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  1. camoxiong

    Havne't been on TPU for awhile now, what's good?

    Havne't been on TPU for awhile now, what's good?
  2. camoxiong

    [FS][US] I got a speeding ticket =(

    bump for a central valley guy
  3. camoxiong

    WRT160N v3 DD-WRT and Surfboard SBG6580

    I disable my wireless on my AIO modem/router, every time I create a SSID for my WRT160N, it wouldn't show up my SSID for my router.
  4. camoxiong

    What is your favorite PC Controller?

    MS Xbox 360 controller
  5. camoxiong

    Google Android users clubhouse

    I can't turn on my phone. every time i tried to turn on my phone, no booting only the blue indicator light comes on
  6. camoxiong

    Google Android users clubhouse

    my samsung galaxy s2 d710 won't turn on due to wrong pit files. anyone know how to fix a pit file issue? PM me.
  7. camoxiong

    Amd upgrade

    how much ram do you have?
  8. camoxiong

    GTA V PC release date!!!?

    finally, been waiting for it to come out
  9. camoxiong

    Need help choosing a CPU cooler

    I have a hyper 212+, it been cooling my 2500k oc to 4.3GHz 3 years straight no problem
  10. camoxiong

    Giveaway!: Games/DLC

    Entering for Mortal Kombat. I love Mortal Kombat as a kid.
  11. camoxiong

    upgrade time

    get a ssd and an aftermarket heatsink
  12. camoxiong

    How do i make this computer faster?

    I say upgrade the ram, 4gb if you want to be on the middle
  13. camoxiong

    How do i make this computer faster?

    Get CCleaner and Defrag your HDD. Scan your pc for virus with malwarebytes
  14. camoxiong

    [Upgrade] Procci+Mobo+RAM+GPU : Advice

    Drop the i7 for the i5 and save the $100 for that watercooler
  15. camoxiong

    Need help deciding which Power supply to buy

    corsair tx650w v2, i have this one in my other build. still running strong for 3 years now
  16. camoxiong

    [Upgrade] Procci+Mobo+RAM+GPU : Advice

    I go with the 4670k since no use of hyper threading
  17. camoxiong

    AMD "Kabini" Low Power APU Lineup Detailed Some More

    perfect for htpc
  18. camoxiong

    XBMC MC Mirror

    wow, like the mirror finished look