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  1. TheBrainyOne

    The Vanishing of Ethan Carter

    That is one AWESOME looking game. I wonder what kind of hardware it requires to run smoothly. Crytek should totally use photogrammetry in their next game!
  2. TheBrainyOne

    Intel Mobile Core i3

    I was comparing mobile Core i3s with their respective mobile i5s and I realized that mobile i5s provide more features (Turbo Boost etc.) and more GHz but cost either the same as i3s or lower. What is the world is going on with Intel's mobile lineup...
  3. TheBrainyOne

    Single Stream 4K Monitor

    Holy s**t!! Sorry if this has been posted before, but Samsung's 700$ 4K monitor supports single stream 4K Input!!! And guess what, Samsung doesn't even mention it in the official material!! Source:
  4. TheBrainyOne

    TSMC 16 NM Questions

    So I just came to know that TSMC 16 NM FinFET is launching next year. I was initially confused as to how TSMC was transitioning so quickly from 20 NM planar to 16 NM FinFET. Then I read that "16 NM FinFET" is actually 20 NM FinFET and TSMC is calling it 16 NM for some stupid reason. So far it...