentations on the edges of the IHS where the...
  20. ColdRush

    [FS][US] 8gb (2x4gb) Kingston DDR3 1600

    Solid set that ran in my primary desktop for over a year. Looking to get $50 shipped via USPS Priority Sold Newegg Link: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820104262
  21. ColdRush

    [FS] XFX R9 270X

    What? I said the *original* card was DOA, this is a replacement that is in perfect working order. I suppose I'll edit the description since it's unclear.