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  1. J

    help overclock 8600k

    hello every body i would like to overclock my 8600 to 4.7 / 4.8 ghz with my Asus strif F z370 and i've got bequiet dark rock pro 4 I will tell you if there are parameters to adjust in the bios and if my temperatures are correct I made a word file with the parameters I modified. if you...
  2. J

    needs information to replace aircoolong by watercooling

    Hello everyone I wish to replace my bequiet dark rock pro 4 on my 8600k but a would like o/c aboe 4.7Ghz i think 4.9/5.0 ghz if possible i've got Asus z370 strix F gaming . I would like to have opinions and recommendation on watercooling, i'am looking for a pretty efficient water cooling...
  3. J

    upgrade 6400 to 6700k or 8th/9th or r5 3600 generation

    Hi all, I need help and recommandation for upgrade he have drop fps ingame but temperature cpu is ok . i asked him to give me the CPU charge in case it will come from the cpu overload Here my brother has a PC but I would like to know if it is wise to upgrade his CPU by a i5...
  4. J

    need help for upgrade and restore my gt70 2OD

    Hello everyone, I need help with my MSI GT70 2OD 075FR I have my motherboard and gpu who are HS. I found on alixpresse a motherboard and a gpu but this one is not a 780m I replace it with a 970m my questions are simple : 1) do you think it's a good thing to replace everything (...