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    AMD Stock Broke All-Time Record for the Company, Peaked at $49.10 per Share

    I sold my stock at 42.71 to help get us in line to buy a house, I've held off buying any more simply because I'm weary how hard the stock market will tank once the next recession hits.
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    Intel's Process Roadmap Gets Updated with Plans to go Back to Two Year Cadence

    Obviously most of us here have little faith in any intel road map at this point. This is more then likely something to just appease the stock holders and investors while Intel scrambles to stay relevant. With that said intel really needs to get their crap together. While I doubt AMD will...
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    PowerColor Launches the Radeon RX 5700 XT Liquid Devil Graphics Card

    If AMD were to release a 5800/5900 that can beat my 1080ti I would love to have a card like this. The custom water block is beautiful. Though I do agree 600 is a bit much. I wish it was around the 550 price. Oh well beautiful card. I do find it odd they don't just use the base pcb as it's the...
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    AMD CEO Lisa Su Talks About 3rd Gen Ryzen Boost Issue in Q3 Earnings Call

    I mean as far as the stock market is concerned it's a s^!t show anyways. While literally everyone is at fault (Nvidia is trading at I think 120 dollars a share? But its valued at 200 something?). Not jabbing at nvidia its literally almost every company currently. Look at their revenue per share...
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    AMD Confirms: Ryzen 9 3950X and Threadripper 3rd Generation Coming in November

    I dont think zen 3? 4? I've lost count. Ryzen 4000. Will feature a core increase as its still on 7nm. More likely just IPC and hopefully frequency increases. Since itll be 7nm+ (7nm ev I think? With that said if you need 20 cores why not go threadripper? Tbh 16 cores is overkill for mainstream...
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    2nd Gen AMD EPYC Continues Market Momentum with New Customers

    Q2 sells were bad because imo everyone knew third gen ryzen and threadripper were coming. So sure amd didnt do well in q2 but I honestly bet Q3 will blow people away ASSUMING they can actually keep things in stock (glaring at you 3900x). It also doesn't help the continued trade war fighting...
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    AMD Ryzen 5 3500 to Lack SMT, Takes on Core i5-9400

    I'm not sure I follow your logic, no one in their right mind would buy a high end x570 for a low end CPU. Buy a cheap f450 asus board, update their bios (super easy on asus) and voila you have a 130 mobo and 150 cpu. Or just dont buy it at all, save for the 3600 and buy it. Which makes way more...
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    NVIDIA CEO Says Buying a GPU Without Ray Tracing "Is Crazy"

    I've never understood that logic, Tom's hardware did an incredibly biased review when the 2080ti came out along the same lines of "do you want to be left behind without ray tracing". I understand future proofing but this is money grabbing, by the time ray tracing really takes off I expect the...
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    Intel "Tiger Lake" Supports PCIe Gen 4 and Features Xe Graphics, Phantom Canyon NUC Detailed

    That would be a terrible idea! It would remove any kind of upgrade ability it a system. Want to buy a nice board and CPU but dont have the money for top tier gpu? Buy a cheap one and upgrade later. With your idea youd have to buy all the top tier stuff and be limited to whatever components they...
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    AMD's Latest AGESA Update Removes PCIe 4.0 Support from Pre-X570 Motherboards

    This is a very odd move by AMD, I get pci 4.0 is a selling point for x570 buts it's not even that big of a selling point unless you just need the fastest ssd's possible. So why disable it on older models? I'm curious if there are technical reasons behind it or if it's just "buy more x570"