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  1. XiGMAKiD

    Sony Launches Generation 3 PetaSite Optical Disc Archive Library with 66% Greater Capacity

    Just in time when I need to archive my homework
  2. XiGMAKiD

    Take-Two CEO Calls Google Stadia a "Dissapointment"

    This. Stadia can only be truly successful if consumer doesn't have access to decently powerful device.
  3. XiGMAKiD

    AMD Shipped 553 Million GPUs Since 2013: Jon Peddie Research

    The deal with Samsung should strengthen AMD's position and increasing their influence in the market. It's the AMD that many people talking about when they acquired ATi, a company with strong portfolio contending for market share and technological influence.
  4. XiGMAKiD

    AMD 5th Gen Ryzen Desktop Possibly Codenamed "Warhol"

    If it was Intel subsequent code names would be Ashol, Bunghol, Cornhol etc
  5. XiGMAKiD

    Quantum Shenanigan: BioShield Distribution Offers $347 5GBioShield USB Key to Protect From "Harmful 5G Emissions"

    I can't stop smiling while reading this post so it must be legit!1!!
  6. XiGMAKiD

    From mah boi Primer [MEDIA]

    From mah boi Primer
  7. XiGMAKiD

    Comprehensive Core i9-10900K Review Leaked: Suggests Intel Option Formidable

    Competition is (figuratively and literally) heating up
  8. XiGMAKiD

    Intel Teases "Big Daddy" Xe-HP GPU

    pretty sure it's baap not beep, and the typo makes it sounds like a censored word :roll:
  9. XiGMAKiD

    Who is Caroline Konstnar?

    Who is Caroline Konstnar?
  10. XiGMAKiD

    One Notebook OneGX 1 7-inch UMPC Features "Tiger Lake" SoC and 5G Modem

    After phase 1 that is spreading the virus worldwide now they're entering phase 2 which is increasing the severity of the virus wirelessly in this case they're using 5G cellular network controller Oh and the M.2 NVMe SSD helps with more time efficient data processing
  11. XiGMAKiD

    GALAX Intros GeForce RTX 2070 Super EX Pink Edition

    Belle Delphine edition :laugh:
  12. XiGMAKiD

    Western Digital Spells Out Which Specific HDD Models Use SMR

    WD Black using SMR sounds oxymoron
  13. XiGMAKiD

    Epic Games Abandons Android Strategy & Publishes Fortnite on the Google Play Store

    I'll say the one that gives user maybe also developer/publisher better benefits at the time is the one worth supporting
  14. XiGMAKiD

    When you ruin the whole world by trying some undercooked bat soup This has been the worst trade...

    When you ruin the whole world by trying some undercooked bat soup This has been the worst trade deal in the history of trade deals, maybe ever
  15. XiGMAKiD

    TSMC 3nm Process Packs 250 Million Transistors Per Square Millimeter

    Did you mean: Intel's has 5nm in 2033
  16. XiGMAKiD


  17. XiGMAKiD

    Mysterious AMD Ryzen 3700C & 3250C Benchmarks Surface

    Inb4 x86 is weaksauce, 7nm Cell is best!1!!
  18. XiGMAKiD

    Intel 10nm Product Lineup for 2020 Revealed: Alder Lake and Ice Lake Xeons

    I'm interested about it actually until I remember it's Intel making 16 cores with their mythical 10nm so it's gonna be mighty expensive
  19. XiGMAKiD

    SMIC 7nm-class N+1 Foundry Node Going Live by Q4-2020

    And in the process of reverse engineering said machines ;)
  20. XiGMAKiD

    Play Tequila song but replace the one and only lyric with "CoViD-19" that way you might still...

    Play Tequila song but replace the one and only lyric with "CoViD-19" that way you might still get bored but at least in a different and unique way
  21. XiGMAKiD

    Microsoft Edge Now 2nd Most Popular Web-Browser

    Since it's stable release now it's on my browser stable along with Firefox and Opera
  22. XiGMAKiD

    Micron Samples the Industry's First uMCP Product With LPDDR5 to Increase Performance and Battery Life in 5G Smartphones

    The first sentence (TFS) of the first paragraph (oTFP) looks stupid (LS) :wtf:
  23. XiGMAKiD

    Game Developers Conference gets Postponed due to COVID-19 Concerns

    Looks like this virus is in the transmission phase now so what's next, increased severity or let it infect Greenland first? :rolleyes:
  24. XiGMAKiD

    Intel Adds Game Capture and Broadcasting Features to Graphics Command Center

    Maybe you can use it to record interesting webcam stuff :D
  25. XiGMAKiD

    Zhaoxin KaiXian x86 Processor Now Commercially Available to the DIY Channel

    Now I'm waiting for "security flaw" news for this processor :D