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  1. DonInKansas

    [US] 30% off and free shipping on refurb monitors at Dell Outlet

    Repost from SD: Dell Outlet.com offers 30% off their Outlet Refurbished Monitors when you apply coupon code RWTD2T4SCRKP0X at checkout. The discount depends on the cost of the item. Shipping is free. Offer is valid through 1/11...
  2. DonInKansas

    [WTB][US] Your ugly, scratched up, cracked screen, BUT FUNCTIONAL iPod

    That's right, tired of looking at your busted up ugly iPod? I'm looking for one CHEAP to keep in my work vehicle 24/7 connected to my Parrot system. It'll be in my glovebox, so ugly is fine. I only care that it works and it's cheap. The Parrot system has an iPod specific connection that I'm...
  3. DonInKansas

    [WTB][US] AM2+ Mobo, DDR2 Ram

    Got everything I need. This community rocks!
  4. DonInKansas

    [FS/FT] DIK's Awesomesauce: Case and Peripheral Extravaganza!

    Guess who's back...back again..... Prices are shown shipped to the lower 48. Willing to ship worldwide if you cover the extra shipping costs; shoot me a PM for details. Items in like new condition unless description says otherwise. Always willing to entertain offers and trade! Currently...
  5. DonInKansas

    [WTB] Athlon 64 X2 Proc

    Creaky old comp needs a CPU. Looking to score something like a 5200+ Brisbane (65W) on the cheap. Heat as DonInKansas.
  6. DonInKansas

    [WTB][US] 2x2GB DDR2 Laptop Ram

    Just as title states; need a cheap 4GB of DDR2 for a project laptop. Heat as DonInKansas.
  7. DonInKansas

    [WTB][US] 1-2 GB SD Card

    Need a non HC SD card for some fiddling with my kid's Wii. Not planning to head to somewhere I can grab one for a week, so thought I might find one sitting in a drawer somewhere around TPU. :roll: Heat as DonInKansas.
  8. DonInKansas

    [WTB] Wii Bundle

    The kids are clamoring for a Wii for Christmas. If anyone out there needs spending loot and has one in nice shape with a few games, shoot me an offer shipped to 67831. Yes I know WalMart has a BF $100 console and Target has the $150 Zelda pack; just trying to help out the TPU brethren. Heat...
  9. DonInKansas

    [US] Amazon: Buy 1 game get 1 50% off...Including Skyrim

    http://www.amazon.com/gp/feature.html?ie=UTF8&plgroup=1&docId=1000748441&tag=tec06d-20 Find a buddy and get Skyrim for $45 a piece. :p Many other titles as well.
  10. DonInKansas

    [WTB][US] DDR2 1GB Sticks 533/667 speeds

    Need a few of these sticks for older build upgrades. Bring your cheap 1GB sticks that have been upgraded and collecting dust! 1GB DDR2 sticks specifically; under 800 speeds preferred. Heat as DonInKansas.
  11. DonInKansas

    Need AT&T DSL Modem/router suggestions

    I'm considering switching to AT&T DSL since their prices make a lot more sense than what I'm paying right now (I'll save $50 a month and have double the speeds.) Trouble is, I've never shopped for a modem in my life and the ones they have on their site seem ridiculously overpriced. Can anyone...
  12. DonInKansas

    Browser searches redirected

    I'm seeing this problem on multiple computers; one at work and also my nephew's laptop. They will run a search in Google or whatever but when a link is clicked as a result of a search, whether it be to wikipedia or hotsneekylovin.com, the click is redirected to different sites, generally...
  13. DonInKansas

    [FS/FT][US] Acer Aspire 5100 Laptop

    El Soldo!
  14. DonInKansas

    [WTB] 1-2gb ddr2

    Time to upgrade a friend's computer again. Need a simple 2x1GB or even 2x512mb ram kit. Has to play nicely with a Dell machine so nothing overly crazy needed. Oh yeah, did I mention cheap? :laugh: Would like to get this purchased TODAY. Also willing to trade goodies from my FS thread...
  15. DonInKansas

    [WTB] Socket 478 Cooler

    I seem to have made an epic failure unistalling a cooler from a Dell system, and snapped one of the pieces holding it down. If anyone's got a CHEAP Socket 478 cooler laying around, let me know. Stock cooling okay.
  16. DonInKansas

    [WTB][US] 2x1GB Laptop RAM DDR2

    Needed for a friend who doesn't have a ton to spend. Shoot me a price shipped to 67831. Heat as DonInKansas.
  17. DonInKansas

    Only one computer on network fully connects to internet

    I'm at work trying to figure this out. WE have 5 computers on a network connected by a switch, behind a firewall. All of the computers except one cannot fully connect to the internet. What's REALLY weird is TPU will come up on this computer, but no other webpage.:laugh: I've reset the modem...
  18. DonInKansas

    [FS] DIK's Awesomesauce: Gaming mice and keyboard, A90 case, HyperX memory cooler

    Make me offers! DO IT! :laugh: Heat as DonInKansas. All prices shipped in the Continental U.S. but I'll ship anywhere on the planet if you cover the extra shipping charges. All items in barely used condition. Trade offers always welcome. Everything will come in original packaging, I was...
  19. DonInKansas

    Samsung Fascinate from Verizon only a penny at Amazon

    Get it while the gettin's good.... http://www.amazon.com/dp/B0040JHXS4/?tag=tec06d-20
  20. DonInKansas

    Seagate Barracuda 1TB 41.03 at Amazon Gold Box

    http://www.amazon.com/gp/goldbox/ref=xs_gbtb_dd?tag=atmlinr-20&tag=tec06d-20 Only good for a couple more hours......
  21. DonInKansas

    [FS][US] DIK's Awesomesauce: Able Planet NC300W Active Noise Canceling Headphones

    WTB/TF: SATA DVDRW Prices shipped in the lower 48. I ship anywhere on the planet if you pay the difference; PM me to discuss. Perfect Heat as DonInKansas. Trade offers welcome; PS3 games, PC goodies, USB nekkid dancing girls, whatever. Able Planet True Fidelity NC300W headphones. Great...
  22. DonInKansas

    Thermaltake Element G and Starcraft II for $99 AR

    Computer Parts, PC Components, Laptop Computers, L... The case is usually 149.99 by itself; this is quite a deal. I love mine.
  23. DonInKansas

    [WTB][US] Laptop Graphics card replacement

    I have a coworker with a Nvidia Go 7600 that has taken a dump. If anyone's got a PCIE lappy card that would suit as a replacement, please hit me up. Thanks! Laptop is a Toshiba g35-av660 http://cdgenp01.csd.toshiba.com/content/product/pdf_files/detailed_specs/qosmio_G35-AV660.pdf...
  24. DonInKansas

    THQ Store PC games 75% off--Keys good on Steam

    http://store.thq.com/store/thq/list/pc-games/categoryID.39206600 Biggest deal here is Metro 2033 for $12.50. Other good stuff too.