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  1. Binge

    [FS] Binge's Backyard Sale

    I frequently offer premium parts and peripherals in pristine condition. Before going to your local gadget shack check here for community trusted commodities at reasonable prices. Rules of the backyard Prices include shipping unless a user is from AK, HI, or outside of the US Insurance is...
  2. Binge

    Plum 96 a brief review

    Heeeey folks, Binge with another brief review. Today's subject? PLUM 96 MX-Enhanced Mechanical Keyboard Plum is a Chinese based keyboard brand with eyes on the gaming/modding communities. With much respect for their target customers they have designed full-sized as well as 10-keyless...
  3. Binge

    KBTalking Pro - Brief review :)

    Today I had the pleasure of picking up my KBTalking Pro keyboard from the Post office. I've had about two hour and a half hours of typing while at my desk with this full sized 108 key Cherry MX-Blue keyboard. The specs & features of this keyboard DWARF the capabilities of most macro based...
  4. Binge

    XCOM: Enemy Unknown Gameplay and Discussion

    Really? I just double checked an I do NOT see a thread for this amazing game! I have been doing a lot of live-casts of this game. Here is the beginning of the game without the tutorial. The tutorial is pretty cool because it teaches you a lot, and I didn't want to record that in case anyone...
  5. Binge

    [New&Improved] Keyboards, where do you fit?

    The question of the hour posted above. This time select as many options as apply to you!
  6. Binge

    Keyboards, where do you fit?

    Making a general poll to see where the tech-heads on TPU find themselves when they consider keyboards. In the past 30 years keyboard technology has actually changed quite a bit for the worse and for the better. What is it you want to finger on your desk? ::EDIT:: one of the options you want...
  7. Binge

    Video Streamers and Content Providers of TPU *UNITE*

    Do you record hours of footage? Maybe your thang is perhaps a bit of video blogging? Happen to want something a little extra out of your broadcasts/productions? You fit in here! Overview: My goal in creating this club is to allow anyone and everyone on TPU to courteously provide each...
  8. Binge

    Binge's Community Review for Tt THERON

    Managed to get the camera working this time. Some of the edits did not translate too well into this PDF for reasons I do not quite understand, but as long as you all still love your peripherals it should be a decent read. Leave any criticisms or concerns about my obvs. I can take em :toast...
  9. Binge

    Ethernet Cluster Super Computer from Raspberry Pi article [Engadget]

    Not sure if this is the best sub-forum for this, but considering the brain uses networking devices as the interconnect for cluster computing I figured this might be a pretty neat read. Source link in the article has DIY instructions for the system :toast...
  10. Binge

    TPU Thermaltake WATER2.0 Community Review

    Hello everyone! I know it's not too often I get the chance to log in here and do any damage, but I managed to work together a really simple review for Thermaltake. They were kind enough to show a little free love to members of TPU, and a few of us were given some free AIO water coolers for...
  11. Binge

    [WTB] Phenom 9600 compatible mobo/120GB SSD or Cache Drive SSD

    Looking for I think an AM2/2+ motherboard that has W7 compatible drivers. I'm buying the motherboard for a kid in my community who got a hand-me-down motherboard, and the sound drivers aren't compatible with W7. This young gal has a Phenom 9600 Quad, and can't use her headset/speakers so no...
  12. Binge

    Is there hope for this 7950?

    Alright TPU detectives. I've been chatting with a couple folk trying to wrap my head around this shoot-storm of issues I've had since upgrading my 5850 to a 7950. Maybe the collective could lend some insight. Problems: -Occasionally required to re-install graphics drivers to restore system...
  13. Binge

    [FS] KILOWATT for... WHAT?!?!

    Binge is selling things !!! Rules 4 Buyers/Interested Individuals Price is NOW included shipping (for lower 48 states) unless otherwise specified. For AK, HI and International please PM me for a quote. Items for Sale! (Used) Electro-Harmonix HOG Harmonic Octave Generator - $320 shipped...
  14. Binge

    Microcenter- Corsair 700D $199

  15. Binge

    [FS] Binge's Pretty Peripheral Palace! Get IT HERE!!!

    Binge is selling things !!! Rules 4 Buyers/Interested Individuals Listed price is NOT negotiable. This is a no lowball* zone. Price is NOW included shipping (for lower 48 states) unless otherwise specified. For AK, HI and International please PM me for a quote. Items for Sale! (Used)...
  16. Binge

    [WTB] Demon Souls PS3

    HOOK IT UP!!! I'm looking for this game, and if I can't find one I can own I'm going to sell my fat 60GB PS3.
  17. Binge

    3x2GB DDR3 Kingston HyperX T1 PC3-16000 cas 8

    Great deal for these sticks on Newegg@$223.99 and free shipping. The price dropped about $50 from a day ago. I used to own a set. Can do 2GHz or 1600MHz cas 6 with ease. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820104122
  18. Binge

    Unigine Benchmark Compilation

    Unigine Benchmark Compilation Post the screenshots of your SCORE along with CPU-Z,GPU-Z and your Desktop Date and Time.. This will be listed in groups of Nvidia and ATI with number of cores. If you want your card listed here be sure to post all in Table format like below. The X's represent...
  19. Binge

    Sidewindercomputer.com Cyber-Monday Sale!

    Lots of great PC cooling equipment, http://www.sidewindercomputers.com/home.html
  20. Binge

    Article on Moore's Law and 40nm Yield Problems

    Transistor level design which lnclude Mixed Signal, Analog/RF, Embedded Memory, Standard Cell, and I/O, are the most susceptible to parametric yield issues caused by process variation. Process variation may occur for many reasons during manufacturing, such as minor changes in humidity or...
  21. Binge

    [WTB] 2x2GB DDR3 for BrotherChristmas

    I'm trying to get a 2x2GB set of DDR3 for under $60. Enough said. :cool:
  22. Binge

    Need something at Microcenter or Frys?

    This is for TPU members who are helping other TPU members. If you intend to order these CPUs to build and sell OEM machines please do not contact the members on this list. Please send PMs to people on this list. Do not announce that you want something from MC. This thread is not for people...
  23. Binge

    Sapphire 5850s @ the egg

    http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814102857 Wheeee. In stock while supplies last!
  24. Binge

    Overclocking the X58, a practical guide

    Disclaimer: For the sake of clarity. Overclocking any piece of hardware should be considered harmful before even considering the benefits which the process will yield. Some hardware manufacturers do not warrant the abuse of hardware. I am not responsible for how far any PC owner chooses to...
  25. Binge

    Movie Maker 2.6 Issue in W7

    Hey guys, I know I don't come asking for help too often, but I have a strange issue with Movie Maker 2.1 and 2.6 in Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit. Under Vista Movie Maker 2.6 worked just fine. In W7 my brother is encountering an issue that hardly makes sense. He uses WMV media he's gotten from a...