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    VR build

    So, after being out of gaming for like 10 years (since i got married) i am now am ready to build a dedicated gaming rig with the emphasis on VR. BUDGET (and country you are buying them in) maybe 5,000 USD, and all stuff will be bought in the USA.. probably overmuch but im buying pretty much a...
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    rebuilding my HTPC

    my 7 year old htpc is due for a rebuild. currently an e7400 on a gma 35 intel mobo. 4 gb ram, vista 32, amd 7750 video card, intel 1gbit nic (mobo did not have that) USES: playback of ripped blurays on 1080p (4k later) record from my dish stb via hauppauge colossus capture card medium duty...
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    dual boot win7 + win 10 "upgrade"

    alright idiot question time, as my search foo must suck and gets possibly out of date info currently have win7 pro x64 and want to run win10 ONLY for games to take advantage of dx12. I know I can get the "upgrade" to 10 and then revert back to 7 BUT can I dual boot both? does the win7 key get...