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  1. ChristTheGreat

    WCG Daily Numbers

    Oh yeah! Keep the good work!
  2. ChristTheGreat

    Show Off Your WCG Badges

    Didn't crunch for a couple of years but started back!
  3. ChristTheGreat

    TPU's WCG/BOINC Team

    I saw people getting 4.3 with 1.25v so tried tonsee what I can squeeze out of this cpu. So like my 1700 and 2600x, I got a bad overclocker :( 4.1ghz all core, on prime, core 0 and 1 failed at 1.3v. So 1.325v should do it, but still, Boinc 100% does 4.1ghz @ 1.35v I left max pbo 200, auto...
  4. ChristTheGreat

    Crucial P2 Announced: Company's Second QLC M.2 NVMe Client SSD

    Well, someone who wants an NVME drive, 1TB, and not paying high price, the Crucial P1 was a very good choice IMO. Personnally, I can find the P1 1TB for 168$ right now, which is 20$ less than a 660p or 30$ less than a A2000. The only one that I see that cost 10$ less is the WD Blue SN550. note...
  5. ChristTheGreat

    Flashing Radeon RX 5700 with RX 5700 XT BIOS: Guide & Performance

    I was looking this aswell and Morepowertool seems a better alternative, if you want to be 100% sure it won't brick (I have the same as you)
  6. ChristTheGreat

    Have you got pie today?

    I'm in yeah! Thanks to my 3600x running 100% while not gaming!
  7. ChristTheGreat

    TPU's WCG/BOINC Team

    I think i Mighty removed pbo and core boost, for an all core overclock on my 3600x. Boosting to 4.1, will try to get 4.3 or 4.4 , to grab some more points :)
  8. ChristTheGreat

    Have you got pie today?

    Same username everywhere! Thanks!
  9. ChristTheGreat

    Have you got pie today?

    Good work guys! Not for me today, but was close i think, i would need more pcs.
  10. ChristTheGreat

    Ryzen Owners Zen Garden

    Hey guys, I got a 3600x with a Noctua NH-U12S, with a Fractal Dynamic X2 PWM 120mm (max 2000rpm, 87cfm, 2.3mmH2O). Room temp: 22C, idle temp, varies between 42 and 54C, depending of core boost (very high voltage, might disable this) Full load prime 95: 78 to 82C, 1.3v and 4ghz (I've lost a...
  11. ChristTheGreat

    TPU's WCG/BOINC Team

    reinstalled BOINC on my 3600x, might do aswell on my 1700! Been a long time. I have also folding for Covid-19 right now. ! Go Baby!!
  12. ChristTheGreat

    5 years of Intel CPUs and chipsets have a concerning flaw that’s unfixable

    Any code have a Vulnerability. That is not the question. Even without any IPMI, you could it the jackpot. Someone that wants to reach the core of a business, will to do, whatever it takes. You can just slow him and if you have a reactive team, block it, before there is too much damage. You just...
  13. ChristTheGreat

    5 years of Intel CPUs and chipsets have a concerning flaw that’s unfixable

    You could shutdown a server, without access to an iDRAC, iLo, or any other. Having an access to a Managed PDU, UPS, user/password of the Hypervisor/OS... This is the main reason why you set ACL on the management of any device. You never let non admin IP having access to this. It needs to be...
  14. ChristTheGreat

    How many of you Radeon 5700 owners have ditched your cards over the drivers?

    Well, my flicker were with freesync on, but as for now, with these driver, I have no issue at all. I have an Asus Strix RX5700.
  15. ChristTheGreat

    How many of you Radeon 5700 owners have ditched your cards over the drivers?

    I had issue with december driver (fan speed profile wasn't working, some game problem), but with 2020 driver, no issue. I didn't enable freesync back yet, hope it works fine now..
  16. ChristTheGreat

    Should I RMA my HDD again?

    I saw that a 256mb cache version is a good sign. Maybe i am wrong but if multiple same drive have the same behavior, than a 1tb older model, thats why i suspect. I have a customer who has a 3tb dm003 or 005, no issue at all with os on this drive
  17. ChristTheGreat

    Should I RMA my HDD again?

    don't this 2TB model (DM008) use SMR? instead of PMR like the ST1000DM003 ? https://www.backblaze.com/blog/hard-drive-buying-guide/ IMO, don't use an HDD for OS, just buy an SSD for the OS..
  18. ChristTheGreat

    Radeon RX 5700 (XT) Club

    Received my Asus RX5700 Strix OC. Works fine, low temp (Firestrike, 55C), so far so good. Only thing, I downloaded MSI After burner beta. WHen I have AB running, gaming or benchmark doesn't work. That's some kinda wierd thing. I might try GPU tweak or Wattman.
  19. ChristTheGreat

    NZXT Launches CAM 4.0 Software

    I had a grid v1 now a v3. Software was not good in the earlier version, was shutting down for nothing.. but since 3.6.4 I think, it works fine.
  20. ChristTheGreat

    Need Suggestion on which is the best Suitable processor for building Virtual Server having 20 Virtual Machines AMD or Intel,

    I run 9 vm on a ryzen 1700, no problem. If the vm dont need alot of cpu power, you can also reduce the limit of the cpu usage. I have a couple of vm running 2 core set to 50%. It all depends of the usage, but 3900x is a nice cpu, and has a very good IPC.
  21. ChristTheGreat

    Can Seagate's Barracuda be trusted for data now a days?

    Cheap and reliable, are not supposed to work together :D Seagate drive are okay, no problem, where WD has no cheap 7200rpm HDD, except old WD BLue.. All I can say, never trust any storage. IF data is important, copy it somewhere else :)
  22. ChristTheGreat

    What game sequel(s) would you offer up a blood sacrifice...

    Half-life 3! haha, Man, I hope I'll live enought long to see the ending!