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    AMD's Own HD 7970 Performance Expectations?

    >2011 >Trusting AMD graphs after Bulldozer marketing >ISHYGDDT
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    Steam Skyrim Contest !!

    I was going to say Big Rigz myself but it looks like someone has already beaten me to it. Shows just how bad this game really is.. My original entry was going to be "I rather punch myself in the dick until I had a vagina than play Big Rigz again"
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    AMD Unlocked FX Processors Announced

    Okay, cool! Now give me some benchmarks! :laugh:
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    Is this cpu bottleneck

    Yep - That CPU is your 'bottleneck', although it should still play games alright? Can you show us a full list of specs and what issue you are actually having? :)
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    AMD Set to Deliver Next Generation x86 Platforms for Windows 8

    This sounds more like an AMD promo than actual news... I'm sure other hardware will run Windows 8 fine as well! :confused:
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    Transcend Develops 2 TB USB 3.0 Flash Drive

    ... -checks date-, nope...its not April 1st.
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    Water Cooling swooshing noises.

    Is the loop full? I've heard this noise happen before when there wasn't enough water in the loop and it made a crashing noise, like a wave crashing against a rock. Get a funnel and wait until it can't take anymore! :)
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    I-O Data Intros SSDN-SV Series Value SATA SSDs

    Bit expensive when you can get a 120GB OCZ SSD with 260MB write speeds for 200 bucks..
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    AMD Southern Islands GPU Codenames Surface

    I hope the low end card is called "Tasmania"
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    AMD FX "Bulldozer" processors added to CPU-Z

    Hey guys, Not sure if this has been mentioned already (sure most of you are already aware, but..) it looks like AMD FX "Bulldozer" processors have been added to CPU-Z. I hope this means we are closer to the release date of Bulldozer. Sauce...
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    I've been wanting to get into watercooling.

    I've got a H50....and now I want a real loop. Haha, although the H50 is real nice!
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    Hey mate, Its Dirt 3. Awesome game!

    Hey mate, Its Dirt 3. Awesome game!
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    NIC Flooding my network..Time for a new NIC or just get a new motherboard?

    I normally use www.pccasegear.com.au but because I live in AUS, staticice.com.au is the best place to find prices!
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    NIC Flooding my network..Time for a new NIC or just get a new motherboard?

    Hey Guys.. I have an issue with my fileserver's onboard NIC. It's flooding my network (sending out an immense amount of packets for no reason which destroys my switch). Its just an old motherboard that I ripped out of a old Acer P4 machine from work, (normally when this happens at work...
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    FX Turbo Core Technology Bumps Frequency by 1.00 GHz

    Subbing just to see Btarunr's ownage reply. :laugh:
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    Turning an old Dimension 5000 into a HTPC, what's the bottleneck?

    I'm not an expert on this stuff, but I'm pretty sure down-scaling a 1080p movie on a 720p signal makes the computer work much harder... Do you really need to watch 1080p movies if your TV can only output 720p?
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    PNY Debuts Liquid Cooled Graphics at E3

    What the hell is up with the price? Could get a real loop for that much! :eek:
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    I need help with Photoshop

    If you copy your star layer and then make a new layer underneath the star layer and paint it black or white, this will remove the chekerboard pattern...
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    AMD Reintroduces FX Brand for High-End Processors and Platforms at E3

    Haha, yeah. I'm not doubting these chips will be awesome, just saying Intel will still have the upper hand... I'm actually an AMD fan, Have had AMD systems for the past five-six years. Also my overclocked X6 and 5850 smashes out Dirt 3 just fine! ;)
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    AMD Reintroduces FX Brand for High-End Processors and Platforms at E3

    Don't see how you fixed it. I was implying that the Bulldozer is coming out at around the same time as Ivy and I doubt it can compete with it OR compete with Intel's latest offering.
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    AMD Reintroduces FX Brand for High-End Processors and Platforms at E3

    Prices have already been leaked afaik and the dearest CPU is like 320 dollars... I'm a big fan of AMD but highly doubt this can go toe to toe with Ivy, let alone Sandy! :ohwell:
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    The DiRT 3 Clubhouse!

    If you can play Dirt 2 races over and over again without getting bored then you will love Dirt 3, just sayin'
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    (Project) Dirt 3 Inspired LAN Rig Case Mod!

    Yeah, I was thinking something like that...but I need something cheap that can fill the four bays as I don't have the covers... Maybe something ghetto like a 120mm fan cable tied on haha! :laugh:
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    Galaxy Brings Hollywood-Quality Video to Consumer Graphics Card

    So if I buy this card I should be able to run live full 1080P playback in After Effects? :D
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    (Project) Dirt 3 Inspired LAN Rig Case Mod!

    I dont know about you guys but it seems the link is bourked..? Will repost tonight when I get home from work or something! :) Thanks for the advice and stuff guys!