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  1. Troy210

    Hiring a coder

    Hiya fellas.. I have an idea for a program that I'd like to create. It would be primarily working with Amazon API, and Google API. What are some good questions to ask a programmer, to make sure they are legit?
  2. Troy210

    [FS][US] CPU + RAM + FREE Mobo (when you buy the CPU & RAM)

    I swear.. some of ya'll ask the strangest shit! Pending bump.
  3. Troy210

    Your PC ATM

    It's pretty cool to watch the 11 year evolution of rigs in this massive thread!
  4. Troy210

    Deepest ever dive finds plastic bag at bottom of Mariana Trench

    that whole #trashtag thing could be taken to new heights..or depths if they collected it.
  5. Troy210

    [FS][US] CPU + RAM + FREE Mobo (when you buy the CPU & RAM)

    Bundle price dropped to $180 Shipped. Bump.
  6. Troy210

    [FS][US] CPU + RAM + FREE Mobo (when you buy the CPU & RAM)

    My heatware is under my old forum name. I cannot change it, cause I no longer have access to the email address I used to create it. :banghead:
  7. Troy210

    [FS][US] CPU + RAM + FREE Mobo (when you buy the CPU & RAM)

    She had a good life.. She played many games, She rendered lots of videos, She was there for me in my darkest times.. But now she gotta go! I found a new gal with bigger cans! :peace: (8700K + DDR4 3600 + MSI Board) I really do not want to split this all up and sell it by the piece.. so if...
  8. Troy210

    Formerly known as llllllllllll

    Formerly known as llllllllllll
  9. Troy210

    [FS][US] Motherboards (z370/z390/x370)

    That should work with a i7-8700K no problem, correct? That Z390 is looking juicy as well.
  10. Troy210

    [FS][US] Brand New OEM RX-580's - SOLD

    Sale of all three pending..
  11. Troy210

    [FS][US] Brand New OEM RX-580's - SOLD

    I guess my profile pre-dates when this option was available like it is in yours.
  12. Troy210

    [FS][US] Brand New OEM RX-580's - SOLD

    Look below this sentence, in the signature line.
  13. Troy210

    [FS][US] Brand New OEM RX-580's - SOLD

    Hi folks, I had planned a 7 card rig with a friend, then he backed out due to some financial issues. That leaves me with three BRAND NEW, NEVER USED video cards. Since I'm past my return window, I'm selling them for what I paid for them. $500 EACH - FIRM + shipping. I took one out of the...
  14. Troy210

    Crypto-Celebs, here we come!

    I fail to see why my post on this was removed..because I said this was dumb?
  15. Troy210

    Mining Algorithms Explained

    Everything I've ever wanted to know, in one nice post. Tipped!
  16. Troy210

    Unable to flash 1 of 3 RX580 cards

    This MSI card, was it a reference design?
  17. Troy210

    Buying a NAS

    Yeah, I also found SATA converters for SAS..might have to try that. Such a shame to see 4TB of drives just sitting around.
  18. Troy210

    Buying a NAS

    Hi all, I have a few terabyte NAS drives laying around that I've never used, that I'd like to make a Plex NAS with. Anyone have any suggestions for a NAS that'll work with SAS drives? Most all of the ones I've come across are SATA. Thanks.
  19. Troy210

    What are you playing?

    Elder Scrolls online has me pretty sucked in at the moment.
  20. Troy210

    FSB overclocking tools for Windows 10

    I'd be curious to see what happens with your results. I have a few of these machines laying around the office.
  21. Troy210

    Nvidia Class action payouts. Anyone get theirs?

    I have doubts about ever seeing a dime from them.
  22. Troy210

    Riding the Crypto wave

    This is weird to me. On the left is Nice Hash's estimation of what a 980Ti should produce. On the right is what I'm actually getting after bench marking a few times on Nice Hash.
  23. Troy210

    Riding the Crypto wave

    This is an awesome thread. I myself just got ahold of three 290x's and got a pc bundle from gpushack.com My main rig has a 980Ti that I'm thinking of putting to use.