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  1. d3fct

    annoying mic monitor turtle beach px21

    hello all, just received a new headset as a christmas gift (turtle beach px21). I like the way they feel and sound but one thing that annoys me right away is the "mic monitoring". wich basically has your mic on at all times, anything you say or even breathing will be played thru your headset...
  2. d3fct

    wierd standoff issue on haf x

    hey guys, just put my system into a haf x. previous to the case swap, all the same components were in a mountain mods pinnacle case and never had any issue's. any way's here it goes. after fully swapping and being ready for first post, it wouldnt post, just a shitty constant restart after about...
  3. d3fct

    Playing homefront demo on steam, is full version worth it?

    hey guys, the title says it all. I've been playing homefront(demo multiplayer) for about 2 days now. I really like some of the guns i kinda like the fast paced action, almost reminds me of crysis 2(demo). Now, they only have like 2-3 maps on the demo and they're kinda small. does the full...
  4. d3fct

    bf2 ingame server messages text blinks

    hi all, i recently switched from xp to win 7 about a month ago. i'm getting this wierd issue in bf2 where any server messages, like rules ie, or welcome messages blink. i never had this issue on xp, i have all the same hardware, everything set the same way. so my question is, have any of you...
  5. d3fct

    made the switch to win 7 dont like microsoft anna

    hey guys, just made the switch finally to win 7 from xp im still getting used to it. one thing thats really been drivin me nuts is the text to speech voice microsoft anna. i use ventrilo and prefer to have all actions set to text to speech. now on xp it was microsoft sam, male voice. my...
  6. d3fct

    swiftech mcp 355 died and took out my 280 gtx

    well yesterday was a fun day, was playing fallout the new vegas, when apparently my swiftech pump stopped working. i didnt notice anything was wrong untill my monitor turned off. i immediatly turned and looked at my video card, the green light was red....... stuck my hand in the case and...
  7. d3fct

    My first p-log

    hi all, I am going to be building myself another rig, I've been slowly acquiring parts. and finally saved up enough money to buy a mountan mods pinnacle case. this build will probly be a lil slow at first as i just spend my rent money on getting my truck fixed...... anyways back to the build. I...
  8. d3fct

    new win 7 ultimate install on ssd's need help

    hi all, today i installed 2 patriot 32 gb ssd's in raid 0, loaded win7 ultimate got into windows and i cant access my other hdd, sata 500gb baracuda. it shows up in the device manager, and in the bios, this hdd hold's my other os and all my music, movies, etc. my plan was to run the ssd's for...
  9. d3fct

    Quick question about wiring

    hey guys, just a quick question. I will be upgrading and adding another water loop, so this means more fans, i allready have 2 loops with 2, 360 rads, so as u can tell im running out of 3 pin adapters. so my question is if i splice the 3 fans on each radiator to 1 molex and sleeve it will that...
  10. d3fct

    xp auto play undo, help.

    hi guys, the otherday when i put in a blank cd i got the pop up for what i would like to run each time i put in a blank cd, i meant to hit do nothing but i clicked nero instead. and now when i ever i put a blank cd in, i have to wait for neroto open then close it (when i make vcd's i use win...
  11. d3fct

    dual monitor setup

    hi all, I just got a 25 inch widescreen for christmas, so I now have a dual monitor setup using the new one as primary and my old 20 inch as secondary. Now they work fine, there's no issue with that, but what I want to be able to do is run fullscreen games on primary and be able to use the other...
  12. d3fct

    strange 280 gtx behavior

    hi all, just recently i got a water block for one of my 280, so i removed one from sli and am currently running 1 card on water. I tried puttin the other 280 back in to use for a dedicated physics card untill i get my other water block. And thats where I ran into a problem, now keep in mind i...
  13. d3fct

    280 on water

    hey all, just got one of my 280's on water, did a quick oc and bench with 3dmark06. compared to them in sli stock cooler and clocks i got like 24thousand, and with this single on water it got 22 thousand. I can't wait to get my other 280 on water and sli them once again, on a p45 no less, :laugh:
  14. d3fct

    Happy Holidays

    Happy Holidays to all tpu members! :toast:
  15. d3fct

    double email for thread reply

    hi, this has never happened before, but when a certain person replied to the thread i was subscribed to, it sent me double emails. whats wierd about it was, it was the same guy, on 2 diff threads, in 2 days. that this has happened with, is this a common bug or does this guy have something wrong...
  16. d3fct

    [WTB][US] 280 gtx full cover waterblocks

    hey gang, like the title says looking, for 2 x 280gtx full cover waterblocks. edit: I got one danger den tieton, would like a matching pair if you have one.
  17. d3fct

    asus p45 sli 2 gtx 280's

    hey gang just wanted to bring some attention to the sli hack/mod, it works lovely it literally took me 4 mins to run sli on a p45 crossfire mobo, it only took so long because my dsl sucks a fat one(dl for the drivers). this site was very usefull and it seems to work for x86 and 64 bit os's up to...
  18. d3fct

    sli overclocking help

    nm figured it out :toast: sry for making you look, please delete this post mod.
  19. d3fct

    2 280gtx sli on an asus p5q deluxe

    hi all, i had a good trade offer that i accepted and decided to try the sli hack on a p45, works good followed the instructions i found and was running sli on a asus crossfire board in minutes. on a good note at stock clock speeds on the gpus i ran 24,772 a big increase from my oc'd...
  20. d3fct

    asus p5q deluxe watercooling

    hi all, just got myself a asus p5q- deluxe and wanted for the hell of it to watercool the entire mobo... nb, sb, and mosfets. being that this board is new to me im unfamiliar with any of these blocks, so I'm asking for some input on wich ones to get, instead of just looking for the first set...
  21. d3fct

    good water cooling part site in us that ships

    hi, all just as the title says, i'm lookin for some liquid cooling parts and about the only site i know of that has decent stuff is frozencpu.com or crazypc.com. Anyone know of any others put up a link for me if ya got one. thanks.
  22. d3fct

    grid online question

    hi, all to start off i been playin grid for about 2-3weeks (sp) now gettin pretty close to the end i think. I got a lil bored of racin bots today so for the first time i played some multiplayer races, or well atleast attempted to. the first one or two was fine, but then after that at the...
  23. d3fct

    [WTB][US] socket 478 mobo that will oc

    hi all im looking for a socket 478 board that will oc, prefferably that takes ddr2. I got an old emachine celeron rig that doesnt get used anymore, so i want to put the celeron on phase and see what it will do. I can either buy or trade for shit in my fs/ft thread...
  24. d3fct

    suddenly i get no email msg on suscribed thread

    hi all recently i stopped recieving email msg's for subscribed threads. did i accidently click the wrong link on my last suscription email?
  25. d3fct

    [FS/FT][US] d3fct's stuff, 2 x 280 gtx's on fullcover water blocks, and more.

    I'm going to limit these things to shipping within the us, unless u really want something and are willing to pay the extra cost to ship. I have a heat account with this same username (d3fct). 43 total / 43 positive, almost every transaction is from tpu, besides one purchase from evga forums...