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  1. cool_recep

    GPU-Z Not Showing Exact Model

    There is this thing I hate about AMD's GPU branding: they usually do not state the exact model! I have an RX Vega 56 but just like the Device Manager, DxDiag and Radeon Settings, GPU-Z shows the card as "Radeon RX Vega". I think GPU-Z should stop this AMD branding at give users the exact model...
  2. cool_recep

    RX 570 shown as RX 580

    This is the actual card: https://www.techpowerup.com/vgabios/191336/sapphire-rx570-4096-170323
  3. cool_recep

    Raven Ridge Support

    Current version causes BSOD.
  4. cool_recep

    Xenforo Switch

    Hi guys, I have been away for a long time and I am really surprised to see that you have finally abandoned vBulletin and switched to XenForo. I have some questions to W1zard. How did it affect the site traffic? Positive or negative ? I am also planning to swtich and really need your answer...
  5. cool_recep

    HD 6400M Memory Size Bug

    HD 6470M
  6. cool_recep

    HD 7850 Working at PCI-e 1.1

    Msi Z77A-GD55, Intel Core i7 2700K, Msi 7850-1GD5/OC , Gskill 8GB Ripjawsx DDR3 1600MHZ CL9 Can it be wrong?
  7. cool_recep

    Where is Cat 11.7?

    25th of the month and there is still no word on catalyst 11.7 final ... :cry: Hope to see the release today :rockout:
  8. cool_recep

    news 6000 series fusion gpu not detected

    hi wiz. got my hands on a fusion system but gpu-z lacks support. waht can I do to help you add suport for it? Oh, and the version you attched in the other post does not detect too and locks up a lot.
  9. cool_recep

    ATI Mobility Radeon HD 545v Bios

    Hi guys! SAMSUNG NP-R538-DS04TR use to laptop. I Need to ATI Mobility Radeon HD 545v bios. Please help me. Only bios...
  10. cool_recep

    Download section update: Remove everest

    Under sysinfo, there is still everest and it is old version... you know what to do..
  11. cool_recep

    Foxconn Quantum Force Series P67

    Foxconn Quantum Force P67 Release date: Q2 2011 Price: <150 USD Hi-Res Pictures
  12. cool_recep

    AMD Brazos Slide

    Hi guys, I just got a Slide of AMD's Brazos platform. Brazos Slide Source Sorry if it's old.
  13. cool_recep

    ATI 3D Support: When will be available?

    nVidia's 3D vision is becoming more and more important when buying VGAs. There were some news that ATI was bringing 3D support with 10.3 drivers but no action so far... Got any idea?
  14. cool_recep

    Reaquest about update check feature

    OK here is the thing: I download the latest version, open it up and see new version check...waiting for 5 seconds and the it says your version is up to date then I have to click on OK, I know, I understand, yes I have the latest version bla bla bla.... Can you please just make it silent or...
  15. cool_recep

    Fudzilla and nVidia...

    Since you can not comment under their news I thought it would be nice to express my opinions here. OK. Lets have a look: First of all, it is not huge demand, we call it ^^shortage^^. Cuz when it comes to ATI, they always write shortage instead of hude demand. Yeah, I am so smart that...
  16. cool_recep

    Leadtek GTX 480 & GTX 470 HD Pics!

    Hi guys. I just got the pictures of Leadtek's Fermi cards. http://pbckt.com/se.CbL Please indicate the source as: www.chip.com.tr Source
  17. cool_recep

    Support for Integrated Intel GPU

    Hi W1z, GPU-Z seems unable to detect integrated GPU's in Intel i5 CPU's. Would be nice to see that feature. Thanks.:respect:
  18. cool_recep

    Hot Info About New Catalsyt 10.2 and 10.3 releases!

    Hot Info About New Catalsyt 10.2 and 10.3 releases! [Not Rls Notes / Company PDF!] Hi guys, I just wanted to inform you that I am sharing the PDF document that came from AMD which is giving information about Cat 10.2 and 10.3 release. If it is going to make its way on the front page, then...
  19. cool_recep

    Search Tool for Firefox [Upper Right Corner]

    Hi, I started to use Firefox' integrated search function wideley. FYI here is an example: It would be nice to see such a search angine for TPU. I would like to search stuff before I get into the site ;) Thanks.
  20. cool_recep

    Can't Download NV Flash 5.80

    Unable to reach remote server bla bla bla... http://www.techpowerup.com/downloads/1439a/nvflash_580.zip help pls. Can somebody upload it to another server pls.
  21. cool_recep

    ECS KA3 MVP Won't Boot After BIOS Update

    Hi guys, i have updated the BIOS of KA3 MVP with the tool came with BIOS file. Award Winflash 1.92 After update, restarted the machine but the machine did not boot. This is the first time i am having problem with a BIOS update. I have updated 20 or more BIOS'es and i have hit the...
  22. cool_recep

    Help with 4870 X2 CFX being as 3870 X2 detected.

    Hi, I have a test machine with two different 4870 X2s. But the system shows there are four cards, including 3870 X2s. What's the problem? SSs:
  23. cool_recep

    Toxic HD 4850 BIOS

    Hi guys, who wants to give it a try to the latest* Toxic HD 4850 bios? *Original Toxic BIOS was updated. Edit: As i have seen, the new Toxic BIOS has 1100 Mhz RAM while the old one had 1150 Mhz. http://rapidshare.com/files/133166787/ATI.rar The file contains: ATOMBIOSBK-ATI...
  24. cool_recep

    9600M GS Detection

    Hi W1z, I have a laptop with 9600M GS. Does GPU-Z lack info about the card or cant read the specs?
  25. cool_recep

    HD 4870 & 4850 in CrossFireX with Catalyst 8.7 beta

    Hi, As i have said before i have tested the new 8.7 driver and 4870 w 4850 Crossfire. Test System: X48T-DQ6 QX7600 4 GB DDR3 First Test: HD 4800 Hotfix Driver Second Test: 8.7 Beta Driver As you can see, there is a %3.7 increase in the performance. Third Test: 8.7 Beta Driver 4870...