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  1. DarkStalker

    Considering returning 32GB 4133MHZ 4x8 Ram for 32GB 3600 4x8 ram. Provided benchmarks and Timings. Any advice?

    hi! could u pls bench both kits in aida 64 and post results for mem read, write and copy speed...?
  2. DarkStalker

    Help - MSI GTX 1080TI Duke

    looks like the card was maybe under water with a custom flashed bios... since it boosts over 2.2ghz.. just find the default bios nad flash it back
  3. DarkStalker

    Crytek Releases Hardware-Agnostic Raytracing Benchmark "Neon Noir"

    guess this is good or? aaah here is 1440p and 1080p
  4. DarkStalker

    How to push past 5Ghz on 8700K?

    i see u r using 9900k on taichi Z370 wich is very similar to mine mbo... how's it performing on ur mboard? are u happy? did u use perhaps 8700k before 9900k on that same mbo? p.s. maybe a stupid one but how can i tell from the box if 9900k is p0 or r0?
  5. DarkStalker

    How to push past 5Ghz on 8700K?

    hi all... i am at 5.0ghz at 1.35v static voltage and bios 3.30 asrock z370 gaming k6... what i wanted to say,,, on older bios i needed more voltage like 1.39 to achieve 5.0ghz so maybe u should try newer bios versions i noticed asrock even released bios 4.20 for 9900ks, but i am a little afraid...
  6. DarkStalker

    PC Version of Red Dead Redemption 2 now Available for Pre-Order

    ''Additionally, every pre-purchase made through Rockstar Game Launcher will result in a free upgrade to the premium edition of Red Dead Redemption 2, where ultimate and special edition will get a $20 discount if users want to upgrade.'' i don't get it... So if i buy special edition i can...
  7. DarkStalker

    Post your Cinebench R20 Score

    use my pc mainly for gaming...
  8. DarkStalker

    4770k weird issue

    my bet is air bubbles in tubes.. try movin a bit both tubes while the pc is on and observe what happens with tempearture...
  9. DarkStalker

    Windows 1903 - just reverted back to 1809

    did i just hurt ur feelings?
  10. DarkStalker

    Windows 1903 - just reverted back to 1809

    as usually another big os update and again BEHOLD it came with few hick ups like taskbar color is stupidly flat grey and there is nothing i could do to make it black... while scoping the net for a possible fix bsod happend which i hadn't see for years... thank God i could revert back... what a...
  11. DarkStalker

    1080 Ti FTW3 Voltage question.

    nice oc clocks... not meaning to hijack this thread but i was always wondering why other achieve 1.093 when my gaming x trio goes max 1.062mv under oc... temps never go above 60c...?
  12. DarkStalker

    7980XE delidded temps whats normal?

    recheck the screws of cooler... recheck water pump...
  13. DarkStalker

    Battlefield v Faulting module name: KERNELBASE.dll

    last two version of nvidia drivers give me a lot of periodic crashes to desktop with no message except the one from the title in event viewer... any ideas? posted/searched this on battlelog and geforce forums already...
  14. DarkStalker

    Which classic games are you playing?

    Vampire the Masquerade Redemption...due to announced Vampire Bloodlines 2 excellent game deffo deserves a REMAKE or atleast a remaster like Resident Evil 2 has... nice game to complete it again after 20 years....and then straight to Bloodlines 1:rockout:
  15. DarkStalker

    Free Game Alert: The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind Available for Free Today Only

    TES25TH-MORROWIND invalid promo code edit: invalid on bethesda shop but valid on games own web site which is having issues
  16. DarkStalker

    NVIDIA: Turing Adoption Rate 45% Higher Than Pascal, 90% of Users Buying Upwards in Graphics Product Tiers

    NOTHING BUT LIES @their sales results... trying to encourage this way.... PATHETIC
  17. DarkStalker

    Possible New Vampire: The Masquerade Game

    omg!!! finally after all these years... i sure hope u r right my friend... redemption and bloodlines are still one of my all time favorites... i cross my fingers:toast:
  18. DarkStalker

    Metro Exodus Graphics Settings

    ok thx for the info... guess ill use ultra coz i can't notice the difference:toast:
  19. DarkStalker

    Metro Exodus Graphics Settings

    so i thought too but on ultra details 2560x1440 i get 100-115 fps and on extreme it dips down to 75fps and i know i don't run rtx but still if itts not antialiasing why does it goes down to 75 fps??
  20. DarkStalker

    Metro Exodus Graphics Settings

    what is the differences between ultra and extreme graphic setting? besides fps drop i can't notice any visible change... perhaps higher antialiasing??
  21. DarkStalker

    Metro Exodus Benchmark Performance, RTX & DLSS

    what is the differences between ultra and extreme graphic setting? besides fps drop i can't notice any visible change... perhaps higher antialiasing??
  22. DarkStalker

    Will You Be Buying Radeon VII ?

    oh how i miss the old days and radeon 9700pro... those were the days when ngreedia trembled before mighty radeon... but unfortunatly today we have amd&nvidia as they are and things are not gonna change even though i hope one day finnally we get to see a superb radeon pro or xt on top of...
  23. DarkStalker

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from TechPowerUp!

    Merry Christmas!!!:peace:
  24. DarkStalker

    Just Cause 4 Benchmark Performance Analysis

    to be honest last whql drivers from nvidia (and 2 before that) are a horrible mess from nvidia... idk if it is intentionally or not but last drivers force in cod and some other games max fps 85!?? on my 1080ti.. users in nvidia forum state even less fps like 24 ddu cleaner and went back to...
  25. DarkStalker

    Aorus 1080Ti OC problem

    on my msi gaming x trio 1080ti i achieve +100 on gpu (ingame 2063mhz) and +750 on mem(12600mhz i think) all that at stock bios and fans at 65%...at max voltage 1.062 and i never saw voltage going to 1.093!!? maybe i should try that curve oc...