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  1. LeonVolcove

    MSI X370 Xpower Titanium gaming

    So as thread saying i was wondering if this board is good for my next build to replace my current rig. I was thinking to buy this board when AMD Raven Ridge shows up. But there are some builder in my country that saying that this board has a bad vrm design, so i try to do a little research and...
  2. LeonVolcove

    4K Monitor

    Its been awhile since i posted in here, i Hope you guys still kicking alright. Okay, so next year i am about to buy a 4K Monitor for watching blu-ray video Now my question is : 1. Since i am not planning to add a Dedicated Graphic Card anytime soon, can my specs able to handle 4K Video Black...
  3. LeonVolcove

    Graphics Card upgrade, R7 250(crossfire with APU) or Dedicated

    Well after my last post about upgrading SSD, now its time for GPU upgrade, but i standing at the crossroad right now which one should i choose? i have $500, Mainly purpose gaming NO overclock, or 3dMark. help me out by choosing 1 of these 2 option below Option 1 : Crossfire with R7 250 why...
  4. LeonVolcove

    Next upgrade SSD for OS booting, but which one???

    Hi TPU, its been awhile since i first start asking question about "MY FIRS GAMING PC" well its still alive and kicking, but i must admit booting from start to desktop with my WD blue is rather slow. So i think now i have budget for SSD upgrade but i confused with so many around my budget is...
  5. LeonVolcove


    Hello guys I was looking for advice to build my first gaming pc I browsing the internet and i found AMD APU Kaveri is it good?how much it perform? for budget i have $700(monitor + OS included) I gaming for 1080p medium setting acceptable for me not really a hardcore gamer light...