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    RTX 2060 - Dreaded coil whine

    Hi all, Just built a new gaming rig, spec as follows: CPU: 2600x GPU: PNY XLR8 RTX 2060 Mobo: MSI B450-F Gaming PSU: EVGA 600 W1, 100-W1-0600-K3 I've got the dreaded coil whine during heavy loads. I've heard mixed reviews on - upgrading PSU - RMA'ing the card - living with it I did my...
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    £800 Gaming Build

    Hi all, I'm due an upgrade! It's been a long time since i've read-up about PC components and it's really starting to show. Looking to build a new system with a £800 budget in mind. Have read many articles on the Intel vs Ryzen and i'm still lost. Current thought process is.... CPU: AMD Ryzen...
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    Canon Smartbase MP370

    Hi all, I've been given a printer from a family relative. He's seems to think he's somehow managed to stick the incorrect firmware on his printer (Canon Smartbase MP370) - meaning all buttons are mapped to different buttons, rendering the printer pointless. I've tried looking for a hard...
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    Installing Web Server

    I've been tasked with setting up a web page running a database in the background which allows my department to log certain activites. Having no prior experience with creating / setting up a webserver, I'm in a bit of a dark hole - So I have a couple of questions. Any guidance / feedback would...
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    [Java] JSwing Comobox

    Hi all, Let me give you a bit of background before I waffle on.... I have an SQL database which has the column "Case Status". Users can submit new tickets and are prompted to select a "Case Status" from a drop down JSwing combo-box. The new data is submitted to the database using...
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    HTML Forms

    Hi All, I've developed a breif website to monitor the whereabouts of our company laptops. Just have a quick question. I'm using an HTML form with the POST method to insert data into the database. Once submitted, the page is re-directed to a page which the user can print. (ie - something...
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    DNS on CentOS v6.3

    Hi all, Trying to configure a DNS for a virtual machine i'm running. I followed this tutorial (although it is for 6.2) http://www.broexperts.com/2012/03/linux-dns-bind-configuration-on-centos-6-2/ But i'm having a problem on the command "service named start". It seems to hang on...
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    Microsoft Word 2007 TOC

    Hi all, I want to add a table of contents onto my report. I've managed to work out how to do it but at the moment, it's duplicating page headers. For example... Introduction 1.1 - The current problem 1.2 - The solution Introduction 1.3 - The aims How can I stop it from...
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    Excel Template

    Hi all, I downloaded a template from Microsoft Office earlier (link here) but I can't for the love of god delete the formula / condition. If you look to the left of the spreadsheet - it gives you details to enter such as start time, estimated dates, etc. I've found a bug with it - and quite...
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    SQL Operations in Java

    Hi all, I'm trying to create an if statement that: "When a user input equals ANY of the the data in column "userID", Then execute" I'm aware you can use the .equals operation but not sure how you would link it to the column within the database. Wozzer
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    Publishing program with NetBeans

    Hi All, I've tried to publish my Java program by using "Clean and Build" in Netbeans. It's produced a .jar file - but when double clicked, it loads nothing. I've tried loading it on the command line using: java -jar "C:\Users\USERNAME\Desktop\program1\dist\MYPROGRAM.jar" And the error...
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    LiLi Linux

    Anyone else used this? http://www.linuxliveusb.com/ Looks really good. In the process of installing into onto my memory stick. Just out of curiosit - Does anyone know what the smallest Linux O/S is for LiLi?
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    Split String - Java

    Hi all, I've created a program to split a string which contains latitude coordinates. String[] temp; String delimiter = "°"; temp = MetaData.latitude.split(delimiter); for (int i = 0; i < temp.length; i++) {...
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    Error when creating text file through Java

    I'm using the metadata extractor API to print out all the metadata from an image taken on my phone. As part of my program, I want to allow the user to extract all this information into a text file. I know the information is printing out correctly as I have done a simple system.out statement to...
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    Windows 8 Installation

    Anyone else had any luck with Windows 8 installation? I'm trying to install it on VMWare v.7 - but it's having none of it. "This 64-bit application couldn't load because your PC doesn't have a 64-bit processor" It does - I'm running one now! :wtf:
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    Final Year Project

    n/a'd due to feedback given.
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    BT Broadband

    Anyone else had the pleasure of using BT Broadband. I think there bloody awful. Have had to use them in three different properties and I've had the same problem each time. Connection drop outs. On average, I have to restart the router around 5/6 times a night. I haven't tested a different...
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    Populating drop down menu

    Hi all, I'm trying to create a page that allows the user to select a case from a drop down menu and in return, the page will print the relevant details. So far - I've managed to create a drop down menu populated with "M References". I've also managed to get the page to print out all the...
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    Extracting data from relational databases

    Hi, New to phpmyadmin, PHP, MySQL, etc - so please excuse me if the answer to the question is simple. I've built a database using XAMPP called "evidence db". Within that database, I have a table called "m cases". This table has 11 columns. I currently have the following code: <html>...
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    Metadata Extractor Java

    Has anyone got any experience in using this API? Could do with a hand..... http://code.google.com/p/metadata-extractor/
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    Java.nio.file - Copying files

    Can anyone tell me what I've done wrong with the following code. I receive no errors - it just goes straight to the catch.
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    Java Strings

    Hello, I have a quick question. I have the following code... String test = "Hello World!"; But I want to print out every character from the 'W' onwards. How would i go about doing this? Cheers
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    KML With Google API

    Hi all, Have a quick question..... I'm trying to get Google maps on a site (Using the API keys etc), with a KML overlay of places of interest. I'm aware how a KML should look like etc - but i'm not sure how to link the two together? Any ideas would be appreciated.... :toast:
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    Hi Guys, Can anyone shed any light on this problem? I'm new to PHP.... I'm trying to bring in a string, separate it to an array and then print each individual..
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    HIS ATI HD 6850 Heat Problems?

    Hello all, Got a new computer last week. Just loaded up BF: Bad company to test the new graphics card, and noticed on occasions - Purple dots appearing. Looked at the GPU details through the Catalyst Control Controller. Fan is on full and the temp is a 70C. Is this normal? Pretty sure...