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  1. Manoa

    haswell input power problem?

    hello fellas, I've been trying to increase the frequency of my haswell, but something funky is going on (I think) all the way up to 4600 mhz for every voltage I increase the core the same increase in vIN stabilizes it. but here is the problem, I think: while for 4600 mhz I manage to get along...
  2. Manoa

    ReShade 4: custom edition

    * dedicated, API-specific DLLs * full global compiler optimizations, including LTO * ASMlib by Agner Fog: hand-written assembly common standard library functions replacement up to 10 times faster than microsoft compiler, significantly faster than even intel's C++ compiler * increased security...
  3. Manoa

    SLI scaling with 780 Ti

    I have 2 780 Ti's running SLI (very well) but they have some difficulty in heavy games for example killing floor 2 gives 37 fps (3840x2160) I already have an another 780 Ti one that should be compatible with the existing ones but I don't have an another x16 slot on the mobo (but I have an idea...
  4. Manoa

    is this delid good?

    can someone say if the ultra in this picture is at it is suppose to be, is this "drying out" ?
  5. Manoa

    core 2 quad numa affinity and scheduling

    in the beginning of core 2 cpu there were 2 cores running the same die and communication between the 2 cores was internal, in the core 2 quad there are 2 glued together duo dies completely separated from each other and their communication is through the FSB - that reduces performance and...