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    [FS] Msi 890FXA-GD70

    Up for sale is a MSI 890FXA-GD70. This motherboard is fresh from RMA and there is still a warranty until February of 2014. If you encounter issues before then, I will provide the necessary info for you to make use of the warranty. I'm asking $90 shipped within the continental US only. Heatware...
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    [FS][US] Retail Celeron G530 + 8GB DDR3 Corsair Vengeance

    For sale: $36 shipped firm - Intel Celeron G530 Sandy Bridge 2.4GHz LGA 1155 65W Dual-Core Desktop Processor Intel HD Graphics BX80623G530 Ownership details: I've had this CPU for about a month. I needed something slightly more powerful for 20mbit 1080p transcoding for the Plex client on my...
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    [WTB][US] Radeon 5850

    I'm looking for a Radeon 5850 reference model. PM me with your price. See my sig for Heatware.
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    Anyone still running dual 4870x2's? Could you test something?

    I've got a dual 4870x2 setup and can't get Just Cause 2 to use all 4 gpus when in CrossfireX mode. With the latest Catalyst driver (really, any Catalyst after 10.5), this game only uses 3 of 4 gpus as evidenced by the MSI Afterburner's OSD. The 4th gpu just sits at it's 2D clock settings the...
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    4870x2 Master/Slave BIOS modded for low 2D clocks

    I was wondering if anyone had a custom modded 4870x2 master and slave BIOS modded for low 2D clocks, similar to the Radeon 4890's idle clocks. I've read about people getting the GPU down around 250MHz in 2D mode and it makes a decent dent in power consumption. Anyone have a BIOS set like this? I...
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    [FT][US] E8600 Q820A Retail for X25 G2 80GB SSD or Xbox 360 + Cash

    WTB 4850x2 2GB full cover waterblock? So I finally found a Radeon 4890 thanks to Solaris17. Now I would like to trade my retail Intel E8600 cpu for an Intel X25 80GB G2 or a Jasper model Xbox 360 (HDMI) + cash. I am willing to pay shipping costs on the X25. HEAT All activity from TPU eBay 10...
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    4870x2, Terrible performance in... Lego Batman?!

    So I finally got my new rig together: watercooled I7 at 4.2GHz and 4870x2, 12GB RAM. Previously I had a similar system with 2x 8800GTs in SLI. My old nVidia setup ate the game for breakfast, as it should since the game is just a console port from the Xbox 360. Even a single 8800GT could run this...
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    [WTB] MSI X58 Pro IO plate

    I realize this is an obscure request, but no one sells these anymore. I bought an open box motherboard from Newegg which did not include the IO backplate. If you have one, let me know how much you want for it via PM. Thanks. Heatware
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    Cooler Master RC-360-KKR1 Case w/350w PSU $50.24 shipped

    http://www.provantage.com/cooler-master-rc-360-kkr1~7COOL071.htm $50.24 shipped via UPS Ground, it's at least $11 more everywhere else This is my favorite small form factor case. It has awesome ventilation: 92mm on bottom, 120mm on top, 2x 80mm on rear, 120mm on side panel (only 1x 120mm...
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    [FS/FT][US] My hardware 2000-2009

    My hardware 2000-2009: AM3, 775, 939, DDR, LCDs, mobos & more! Update- Lowered price on Q6600 golden stepping! eBay Member since 1999! Heatware Up for sale: my computing hardware over the course of a decade. You can choose from my very first Socket A chip, the Duron 600 all the way up to...