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    Windows 10 server any good for normal usage?

    Thank you @lexluthermiester , that is exactly what i wanted, a lean and clean version
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    Windows 10 server any good for normal usage?

    Not having the slow "modern" apps is a feature not a problem just like forced app install of whatever promotional app paid the most to be forced down our throats. And yes I'll enable some stuff manually not really a problem.
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    Windows 10 server any good for normal usage?

    i mean Windows Server 2019
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    Windows 10 server any good for normal usage?

    I'm thinking about switching to a newer version of windows from 7. I had Windows 10 in the past but some update broke it in a way that I couldn't fix and went back to 7. Now I would like to know if going to windows 10 server has any hidden surprises for desktop users.In a VM test all I found...
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    CacheOut is the Latest Speculative Execution Attack for Intel Processors

    Another month , another Intel CPU hardware vulnerability.:nutkick:
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    How to get the best audio from a desktop pc?

    time to add my 2 cents: Sound cards: anything with SNR over 90DB is decent, 95 DB is ok 100DB is good anything over 100DB is excellent There is a limit to what a pc output can do and then you need a amplifier. Speakers: cheap,plastic ones are to be avoided. Bigger is always better. 3-way...
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    Looking for a Sapphire Pulse RX570 4GB BIOS

    good to hear that reflashing worked.Please fill in you system(s) description so we can help you better. also since there are very few Sapphire cards in the bios database it might be worth a try contacting Sapphire support https://www.sapphiretech.com/en/cs_consumer
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    Looking for a Sapphire Pulse RX570 4GB BIOS

    https://www.techpowerup.com/vgabios/191558/sapphire-rx570-4096-170306 this one seems to be the only one that fits the specs.Again you flash at you own risk, make sure you have a secondary card or Intergrated available in case stuff goes very wrong.have fun
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    Looking for a Sapphire Pulse RX570 4GB BIOS

    Sometimes i also have the same problem installing new drivers on my RX470 (its literally the same stuff) Try using an older driver 19.7.3 always works for me.
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    Strange Bios on RX 470

    YES,its the EllesmereTV341MH252
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    Strange Bios on RX 470

    I'm willing to try your custom bios if Im not asking to much.
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    Strange Bios on RX 470

    well I can always overclock a bit , not like I need to, but the option is there.
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    Strange Bios on RX 470

    What did You mean by that? Is it just the frequencies ? or something else?
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    EK Launches a Quantum Revolution of Tubular D5 Combos

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    Strange Bios on RX 470

    sorry i meant the one with 113-MSITV341MH.214 like this one https://www.techpowerup.com/vgabios/197900/197900 from the list "Build date 2016 12 20 " these caused a loss of signal. GPUZ coudn't display frequencies for core and mem.ATI Flash identified it as polaris 10.
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    Strange Bios on RX 470

    well. I tried a 252 bios but it didn't work so eventually I got back to my original bios.
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    Do you really need to play on ultra settings in games?

    My philosophy on this is that medium to high settings give the best visuals and performance. Smoothness is more important than a 1% increase in shadows.Ultra and extreme settings are there just to kill GPUs and to one up people.
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    Strange Bios on RX 470

    Here they are.Sorry for the dust.
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    Strange Bios on RX 470

    I have a MSI GAMING X RX470 4gb but the bios in it seems to be very rare or experimental. It is reported as a TV341MH252. I searched it and the only other occurrence was a reddit post from someone who ordered a RX480 8GB and it identified itself as a rx470 4GB with this BIOS. I did an upload to...
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    Are you having issues with Radeon Adrenalin 2020?

    I get a black screen at random parts of the install, no fix except restart.and then it appears installed in Device Manager. GTA5 gives some texture pop-in and performance fluctuates a lot.I'm thinking about removing it.Also it seems that it removed previous driver and you can't do a roll back...
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    Adobe Premiere Pro 2019

    check the preview options if its 1to1 it might stutter.Also it might work if you disable paging file.
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    Scythe Big Shuriken 3

    It would be wise of Scythe to make a RGB version also and ask $10 more.
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    AMD...what's going on with pricing?

    Amd believes that their card can match Nvidia for the price and performance so they will ask for the same or similar money.On top of that we are closely approaching the point where performance will be good enough for 90% of the people so selling new cards will become difficult so a simple way is...
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    Customer PC repairs