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    intel motherboard chipset help

    after the bulldozer let down :banghead:, i am thinking about buying the 2600k. this will be my first intel purchase (for myself) in about 6 years :D so i need a bit of help with regards to chipsets. i need to know which socket and what the differences are between each chipsets. thanks...
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    Battlefield 3 will not be coming on Steam

    http://news.softpedia.com/news/Electronic-Arts-Explains-Why-Battlefield-3-Won-t-Come-to-Steam-215600.shtml :rolleyes:
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    Anti malware toolkit webpage

    hi guys, i have a friend who created a web page for us techies where we can find all our favourite tools all in one handy place (with direct links where possible). i suggested a few ideas to him but am sure there is something we have missed out like a gem of a tool or anything else. all...
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    6950 crossfire not working in Civ 5

    hi guys, crossfire is working for me in every game apart from Civilisation 5, is it a personal issue or is the same for everyone? can someone confirm this? thanks (i know its not working due to readings from MSI afterburner and lack of crossfire logo)
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    6950 crossfire not working

    hi guys, i have been reading this website for 9 years but this is the first time i have registered. just got my 6950's but according to msi afterburner, i am getting lower fps with crossfire on than with single card. i have tried reinstalling drivers 6 times. this happens on shogun 2...