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  1. random

    Picked up a 1080ti, Golden Chip?

    Hi Guys, Just recently got into upgrading my hardware again and picked up a 1080ti 11GB for 550 AUD and swaps for my 980ti. I have not been in touch with overclocking for a while but I can see the card does it all by itself. The GPU Boost Clock vs the Maximum reported have a huge difference...
  2. random

    Creative Scout Radar 2.0 help

    Hi Guys, Not sure who to turn to anymore, having a bit of a cry. Creative is just going around in circles with their lack of ownership of issues via their support so I am speaking to 2 different people who overlap with their suggestions with a 1-2 day turn around on their reply. Yes it is a...
  3. random

    4K Performance Update

    Hi Guys, I've been out of the game for quite a while. Just wanted to know what it would take money and hardware wise to have a comfortable 60fps single monitor 4K experience. 60 FPS for MOST games is fine...
  4. random

    Custom/Bundle Water Loop Advice

    Hi Guys, I'm planning on purchasing a WC system for my system specs on the left. I am wondering whether the below picture is the best I can get in terms of performance as I do not want to purchase it and then find my temps to be similar to my H100i :(. Also am I missing anything? this will be...
  5. random

    TERA 100% Free to Play!

    Interesting read indeed Announcement Trailer: http://au.ign.com/videos/2013/01/09/tera-free-to-play-announcement-trailer Website News: http://tera.enmasse.com/news/posts/tera-rising-offers-new-content-for-free
  6. random

    (3570K OC) Am I seeing things again?

    Ehr I'm using LLC Level 5 which is the same as having it turned off with +0.60 Offset voltage. And my CPU is only showing 1.84 Vcore in the BIOS while I'm priming....? Is this correct? There is no known issue with CPU-Z and Ivy? As my previous 2600K CPU was at 1.284 with only +0.05 Offset voltage
  7. random

    Quick Question - Corsair Force GT or Intel 520?

    My fail OCZ drive finally showed it's true colors and kicked the bucket, so now should I go with a 120GB or 60GB? Intel or Corsair? I don't use my SSD for anything other than my OS.
  8. random

    Golden 2600k? Or Motherboard playing tricks on me?

    Does anyone know on an ASrock Motherboard if when your CPU is incapable of reaching a certain clock whether it will still boot to bios or the windows logo? As I've put the ratio up to 5900mhz which is the max and was still able to get to windows start up. Does this mean I found a golden...
  9. random

    New fresh build, need opinions!

    Hey guys, I'm looking into building a new beast, I've got these specs in mind and would like your opinion and some suggestions on it, I especially want opinions on the water cooling kit should I buy a kit or make my own 200ish AUD loop? I am also considering putting a water block on the 7970...
  10. random

    Going water, need help!

    Hey guys, I am about to get my first water cooling solution, one of the all in ones by RASA nothing too complex or expensive yet as I want to see how I go first. I was planning to get the H100 but because of it's price tag I may as well go with a truely dedicated water cooling solution. Link...
  11. random

    23.6" or 27" Inch 3D monitor?

    Hey guys, I am in a bit of a dilemma, I am wondering whether 3D wise I'd lose any immersion by downgrading to a 24" monitor from my 27". The size difference is definitely quite significant in real life despite the numbers, although I am tossing up between two 120hz monitors right now and am not...
  12. random

    Random shutdowns/freezes no errors

    Hey guys, My system is acting up, it's been months since it ran fine in the same configs the only changes I've made were installing Battlefiled 3 on this computer and the new CCC 11.10 V3 Preview Drivers with all caps installed, I get no BSOD codes so it is impossible to tell what is going on...
  13. random

    Dark Souls PS3/360

    Anyone else bought this awesome game? I've spent 200+ hours on demon's souls and I can say so far the game is living up to the souls name. I've just finished off the first boss and quite pumped to explore the world in the game, hopefully I am not disappointed :D. My PSN is: randomflip Feel...
  14. random

    Steam F2P: Rusty Hearts

    Anyone played this game? It is currently free to play on steam, seems new, I am downloading now I sort of expect a really grindy type of gameplay especially since it's a Korean MMO.
  15. random

    Regaining SSD performance

    Hey guys, I've researched on this particular topic for a while now as I have experienced some performance degradation on my SSDs. I am wondering since I have TRIM as to whether formatting my SSDs and recreating my RAID stripe would affect anything in regards to restoring the degraded...
  16. random

    Modern Warfare 3 URL Redirects to Battlefield 3 Site

    I just thought this was a good laugh, try entering the site here www.modernwarfare3.com Here is the link for the main article: http://au.xbox360.ign.com/articles/118/1181711p1.html I've spotted alot of companies being hacked this year, I find this one is one of the most funniest. I am not...
  17. random

    Trifire with .... 2x 6950's or 6990?

    Hey guys, I'll be getting my tax return in the coming week and I've managed to think up of some upgrades and decided on upgrading my GPU for an eyefinity setup. First of all I'm sure my PSU will be able to handle a 6990 crossfired with my current unlocked 6950, although I am not sure how my...
  18. random

    24/7 Overclocks for 6950

    Hey guys, I am wondering what is the implications of me having my card clocked at 1000/1400 at 1.25volts and 73 degrees temps 24/7 Will it significantly shorten the life of my GPU?
  19. random

    Monitor Speakers suggestions

    Hey guys, I am looking for suitable monitor speakers or PA speakers that will be able to simultaneously play music and output my electronic drumkit at the same time. It is possible to do it with my current desktop speakers although the sound is not very well equalized as in the volume levels...
  20. random

    [WTB] GTX 580 any model

    Hi, I am looking for a GTX 580 around the 400 dollar mark, needs to have warranty left on it. I can pay through paypal and or I have a MSI 6950 2GB for trade if anyone is interested, I will pay for the price gap. Cheers :toast:
  21. random

    F.E.A.R 3 Unique Multiplayer Experience

    Judging from this article it seems we will finally see some developers bring something fresh to the table. Read full article here with gameplay details: http://au.xbox360.ign.com/articles/116/1161042p1.html
  22. random

    Non-reference GPU upgrade help.

    Hi guys, I am starting this thread and first thing I want to say is I don't want a comparison between the card's performances I am well aware of what these babies can do. What I want to know is which non-reference design is better? I'll list them down here to let you know what kind of decision...
  23. random

    [FS] Auzentech X-Fi Forte 7.1

    I am switching to a PCI sound card since there is no more room for PCIEx1 on my motherboard. Please note: The optical output has been blocked by a broken optical connector, it may be repairable but other than that the sound card works 100% My Heatware and eBay profiles are in my sig Item is...
  24. random

    Why does my CPU crash at idle? i5 2500k

    Hey guys, I have a small problem, at my CPU (1.315) voltages I've run LinX 25 times and is completely fine under load but while I'm just surfing the net and while it remains pretty much idle I experience the 0x124 crash which indicates that I need more Vcore or VTT... What I don't get is...
  25. random

    Do you prefer creating a Hero or Heroine?

    So I've been playing Oblivion lately which I've pre-ordered back in highschool and suddenly became interested in how people play these types of rpg games... eg. Fallout, Mass Effect, Dragon Age, Vampire Bloodlines etc. etc. I for one like creating a Heroine since I like to play these games in a...