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  1. ISI300

    Crimson Software 16.2.1 for HD5000/6000 series GPUs

    Hey guys. For those of you who might have missed it AMD has also released a version of the 16.2.1 Crimson drivers for folks with older HD5000 and HD6000 GPUs. This is kind of a surprising move considering AMD officially ceased driver support for these cards at first Crimson release. Anyway. If...
  2. ISI300

    GPU-Z Fermi VRM monitoring

    I just did a quick comparison of 0.8.5 and 0.7.6 builds of GPU-Z and it seems the latest version is missing VRM readings for Fermi generation GPUs or at least my 580: Edit: This might not have been the correct place to post this thread, sorry.
  3. ISI300

    Power supply replacement?

    Hey guys! It's been a while seen I've been active in this here TPU forums, so sorry about that. I have this power supply that I've been using since at least 2010. The company is called Green, which you might never have heard of. The exact model is GP-685B and it's based on the Seventeam...
  4. ISI300

    GTX 280 Bad flash

    Hi everyone. I've had this GTX 280 sitting around and I decided to see how it runs GTA V. It was fine bu I decided to meddle with it's voltage to see if I could lower it for lower noise. I managed to lower it to 1.0625 from 1.1875 and it was stable. Then I decided I need to lower the idle...
  5. ISI300

    GTX 580 PCI-E slot damaged... can it be fixed?

    Hello everyone. I was selling this card to someone and apparently during transportation, some portion of the PCI-E slot (not the lengthy part used for data lanes, the other one that's used for power and detection) is slightly damaged. This is the only picture that I was so far able to get from...
  6. ISI300

    HD 4870 temperature sensors?

    Hi folks! I have a reference design HD 4870 512MB and it play most games that I throw at it at the right settings. One thing that have me worried for a few weeks is the GPU temperature sensors on GPU-Z: As you can see, temps of Shader Core are ten degress higher than DiplayIO temps. More...
  7. ISI300

    GTX 460 Problem!

    Hey. Got this question that's been bugging me for a few days. I've got this GTX 460 External Exhaust version from EVGA factory clocked at 720/1440/1800. Obviously I wanted to overclock it to see how far it would go. On the stock voltage of 1.025V for core, I got to 825/1650/2000. Even though it...
  8. ISI300

    8800 GTS Temps worrying

    Hi guys. just installed a 8800 GTS (XFX 640MB XXX) and went and played TDU 2 with it whilst having gpu-z record temps. after a short while, checked the temps and saw a maximum of 96 c. weirdly GPU-Z also shows memory controller load always at 100%. and i've also done various sorts of clean ups...
  9. ISI300

    Overclocking a 55nm GTX 260

    Hi. I'm currently running a GTX 260 Core 216 55nm with the new P0654 pcb. I modded it to run with 1.18 MHz (up from 1.12) core voltage through Bios and overclocked it to run @720/1550/1150 (744/1600/1161 also possible, but got it toned down a bit just to be on the safe side.). Do you think it's...