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  1. TheGoat Eater

    [FS] FS: MSI Z87 MPOWER / MSI A88X-G45 GAMING / GBT X99M Gaming 5 / EVGA 850 G2 / CM V1200

    Selling some boards that have been on my shelf for a while - They each go board only and are oem. I will add in a few accessories for each board like sata cables and voltage read leads for the MPOWER. Reasonable shipping via UPS Ground or I can use method of your choice for a bit more. $95...
  2. TheGoat Eater


  3. TheGoat Eater

    Tested the MSI Z97 MPOWER MAX AC w/ the 4790K

    BSN* tested the Z97 MPOWER MAX AC with the 4790K and got some good results http://www.brightsideofnews.com/2014/08/13/msi-z97-mpower-max-ac-4790k-overclocking-test/
  4. TheGoat Eater

    MSI teases new X99 board :)

    MSI is teasing their new X99S SLI PLUS motherboard on Facebook and social media lately. I think I like the looks of the new black out theme, and I hope it performs as good as it looks :D
  5. TheGoat Eater

    MSI MOA 2014 Qualifiers

    (Some PR / heads up on the MOA Qualifiers and the included photo competition)
  6. TheGoat Eater

    [FS] 270Xs, 7850K APU, Celeron G1830s, 750Tis, Corsair TX750W , Tt 1200W PSU

    I am not looking for trades only to sell, I moved into a smaller house and I am trying to reduce what I have taking up room by posting this and the ones to come. 1x PowerColor 270X Devil (used 1 month) @ SOLD 1x Corsair TX750W PSU @ SOLD 1x Tt Toughpower 1200W PSU non-modular @ $165...
  7. TheGoat Eater

    MSI A88X-G45 GAMING - FM2+ goodness

    I have the the MSI A88X-G45 GAMING FM2+ motherboard on my bench and ready for testing... Though unfortunately my 7850K was delayed, so I will get started on Monday. I have these pictures to show you of the package and motherboard though, this is indeed the Assasins Creed Liberation bundle. If...
  8. TheGoat Eater

    MSI GT60 2OD-261US w/ 3K screen testing

    I just got my new favorite thing in and have been doing some testing of it. I have tried to do as many tests as I can think of and will add them over time. So far I am in love with the 3K IPS screen and I won't go back to 1080 :) , I also have been playing some BF4 @ 3K... At stock GPU...
  9. TheGoat Eater

    MSI Gaming Notebooks Named CES Award Honoree for Third Year in a Row

    Since I have become a big MSI notebook fan I wanted to share this - I love my GT60 0NE :D MSI got the CES Innovation Award for the 3 year in a row for their gaming notebooks. You may have their notebooks and not realize it as they also do whitebooks that are used by companies like Cyberpower...
  10. TheGoat Eater

    [FS] FS: MSI GT60 0NE-249US/403US Gaming Notebook with unlocked GTX 680m

    Up for sale is my GT60 0NE-249US/403US ( same exact model as 403US just a model number jump). This is a hell of a system when I am using it with my 120gb corsair force3, very fast and smooth. The GPU has custom firmware for a bump in voltage and the ability to OC ( it can mine all day @...
  11. TheGoat Eater

    [WTB] WTB: GPUs 6950 7850 7870 r9 270

    wtb GPUs 6950 7850 7870 r9 270 - please PM
  12. TheGoat Eater

    MSI GK-601 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

    I got this keyboard a few weeks ago but have not had too much time to use it since I have been moving and was in the hospital. I love the weight of the keyboard so it will stay in place when I am using it. The rubber feet really do a good job of gripping, and even when the rear feet are opened...
  13. TheGoat Eater

    MSI Beat it! CS:GO Open Qualifiers --- $10K first prize

    MSI Beat it! US Open Qualifier will take place on the 8th of September. It will be open for 64 teams from the USA. The two finalists of this event will enter the main USA qualifier consisting of 8 teams. The winner of the main US qualifier will earn a slot in the final event in China. The...
  14. TheGoat Eater

    MSI H87 and even B85 can OC K cpus no problem

    Looking here it seems that overclocking K CPUs on the MSI H87 and B85 boards is not an issue. As with non-K SKU Haswells, they can overclock the CPU to the maximum 1-core Turbo Boost frequency.
  15. TheGoat Eater

    [FS][US] 3770k, ddr3, z87 mpower, h100, hx 650w, msi gtx 770l, z77-gd65 gaming

    I am getting out of testing and overclocking so my retiring is your gain. A few of these items are SAMPLES, and are priced accordingly (good). The Memory is great for overclocking, the H100 has the Intel Mounts and I can add some insanely powerful fans for a few more bucks (like 110+cfm). The...
  16. TheGoat Eater

    Goat's MSI Z87 MPOWER thread

    I have been testing the MSI Z87 MPOWER, and I am getting used to the BIOS - so hope to have a lot better results to post soon. This board is easy to work with, and if you have a Z77 MPOWER it really is nice coming from that board to this board in terms of usability and BIOS. I really enjoy the...
  17. TheGoat Eater

    MSI N770 Lightning Testing ( GTX 770 Lightning )

    Hello all, I have been testing the MSI 770L, and I am going to be posting here my findings. Having tested MSI's 680TF, 670PE, and 660 that this is one hell of a card. Also, due to the fact that my drivers were pre-release I am going to be re-testing with the official version here asap...
  18. TheGoat Eater

    [FS][US] MSI MPower and GTX 660

    Up for sale is some stuff that I have been testing and now need to clear room for some new items. Mpower: SOLD GTX 660 Twin Frozr: SOLD Shipped in the lower 48 via insured UPS ground
  19. TheGoat Eater

    [FS][US] Asus Z77 Sabertooth, very lightly used

    I have a Z77 Sabertooth that I had only used about 4 days total. All original accessories are still sealed in their bags. I just don't want this taking up space for now. Looking for $175 shipped in the lower 48 via insured UPS ground
  20. TheGoat Eater

    Ryan's MSI Z77A-GD65 GAMING preview

    MSI Z77A-GD65 GAMING Preview Pics first, more later
  21. TheGoat Eater

    Just got a MSI GT60 0ne w/ GTX680m - gaming notebook

    I just got the GT60 0ne w/ GTX 680m and I am really in awe of it. I have had only mid entry level notebooks int the past and they haven't been anything great. This one has good build quality, feels nice and solid during use, and is suited nice for gaming. The Steelseries keyboard built into...
  22. TheGoat Eater

    [FS] MSI GTX 670 Power Edition

    Selling this great card, performs amazingly well and has been one of my favorite cards to date - I recommend this card to a lot of people as it has great performance for the cost. Its not been getting the use it could be and I don't want it just sitting on my shelf. Sold