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    Possible 3rd Gen AMD Ryzen "Matisse Refresh" XT SKU Clock Speeds Surface

    Not true anymore. He even switched from 8700K to 3700X. Ryzen 1000 and Ryzen 2000 had its problems, but Ryzen 3000 is nothing like them. Actually big L3 cash really helps in emulators.
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    NVIDIA Ampere A100 Has 54 Billion Transistors, World's Largest 7nm Chip

    If you pay millions of dollars for hardware, you also pay for _specialized_ software for this hardware. You surely don't buy hardware for 200 000 dollars (for 1 card) to run 3DS MAX Studio. Your eco-system doesn't matter. This whole hardware is your eco-system. The deal is for eco-system.
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    MSI Issues Clarification on Next-Gen AMD CPU Support on 300-series Motherboards

    So long story short. TPU screwed up by not confirming from at least two sources unofficial information from reddit and breaking the news that was basically not true. Now they won't even retreat it or correct it. Yeah, full class journalism.