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  1. joyman

    Blizzard Announces Upcoming 'Battle for Azeroth' Expansion for World of Warcraft

    Clearly strange that its not mentioned the really big surprise on blizzcon - the new classic(vanilla-and other expansions) servers that blizzard are working on. They will come probably next christmas, but still its much more interesting news than the next crappy expac that is just rehashing of...
  2. joyman

    Samsung Intros 2 TB Variants of 850 Pro and 850 EVO SSDs

    Speed is not the only argument - silence is what makes me buy second ssd and get rid of that monster that sometimes wakes me up at night.
  3. joyman

    AMD Doesn't Trust its Own Processors - Project Quantum Driven by Intel Core i7-4790K

    Joseph Goebbels would be proud with TPU and some of its readers. The do the unimaginable to defend their bending of the information. Its a world-wide trend to invent news and model people's minds. Perhaps its a paid chore, or done because its modern. Whichever it is - its utter wrong and not...
  4. joyman

    AMD Doesn't Trust its Own Processors - Project Quantum Driven by Intel Core i7-4790K

    Really going downhill TPU, since the last two years you are really going anti-AMD and so full of crap. I will have to find another tech site to follow, shame, really a shame.
  5. joyman

    Is This The XFX Radeon R9 390 Double Dissipation?

    Looks like this is indeed R9 380, which is supposed to be rebrand of R9 290, which is the same size, have same cooler, have nothing to be developed, just bios flash for the name of the card - all fits.
  6. joyman

    Cooler Master Announces CM Storm Swift RX Mousepads

    I am using CM pad right now and compared to steelseries that I own 2 of them its really nice, will see if it is durable enough. Little bit thicker, which is nice, soft for the palm, clean design that I prefer now and a lot cheaper.
  7. joyman

    I7 920 @ 4 GHz and GTX 970 SLI. great/bad idea?

    Really no need for second card for FullHD! Save money and get only one.
  8. joyman

    AMD to Switch to GlobalFoundries' 28 nm SHP Node in 2015

    I mean that with all the problems with process minimization the design of the chip is getting much more important, because smaller node is not solving all the problems of old designs as before. Progress is happening, but not like it was done before.
  9. joyman

    2 Hardware Firewall?

    No need for all the trouble you will get. Just buy some nice router that is supported by dd-wrt or open-wrt. Flash it with either and configure whatever you like or need. For your need I doubt you need full fledged PC as router and it will consume much more power for no benefit.
  10. joyman

    AMD to Switch to GlobalFoundries' 28 nm SHP Node in 2015

    Tech process is beyond the point where frequencies can be maximized. So it will be difficult to make enough progress to counter the lower frequencies. So smaller tech process will not be automatically good thing. And implementing smaller nodes is more and more difficult, add to this first...
  11. joyman

    AMD to Switch to GlobalFoundries' 28 nm SHP Node in 2015

    Carbon is next element that will continue the electronics in the Nano/Pico era.
  12. joyman

    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960 Launch Date Revealed

    Nvidia always releases cut down products and they get obsolete usually way faster than competition - less memory, memory bus - last few generations were like this. 570 - nice gpu, not enough memory - got obsolete faster than 6970, 680 - same, 780 - will die faster than 290. 900 series will...
  13. joyman

    AMD to Switch to GlobalFoundries' 28 nm SHP Node in 2015

    Smaller node size is not always a good thing. With transistors this small there are big issues of separating P-N transitions. So this is why latest cpus cannot have high clocks. So I think that 16nm will be the end of silicon era at least for cpus. And for APUs cpu part is enough for gaming...
  14. joyman

    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960 Launch Date Revealed

    Affordable Nvidia GPU, yeah right...
  15. joyman

    Gigabyte Announces GeForce GTX 980 WaterForce Tri-SLI

    Gigabyte just push crap nowadays...
  16. joyman

    AMD Bundles Sid Meier's Civilization: Beyond Earth with Radeon R9 290 Series

    Too bad Beyond Earth is crap, compared to Civ V...
  17. joyman

    Old school / melancholy gaming build

    Search Q9450 xeon equivalent for socket 771, there is some easy mod for 775 motherboards - you can find it easy in google. Xeons are way cheaper than desktop variants and actually the same cpus, perhaps better crystals. Still if you want to game old games there is no need for quad cpu.
  18. joyman

    MSI broken the world record? Pentium G3258 OC up to 6.8 Ghz!

    Well it is not that cheap here at least. It is about 70 euro, which is equivalent to athlon 750k, which is better in my opinion. 4 threads will be more useful than 2 and both cpus are enough for gaming. Today's games are gpu dependent, very few of them need powerful cpu.
  19. joyman

    MSI broken the world record? Pentium G3258 OC up to 6.8 Ghz!

    G3258 is meh... only two cores, it's like when all got x2 cpus to make single core again... All this about overclock mania on intel is also meh..., just push multi and vcore, no fun. And 750k is better, because it has two more threads, that will always help. On the reviews they don't check...
  20. joyman

    3100 AUD (2900 USD) Build. What parts?

    I would advice 2 290s(not X), coz they are a lot cheaper and silent when wcooled. Here in Bulgaria there is promo for VTX3D 290 for about 175 euro, which is a steal btw. I payed mine double in january.
  21. joyman

    Distro x X58/I7/GTX670

    elementaryOS is soo beautiful...
  22. joyman

    AMD Kaveri Review : Focused on HSA Features

    The HSA evolution is amazing. They are on schedule - 2015 GPU will be even more integrated in the CPU part.
  23. joyman

    Mitsubishi Metal 3D Printers Are Coming Your Way

    Make waterblocks for all kind of chips/boards.
  24. joyman

    Non ref R9 290 vs GTX 780ti, New build

    Sapphire R9 290 Tri-X OC review. You must be insane to compare 290 to 780Ti. At least 50% more expensive and nowhere 50% performance. Just check your budget and expectations.
  25. joyman

    "Vishera" End Of The Line for AMD FX CPUs: Roadmap

    Most of the people forget the purpose of the APU. And it is merely just a stage in the way of hybrid processors. By 2015 on the old AMD roadmap there will be HSA enabled chips. Looking on their updated roadmap it appears that they are a little ahead of this. So in a few years GPU cores in the...