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    AMD Publishes FEMFX Deformable Physics Library on GPUOpen

    Awesome to see real time FEM applied to video games. This will be ground breaking. :D
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    The Fury X Owners Club

    I don't mind the nasty looks! Drop us a photo ;)
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    The Fury X Owners Club

    What did you gain with this mod?
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    Intel Pushes the Panic Button with Core i9-9900KS

    I still have a socket 478 P4 3.4EE Gallatin paired with an IC7-MAX3, one of the original Emergency Edition cpu's :P
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    Which Camera apps do you use?

    Ported Google GCam works wonders in my 1+ 3T.
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    The Best Single Player FPS Games of the Last 10-ish Years (post Crysis)

    DooM 2016 was the only thing that really captured me after Crysis. Specially in nightmare difficulty, it was a treat of a game!
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    TPU's Nostalgic Hardware Club

    Just by curiosity went and tried to find an ABIT IC7-MAX3 and the prices are insane! https://www.ebay.com/itm/RARE-ABIT-IC7-MAX3-Socket-478-P4-Intel-i875P-ATX-Motherboard-Mainboard-w-BOX/123473271338 https://www.ebay.com/itm/ABIT-IC7-MAX3-Socket-478-Motherboard/292961395261 I'm glad that I...
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    This is an interesting new cooling fluid..

    Der8auer has some videos about this fluid, he seems to quite like it.
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    Blocking ads on phone without root (mainly youtube)?

    I use an app called "SkyTube Extra", no ads and you can download any videos you want directly, you can keep your subscription list without even logging in, you can keep it playing in the background even with the screen locked and some other features. I have tried it and never touched the...
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    Hardware manufacturers you miss?

    ABIT, I really miss the feelings from when I first got my IC7-MAX3, it took me over a year to get enough cash to buy it.
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    TPU's Nostalgic Hardware Club

    Damn!!! This surely is a nostalgic build! Brings back memories of DooM 3, FarCry, Half-Life 2 and Quake 3/IV. I absolutely loved that era! :toast: That P4P800SE reminded me that I have an inbox brand new ASUS CT-479 socket adapter and a Pentium M 780 waiting to be used...
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    TPU's Nostalgic Hardware Club

    I've have been out of this thread for way too long... Would you kindly share the specs of this 14000 points S478 build? :D
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    The Fermi Thread

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    Intel Core i9-9900K De-lidded, Soldered TIM Outperformed by Liquid Metal

    The cpu copper heatspreader is also liquid metal until it cools enough :toast:
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    AMD Expresses its Displeasure Over Intel's PT Benchmarks for 9th Gen Core

    This speaks for itself: Software and workloads used in performance tests may have been optimized for performance only on Intel® microprocessors. Performance tests, such as SYSmark* and MobileMark*, are measured using specific computer systems, components, software, operations and functions. Any...
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    Looking for GPS tracking device

    That is a very good point, I will check with them, thanks!
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    Looking for GPS tracking device

    My car is before OBDII was a thing tho. For the product that I got, I just paid the device (at a premium) and I have unlimited access to the tracking platform without any extra fee (it has geofencing etc etc). There is a data plan available here that offers 200mb of data per month for just 2.99€...
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    Looking for GPS tracking device

    Thank you for the suggestion @Arrius, this advice came two days too late since I had finally received the tracker the day before ou posted this. However this appears to be a quite decent product. Best Regards
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    Looking for GPS tracking device

    This one seems to be a prime candidate. Thank you very much
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    Looking for GPS tracking device

    It is a candidate for spare parts indeed, those engines are kinda sought after... I will invest in a proper security system, that's for sure... Well, when I went on vacation I did disconnect the battery, pulled the main EFI fuse and disconnected the 12v plug to the IG coil just barely so that...
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    Looking for GPS tracking device

    These guys used gloves, I had the police and the guys inspecting for fingerprints, and all they could find was glove "fingerprints". Thank you for the suggestions and advice, I have been looking for some options and services in my country, but it is hideously expensive... This service looks...
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    Looking for GPS tracking device

    Hello everyone, Last week I went on a vacation only to find out when I came back home, that burglars had broke in, turned everything upside down and broke a lot of things... They pretty much destroyed the bedrooms, but "luckily " something startled them, as they left some things behind like my...
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    Bethesda Announces Doom Eternal At QuakeCon 2018 - Reveals Screenshots, Story Snapshot, Trailer

    I'll just leave this here... It's the pc gameplay: As a quake veteran, this game will be a 1st day pre-order for me. I'm sold!
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    NVIDIA GTX 1080-successor a Rather Hot Chip, Reference Cooler Has Dual-Fans

    Totally, I think it will also be the same node of the current gen, which is fitting with the subject of this threads' OP.
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    NVIDIA GTX 1080-successor a Rather Hot Chip, Reference Cooler Has Dual-Fans

    This is allegedly leaked info by an nVidia employee: