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  1. Eric3988

    RAM Replacement, go with 16GB or 32GB?

    Hello everyone, I found out that half of my RAM has effectively gone kaput. Currently I have Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB RAM in my system. I Used to OC it to 3200, but it was making my system unstable, used to get all kinds of boot failures. Then I updated Windows to 1903 and I check to make sure...
  2. Eric3988

    Help me cool my PC!

    Hi guys! Right now I'm looking at redoing my cooling setup; two 140mm intakes in the front and a push-pull outtake on the Corsair H60 120mm. I just bought a Fractal S24 240mm cooler and I'm debating where to go. I am considering putting the new cooler in the front with the included fans as...
  3. Eric3988

    Crypto Mining Causes Static on T-Mo Network

    As per Bloomberg, a Crypto miner in Brooklyn was causing interference with T-Mobile's cellular network. "“The device was generating spurious emissions on frequencies assigned to T-Mobile’s broadband network and causing harmful interference,” David Dombrowski of the FCC’s enforcement bureau, said...
  4. Eric3988

    YouTube Crypto Mining is a Thing Now

    Now it appears you cannot watch YouTube without some jerk trying to mine crypto on your PC according to Arstechnica. I guess that's one more reason to sign up for YouTube Red, seeing as the ads can consume up to 80% of your CPU!
  5. Eric3988

    Crypto-Celebs, here we come!

    http://bitcoinist.com/move-over-cryptokitties-cryptocelebrities-has-arrived/ I'm sure this is an efficient use of resources for both the planet and the network.
  6. Eric3988

    Techspot: Nvidia asks retailers to limit sales to miners

    "For NVIDIA, gamers come first. All activities related to our GeForce product line are targeted at our main audience. To ensure that GeForce gamers continue to have good GeForce graphics card availability in the current situation, we recommend that our trading partners make the appropriate...
  7. Eric3988

    Adrenaline Woes?

    Hello! I'm experiencing some issues when trying to play an AVI video on my computer. I didn't encounter any issues on my system with video files before I upgraded to Adrenaline recently. Is this a reported issue for others? Check out the attached file to see what I mean. I put the same type of...
  8. Eric3988

    USB power surge issues

    Hey everyone, I want some advice regarding the problem above. Today and a few other times I've had my keyboard and mouse go unresponsive on me. Today, I was able to get the functionality back without a restart and getting to the Windows home screen revealed to me that there is a USB power surge...
  9. Eric3988

    So long Vega!

    According to a Reddit user and WCCTech, the Vega 64 can hit up to 43.5 MH/s at 130 watts in Ethereum mining. We've been hearing from miners that the Vegas were too expensive and inefficient, but it looks like the efficiency argument is no longer valid. The Polaris cards costing what they do now...
  10. Eric3988

    To those of you who got a Vega64 at launch...

    I'm looking to snag a 56 at launch and I realize the 64s went out of stock ASAP. Does anyone have any tips for me to better my chances of getting one? I heard it was a 6am launch on the 14th, but was that just for Newegg or all retailers? Seeing as there's no product pages up even, what do I do...
  11. Eric3988

    RX580 & Freesync vs 1060/70 & nosync

    Hello! I'm currently debating with myself whether to get the RX580 and a 27" Freesync monitor or wait for a price drop on the 1070 or just grab a 60 with a regular 1080p monitor. Reason I'm going for these options is because I'm doing a build for the wife (surprise) and I want to put my...
  12. Eric3988

    Driver issues with gtx970

    Hello, as of Sunday, I built a new PC and it was working great until Monday night when all of a sudden Windows refuses to recognize the already installed drivers for my gtx970. Perplexed, I reinstall several times through geforce app and directly to no avail. I wipe everything Nvidia from the...
  13. Eric3988

    Help! Watchdog Violation

    Recently I've been tweaking my PC in anticipation for the release of Fallout 4. I've added a 1TB Samsung 850 EVO and a 2TB Seagate external HDD. The SSD appears to run great by all means but the external hard drive seems to have caused me the dpc watchdog violation error on my system. I suspect...
  14. Eric3988

    Time for an upgrade?

    Hello, with the holidays fast approaching and Fallout 4 on the horizon I think it's high time for an upgrade! With Dragon Age Inquisition and Witcher 3 forcing me to operate on medium-low settings to get acceptable fps, I'm ready to throw down some cash. The question is how I should go about it...
  15. Eric3988

    Having Issues with Sound on my Desktop

    Good morning everyone, I was hoping to get some insight on a slight problem I am having. For the most part the sound on my computer works great except when gaming for some odd reason. I thought this problem was isolated to Lost Planet, but Supreme Commander is also displaying the problem...
  16. Eric3988

    Looking for a good laptop

    Hey everyone! I am in the market for a laptop that is primarily going to be used for student applications with some light gaming (WoW, Rome Total War, older games). If anyone has any suggestions for me I would appreciate it. Btw, since I am looking for some gaming would a Nvidia 7150M card be...
  17. Eric3988

    Considering Cheap Hardware Upgrade

    Hey everyone, I'm thinking of potentially upgrading my pc. I'm thinking I could get some new memory or video card or even a processor, if the price is right, that is. I'm thinking that it would be worthwhile to spend about $300 or so in order to get a performance boost. However, I'm curious...
  18. Eric3988

    I think I've been hacked...

    I do not know for sure, but I think some mischievous hacker has infiltrated my pc. Last night when I was browsing the web, the pages kept on scrolling by themselves and it was very distracting. Then when I started watching videos I had on my hdd and they started resizing all by themselves. I had...
  19. Eric3988

    Video Format Converter

    Hey everyone, how's it going? I'm looking for some software to convert some videos I have on my HDD to a format that is compatible for my PSP. I just got the PSP today and I don't know which format they need to be in so I can play them. If somebody can point me to some decent free software I...
  20. Eric3988

    Program for Recording Videos on the Net

    I was wondering if anyone can point me towards a some software that can record video that you play in your internet browser? I'd like to record some videos off of youtube and other sites if at all possible. Thanks in advance!
  21. Eric3988

    New Budget Gaming PC Build

    Hey everyone, I have been tasked by a friend of mine to configure an economically viable gaming machine from scratch. I forgot to ask him if he wanted to go DX10, but for the moment I am assuming he is and working from there. I am not too far yet and am looking for a little commentary on what I...
  22. Eric3988

    SupCom: Forged Alliance Announced

    I was just checking out Gamespot this morning and I came across a preview of an expansion to Supreme Commander. To say the least, it looks very intriguing. The link is below, enjoy...
  23. Eric3988

    Supreme Commander

    Anyone been playing Supreme Commander lately? I have had it since almost release and am getting back into it after a little hiatus. I only have the Cybran campaign to beat now. Just wondering if anyone wants to play online competitively or co-operatively. I usually don't play RTS's online...
  24. Eric3988

    Xbox 360

    I am just curious if there are any other after market coolers for it besides the NYKO one? I'm getting lucky enough to get one next week, so I just want to make sure I can keep it alive the longest. I have heard many stories of it dying, so maybe I'm just a bit paranoid. Btw, how much space...
  25. Eric3988

    Connecting PC to Sound System?

    Hello! I just got a new 800 watt Sony 5.1 Surround System for my room. I been thinking I would love to hook my PC up to the sound system. I know I would need some cords but exactly what kind of cords. If anyone can point me where I need to go I would appreciate it.