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    AMD FX "Bulldozer" processors added to CPU-Z

    Hey guys, Not sure if this has been mentioned already (sure most of you are already aware, but..) it looks like AMD FX "Bulldozer" processors have been added to CPU-Z. I hope this means we are closer to the release date of Bulldozer. Sauce...
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    NIC Flooding my network..Time for a new NIC or just get a new motherboard?

    Hey Guys.. I have an issue with my fileserver's onboard NIC. It's flooding my network (sending out an immense amount of packets for no reason which destroys my switch). Its just an old motherboard that I ripped out of a old Acer P4 machine from work, (normally when this happens at work...
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    (Project) Dirt 3 Inspired LAN Rig Case Mod!

    Hey guys, Picked up this case for 10 dollars! Here are some pics below: (wouldn't have a clue what kind of case this is) Heaps sturdy handle. Here is a photo of the front, first thing I did was get rid of that AMD sticker and cover up the floppy drive. ;) Not...
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    Asus 5850 Screen Tearing on Dual Monitor when OC'ed..

    Hi Guys, I've recently added a 2nd monitor to my set-up and am having an issue with my Asus (non reference) 5850 GPU. It seems when I overclock the card my new monitor starts screen tearing but when I put it back to default it is OK. I've Googled this and found out the cause but have yet...
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    Adding a Single Boot Drive to RAID 0 Array

    Hi Guys, I just ordered a Corsair Force 60GB SSD, I want to install this as a single boot drive but leave my current raid 0 installation as storage (but in raid 0 config). Is this possible? If so how do I go about this? Should I back up my data before I install the SSD? Cheers
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    Would this H50 Mod work...?

    Hi Guys, This is just a stupid idea I had and was wondering what you guys think of it. I saw this video on youtube - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wwb1K3_G7Mg and got inspired to do something similar but for 24/7 use. (I doubt this is even possible and will probably break the H50) but if I...
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    Cheap/Ghetto Substitute for Noise Dampening Material?

    Pretty much want to know if you guys have any idea's on this...as I wouldn't mind some noise dampening material for a new case I'm modding..but the prices I've seen so far has turned me away. Cheers B82REZ
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    A Program That Automatically Organizes and Renames Your Files?

    Hi Guys This might be a stupid question but is there some software I could use that would automatically organize my files? Yes this sounds pretty lazy but I have over 1.5TB of Movies and TV Series that I've leeched and was wondering if there is a program that will sort out all this mess...
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    Out of these two cards...which one would you buy?

    Hi Guys, Two weeks until I order my new system and I'm a little stuck on what brand of graphics card to buy. I was going to go the XFX, until I saw the cheaper 'overclocked' Gigabyte which looks quite nice...
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    Monitor Died - Need a new one, Help!

    Hi Guys My monitor died...:( so I'm using my mates 17inch samsung CRT until I can afford a new one. I want to buy one this weekend. I have enough for either one of these monitors....A BenQ or an AOC...Not really sure which one I should go for. Here are the links -...
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    Samsung LCD TV/Monitor Grey Screening..

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    New Build - What case should I get?

    Hey guys, I'm building a new PC at the end of June, I have all the parts worked out that I want but I seem to be stuck on what case to get. I've looked high and low but can't seem to find anything that suits my liking/budget. I need something with the following: Good cooling (Kinda...