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  1. johnnyfiive

    [FS][US] AMD Radeon VII

    Lock it up mods, card is sold.
  2. johnnyfiive

    [FS][US] AMD Radeon VII

    Price updated.
  3. johnnyfiive

    [FS][US] AMD Radeon VII

    Warranty is tied to the card, not so much a person (I thought). Yep, AMD provides a 1 year warranty.
  4. johnnyfiive

    [FS][US] AMD Radeon VII

    I'm moving on to my next build so I'm selling my Radeon VII. I'm actually moving on to a server type build, so a gaming graphics card isn't really needed at all. To be honest, I bought the VII on impulse and its barely been used at all. It's been sitting in the box for well over a month now. I...
  5. johnnyfiive

    Anyone having issues with Radeon VII and GPU-Z 2.20.0?

    No issues with that version here.
  6. johnnyfiive

    Anthem VIP Demo Benchmarked on all GeForce RTX & Vega Cards

    I wouldn't take any of these results seriously. By the time Anthem releases I bet both AMD and Nvidia will have a driver release that will improve performance. The VIP demo is not even using the gold build of the game (apparently it is using a 6+ week old build). I'd love a proper performance...
  7. johnnyfiive

    Microsoft to Acquire GitHub for $7.5 Billion

    Picking up on the subtle hints, I'm guessing you use a Unix/Linux variation as your primary operating system....
  8. johnnyfiive

    NVIDIA "Pascal" and AMD "Vega" Graphics Card Prices Sizzle Stateside

    I bought a PowerColor RX Vega 64 a couple months ago for $489.99, yes, $489.99 (at a local MicroCenter). I traded it to a local guy for a brand new 1080 Ti, a straight trade, thinking I got a heck of a deal (considering i'm not into mining even the slightest bit). This fella had then acquired...
  9. johnnyfiive

    [FS][US] 1600X Part Out - Going Threadripper.

    Everything is gone, lock it up mods!
  10. johnnyfiive

    [FS][US] 1600X Part Out - Going Threadripper.

    WD M2 SSD sold, Power Supply is left. Sorry @Melvis , sold it to someone here in the states. :(
  11. johnnyfiive

    [FS][US] 1600X Part Out - Going Threadripper.

    I can see how much it would cost and get back to ya. PM the address. Added a combo deal for the PSU and M2 SSD.
  12. johnnyfiive

    [FS][US] 1600X Part Out - Going Threadripper.

    SSD and Power Supply are left. Happy New Year!
  13. johnnyfiive

    [FS][US] 1600X Part Out - Going Threadripper.

    Board sold. Ugh, yes, my mistake. Typo on my part. It’s a m2 2280 WD Blue.
  14. johnnyfiive

    TPU's WCG/BOINC Team

  15. johnnyfiive

    [FS][US] 1600X Part Out - Going Threadripper.

    Changed to a part out, memory sold. Happy Holidays!
  16. johnnyfiive

    [FS][US] 1600X Part Out - Going Threadripper.

    I'm selling a bunch of goodies because I'll be moving to a Threadripper build. All parts were used for about two months and are in like-new condition. Here is what is up for grabs: Corsair RMx Series 650 Watt Full Modular Power Supply - $90 SHIPPED - SOLD LOCALLY AMD Ryzen 5 1600X Processor -...
  17. johnnyfiive

    AMD Second-generation Ryzen "Pinnacle Ridge" Confirmed to Support AM4

    I gotta disagree with ya there. If you're a fan of FreeSync and are familiar with how AMD does their drivers (performance gains over time), then the Vega cards are pretty good cards (At their normal pricing). Both Vega 56 and 64 are good buys at $399 and $499, especially if you have a FreeSync...
  18. johnnyfiive

    Benq Introduces Two Zowie Mice Models: EC1-B And EC2-B

    You need to visit the mouse section on Overclock.net (http://www.overclock.net/f/375/mice), laser mice are absolutely terrible when it comes to serious gaming. The best one might be the steelseries sensei original, but that was usurped by many other optical sensors. Optical is the only way to go...
  19. johnnyfiive

    All Hail a Forerunner of Social Media, AOL Instant Messenger (1997-2017)

    Forget Tinder... I had AOL game. AOL is how I got to talking to a girl, who became my girlfriend. We've been together for 17 years now, married for 11. In all honestly, without AOL, I would have never gotten to know my wife. Thank god for AOL. Does anyone still remember their ICQ login numbers...
  20. johnnyfiive

    Destiny 2 Beta: Performance Analysis

    Game runs pretty good if you turn some stuff off. It runs fine on my XPS 9560 with a crappy GTX 1050 (until it throttles due to it being a laptop). I was getting 40-70FPS in both the campaign and mutiplayer with some stuff turned down at 1080p.
  21. johnnyfiive

    Xbox X Discussion Thread

    ^ Because playing on a couch on a big ass 4K HDR TV is pretty awesome.
  22. johnnyfiive

    AMD Radeon RX Vega 64 8 GB

    The only reason these cards are compelling is if you happen to have a FreeSync monitor.
  23. johnnyfiive

    AMD Ryzen Threadripper 1950X Overclocked to 4.1 GHz With Liquid Cooling

    The amount of salt from some of the Intel fanboys around here is really annoying....
  24. johnnyfiive

    Hellblade Senua's Sacrifice: Performance Analysis

    This game looks really interesting, thanks for the review.