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  1. DarkStalker

    Windows 1903 - just reverted back to 1809

    as usually another big os update and again BEHOLD it came with few hick ups like taskbar color is stupidly flat grey and there is nothing i could do to make it black... while scoping the net for a possible fix bsod happend which i hadn't see for years... thank God i could revert back... what a...
  2. DarkStalker

    Battlefield v Faulting module name: KERNELBASE.dll

    last two version of nvidia drivers give me a lot of periodic crashes to desktop with no message except the one from the title in event viewer... any ideas? posted/searched this on battlelog and geforce forums already...
  3. DarkStalker

    Metro Exodus Graphics Settings

    what is the differences between ultra and extreme graphic setting? besides fps drop i can't notice any visible change... perhaps higher antialiasing??
  4. DarkStalker

    Battlefield V runnin 100-130 fps on ultra on Msi geforce gtx 1080 gaming x

    yap folks tested it this morning and boy was i happy to see that i don't need a new gpu(and ray tracing) to run ths game over 100fps on 2560x1440... sure my i7 8700k oc'd to 4.9ghz and 32gb ddr4 @ 4ghz xmp helped a lot... and no i am not bragging...:) how does the game run on your rig??
  5. DarkStalker

    anyone tryed latest z370 bioses for asrock motherboards?

    i noticed beta bios 1.71a - improved llc2 voltages for my asrock z370 gaming k6... im just lazy to flash for nothing... so is it any good, anyone tryed yet?
  6. DarkStalker

    Problems with AE-5, driver from 30. April 2018 and Windows 10 64-bit 1803

    So i've got sound in windows 10 and it is working ok 5.1 setup with my roccat kave xtd 5.1 analog headset but it lacks depth...bass is to low and treble is to high... and no matter what i set in sound blaster connect2 regarding bass and treble it wont apply, only if i uninstall driver package...
  7. DarkStalker

    Creative Sound BlasterX AE-5 does it support EAX & alchemy

    as the title says, i'm planning to switch from my xfi xtreme gamer fatal1ty pro to this one and i plan to play Witcher 1 which supports eax...
  8. DarkStalker

    lookin to upgrade i4770k to... i7820k or 8700k?

    hi to all and pls bear with me! so.. since end of 2013 i have intel core i7 4770k, gigabyte z87x ud3h and 32 gb ddr3 (4x8 @ 2400mhz) rest u can see in sys spec details. I use my pc for gaming and the cpu was oc'ed to 4.5 ghz @ 1.272v 24/7 and the temps were always ok. Since this summer (and it...
  9. DarkStalker

    nvidia drivers limiting pci bus speed from x16 to x4?

    i just noticed in gpu-z that my bus speed is PCI_E 3.0x16@x4 1.1(~3.0 depending on load for example if i run render test)... i didnt change anything in bios and i know and i triple checked in bios that pcie bus speed is set to gen3... also i 100% sure that gpuz reported x16 in the past i...
  10. DarkStalker

    Asus Rog Swift pg278q G-sync monitor

    :)hello all! a few days ago i finally bought this monitor and to make it short: it's amazing!!! few minor quirks but nothing serious...thx GOD no dead pixels hehe but... usb3.0 hub on monitor when conncted to pc disables usb devices(keyboard) prior to boot to windows so i can't enter bios...
  11. DarkStalker

    battlefield 3&4 Error: C++ Visual Runtime Library R6025 Pure Virtual Function Call?

    hi all! i'm gonna report getting random Error: C++ Visual Runtime Library R6025 Pure Virtual Function Call in battlefield 3 and 4 on geforce 353.38 and previous 3 versions of drivers... cloked or not clocked battlefield games are crashing randomly no matter how much i game(from 30mins to 2...
  12. DarkStalker

    nvidia install driver script error

    ok, so i was checking my gpu performance with 3dmark11 this evening out of boredom...:banghead: and i wanted to reinstall latest geforce drivers 353.06 for my gtx 770 in win7 64bit and on part where we choose install options (whether we want to install drivers, hd audio, phsyx..) a message pop...
  13. DarkStalker

    need help with unlocked afterburner(profile softmod) on msi gtx770 4gb gaming oc

    greetings to all! i have msi geforce gtx 770 4gb twin frozr gaming oc card, i managed to unlock last ver. of afterburner (4.1.0.i think) with vrm codes in ab profile and i can use all the way up to 1.3. like many others i noticed vdrop for example that when i use 1.250mv in ab i get 1.12-1.20v...
  14. DarkStalker

    Asus RT-N14U Wireless Router, does it support VOIP??

    Hello all! Im not so much into networking so i need a little help... I decided to buy a new router nothing expensive just that it supports Nat settings(for games) and Voip as i use telephone over internet, but nowhere can i find if this router supports voip?? please help as i already ordered...
  15. DarkStalker

    hidden performance in gtx770 capped by driver?

    hi all! for months i've been usin msi geforce gtx 770 gaming oc 4gb version... awesome card factory oced to 1085 for gpu then successfully oced to 1185 on default voltage(mem on 8000mhz>don't plan mem anymore to oc it)...but... last night i was a little bored and decided to oc further and...
  16. DarkStalker

    CoD:Ghosts using zero% gpu 100%mem

    hi all! i guess a lot of players got massive performance issues with the new cod:ghost for pc steam version... i can't fu**ing believe they released the game as poorly optimized port from consoles like always but this time i couldn't believe that the game utilizes 100% mem usage(thats 4gb...
  17. DarkStalker

    overclocking msi gtx770 4gb

    hello all! ok, i recently purchased msi gtx770 gaming oc 4gb version and ofcourse there is no need to overclock such gpu (atleast not yet), but i was curious how far can it go... so i began clocking only gpu with msi afterburner and settled for 1200mhz... then i began with memory and stopped...
  18. DarkStalker

    nvidia forceware 310.90 drivers cold boot bsod

    hi all! up until forceware 310.90 were released i used without any problems older 310.70 wich nvidia and some dude flagged as having security holes, so when nvidia released 310.90 i like many others downloaded them and installed them. Now like many others i have cold boot bsod (so 'only'...
  19. DarkStalker

    gpu-z asus rog 0.6.5. gpu readings

    hi all! last night i dloaded gpu-z asus rog 0.6.5. as usually... but i noticed that gpu reading on my zotac gtx570 like gpu, pixel and texture fillrate are displaying wrongly, they are higher then in previous version...!? anyone had the same issues? thx in advance;)
  20. DarkStalker

    Sound Blaster Tactic(3d) Sigma

    Hi folks! I just bought these headphones from Creative and i wanted to know if any of u guys use them, if so what are the best settings for thx trustudio pro as i've tryed and i can't find the best setting for 3dshooters like battlefield3 and cod:mw2&mw3? Either i get too much bass or too...
  21. DarkStalker

    Overvolting Gtx 570

    hey techpowerup!!!! I need help overvolting my new zotac gtx 570, its just i don't know how high can i overvolt to reach 800mhz for gpu, 1600 for shader clock and 1000 for mem....?(if i can...) my pc specs are: intel q9550 e0 stepping oc @ 3.6ghz, mem ddr2 ocz 800mhz@850 (cpu-fsb 1:1)...