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  1. $ReaPeR$

    AMD's Entry-Level 16-core, 32-thread Threadripper to Reportedly Cost $849

    finally, after years of misery in the CPU market, things are heating up :toast:
  2. $ReaPeR$

    Patriot Viper V770 Mechanical RGB Keyboard

    I like this one, not as good as the Corsair k series but very close! I wonder how good the next iteration will be..:toast:
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    Intel Core i7-7740K "Kaby Lake-X" Cracks 7.50 GHz on Liquid Helium

    holy shit?! did i just wake up in the P4 era?! o_O besides the sheer fun, imo at least, of such an endeavor, the real world applications are non-existent. wake me up when it can be done on all cores on air. :rockout:
  4. $ReaPeR$

    AMD Doesn't Regret Spinning off GlobalFoundries

    no m8 he is just living in the real world instead of the ancap utopia you seem to be living in. :) you seem to forget human nature and something small called greed. on topic: that might have been one of the smartest decisions AMD ever made, apple is a great example of outsourcing manufacturing...
  5. $ReaPeR$

    On Intel and Their $7B White House Affair

    the butthurt is strong in this thread!
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    8th Gen Core "Cannon Lake" Over 15% Faster Than Kaby Lake: Intel

    benchmark or it didnt happen.
  7. $ReaPeR$

    TechPowerUp Wishes You a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

    merry christmas people!
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    "Zoom and Enhance" to Become a Reality Thanks to Machine Learning

    its so nice to live in an age with such technological achievements!
  9. $ReaPeR$

    Q3-2016 VGA Market - NVIDIA Gained Market Share While AMD's Declined: JPR

    i noticed the same trend, they usually dont provide 45/50% perf increase in each gen. if AMD comes up with a 1080 equivalent though, i dont know how Nvidia will respond. this whole situation reminds me of the hd3000 situation.
  10. $ReaPeR$

    Q3-2016 VGA Market - NVIDIA Gained Market Share While AMD's Declined: JPR

    though i generally agree with your points, I'm not so sure that Nvidia can provide the same perf gains in the next GPU cycle. only time will tell though.
  11. $ReaPeR$

    Q3-2016 VGA Market - NVIDIA Gained Market Share While AMD's Declined: JPR

    to the average consumer the nuances of perf/price, power and other factors are lost. this is a game of marketing and it has been for the last years. generally Nvidia has been better, except for the last months that AMD has started giving out games and maintaining a better driver quality. the...
  12. $ReaPeR$

    Corsair Crystal Series 460X RGB

    i liked it until i saw the price, it looks good and the quality is high but that price is unjustified in my eyes. its a mid tower ffs.
  13. $ReaPeR$

    Intel Z270 and H270 Chipsets Detailed: More PCIe Lanes

    exactly! pcie lanes are a bit overrated.. on the other hand, though i don't see how this fact warrants a "new" chipset.
  14. $ReaPeR$

    Intel "Coffee Lake" Company's First 6-core Mainstream SKU

    finally some competition, and this is the result. great! :D
  15. $ReaPeR$

    AMD's Internal ZEN SR7, SR5, SR3 Priced Above A12-9800

    and that is irrelevant. the comparison is based on price. based on the price they are similar products. its not AMDs fault that Intel chooses to sell a dual core, all be it with HT, in 2016.
  16. $ReaPeR$

    Users report multiple issues with GeForce 375.86 WHQL Drivers

    im so glad i dont update my drivers often. is it just me or the "legendary" "nvidia drivers are always perfect" bs is just that, bs. with the resources they command, this is just pathetic.
  17. $ReaPeR$

    AMD's Zen Server Platform Naples' Results Appear on SiSoft Sandra Database

    well.. yes i know, i read the article. xeons usually go for 2+GigHZ thats why i find this low.
  18. $ReaPeR$

    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti Features 10GB Memory?

    well.. i remember the time when 1gig was considered "overkill". for that price, even if it was made out of pure gold it wouldnt be an overkill.
  19. $ReaPeR$

    Intel Readies Overclockable Core i3 "Kaby Lake" Processor

    i member it too.. LOL my first try at OCing was with a pentium 4 (b), shitty CPU but it was the only available to me at that point. back then ocing was the fringe, now it has become a bit of a cringe situation imo with all the bs marketing and buzzwords, let alone the special price we have to...
  20. $ReaPeR$

    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti Features 10GB Memory?

    as always Nvidia is extremely meticulous in sectioning its products. i would put 12 gig on the card and be done with it. the price is more than enough for 12 gig..
  21. $ReaPeR$

    AMD's Zen Server Platform Naples' Results Appear on SiSoft Sandra Database

    very interesting! arent the clocks a bit low though?
  22. $ReaPeR$

    MSI Announces the Trident, World's Smallest VR-Ready Gaming PC

    LOL m2 i like the general size though.. this would be perfect for a media center and a living room gaming platform.
  23. $ReaPeR$

    AMD Also Announces Radeon PRO Software Initiative

    if only the naming scheme was AMD's biggest problem right now..
  24. $ReaPeR$

    GeIl EVO X DDR4 RAM Kits With RGB Lighting Now Available

    indeed, but those extra cables are a deal breaker in my eyes.