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    Anyone have experiences with the external graphic card on laptops and all in one pc

    Hi everyone just wondering have anyone tried or have experience using externel graphic card adapter that connected through the wifi card slot on either a laptop or all in one pc. As i have an asus all in one pc model asus et2210ints as i have taken it apart to see if it have the long or short...
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    Hey everyone i have an issue that causes the 0x0000003b SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION as im overclocking Xeon e5450 @ 3.71ghz, ram freq is 991.5‬mhz fsb:dram ratio 5:6 on asus p5q pro it only happens during gaming. As i have the vcore 1.304v, pll 1.60v, vtt 1.42v ram 2.20v, northbridge 1.62v...
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    Resident Evil 2 Remake possible fix for fatal appication error

    Been testing resident evil 2 remake on my system i had heaps of crashing no matter what i did, i tried every possible fixes none worked until i messed around with the game properties i set disabed full screen optimization, run this program in full administrator and last i changed the high dfi...
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    Evga gtx 960 ssc acx 2.0+ issue

    Hey everyone i been given a evga gtx 960 ssc acx 2.0+ for nothing as it dont turn on at all due to inspection 4 caps near the small pcie area are missing and one of the really small mosfet on the back near the output slot looks burnts as far i can see it next to v3605 mosfet can anyone confirm...
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    Asus gtx 1050 ti 4gb expedition bios enquires

    Well everyone i will have a faulty asus gtx 1050 ti expedition coming in a few days well the seller said it turned on but no picture. Is it possible to recover it via bios flash with nvflash. And second thing is the serial number is removed dont know why people doing that lately. So i will try...
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    775 socket pins enquires

    Hi everyone i am looking for some information based on the 775 socket as some pins were out of place. And im kinda concerned that reading up the layout these are the list for the xeon e5450 A3 - RS2# B3 - RS0# C3 - LOCK# B1 - VSS As the pins are out of place on the socket on asus p5q premium as...
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    video scheduler internal error

    Hi everyone got an issue with video scheduler internal error 0x119. That bsod happened prolong use of firefox vidoes and after a restart i checked in event viewwr it points to 4101 nvdiia crashed and recovered is there a way to ofx this i have all os updates and all the drivers uodates
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    Asus p5q premium 8gb ram freezing gskill 8500 model

    Hi to everyone i got a spliting headache with the asus p5q premium as it starting to annoy me with a bad habit which it does random lock ups and freezing anywhere from 2 minutes to 10 minutes. As the four dimms are populated with 4x 2gb g-skills f2-8500 models as i applied the 5-5-5-15 with 2.1v...
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    Asus p5q premium voltage issues

    As im running with xeon e5450 as i need help In my bios Cpu - 1.38750v Gtl 0/2 - 0.625 Gtl 1/3 - 0.665 Cpu pll - 1.52 Fsb term - 1.36 Dram - 2.14 Nb - 1.56 Nb gtl - 0.630 Sb 1.20 Pcie sata 1.50 Hardware monitor in bios Cpu voltage - 1.328v 3.3v - 3.280v 5v - 4.968v 12v - 12.040v Is that...