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  1. substance90

    Zotac Uses High-End PCB Design for new GeForce GTX 260 Accelerator

    Remind me again why do I need this? I play everything maxed out at 1920x1200 with my Radeon HD4850 512Mb.
  2. substance90

    ASUS Debuts the Eee PC S101 Netbook

    Until I see the default for netbooks becoming a dual core Atom, 2gigs of ram, ultra-compact dvd drive and 6-cell battery, I won`t get one of these.
  3. substance90

    AMD Expects DirectX 11 and Windows 7 in 2009, More in Store

    What do I need a new DX API for?! Have you seen Crysis Warhead in DX9 mode? Beats everything released in DX10 so far, except crysis itself ofcourse.
  4. substance90

    Thermaltake Fanless 330 GPU Cooler Spotted

    When are developers going to try to make something radically new? It`s obvious that good ol` copper and aluminium won`t be able to passively cool anything with serious gaming power. We need new innovative materials, like.. now!
  5. substance90

    HP Breaks the 24-hour Battery Life Barrier

    Now make it smaller with the same battery! 10-12" screen and weight not more than 1-1,5kg. :)
  6. substance90

    First AMD Fusion Specifications, Hint Toward RV710 Specs.

    Too bad, I don`t see this getting into netbooks and UMPCs! Via Nano is also better than the Atom, but still do you know a single device using the Nano?
  7. substance90

    NVIDIA Demonstrates Real-time Interactive Ray-tracing

    The REFLECTIONS, guys, watch the reflections! It`s about a ray-tracer, remember? Don`t look at the other sh*t.
  8. substance90

    Intel to Debut Ultra-Fast 180GB SSDs Next Week at IDF

    I would be interested in such news when it`s about price cuts, not increase of capacity or speed ;) That would be real NEWS, not just some facts, nobody cares about. Come on, how many people will buy a 160GB harddrive for 2k bucks?!
  9. substance90

    First ULPC Notebook with Dual-Core AMD Processor Out

    Everything looks pretty good, especially the size, but 2,5hrs battery life is pathetic! Since they rate it at 2,5 the real world value would be no more than 1,5-2hrs. A Cowon D2 portable player has battery life of about 50hrs!
  10. substance90

    First Product Images of the Sapphire Radeon HD 4870 X2 Emerge

    This price is insane, I hope they`re joking or at least I hope that the prices is that high only in the UK, from where the link is.
  11. substance90

    Intel Larrabee Capable of 2 TFLOPs

    Woah, since when is Intel planning on entering the video card industry with something more powerful then built-in GPUs?! And what`s with the design?! You can`t just stich 32 Pentiums together and call it a GPU! nVidia and AMD are way ahead in graphics card design!
  12. substance90

    Two R700s Churn-out X12515 in 3DMark Vantage

    I am so glad that AMD is finally coming back to the scene! 4870 X2 kicks ass very hard! If it`s under $450, that will be my next card.
  13. substance90

    ATI Radeon HD 4870 X2 1GB GDDR5 Nude Shots

    Maybe it won`t in every single game, but the 4870 X2 sure will kick GX2 and GTX280`s asses in at least half of the titles. For The Witcher and Bioshock I am 100% sure!
  14. substance90

    Diamond Releases Radeon HD 4870 XOC Unlocked Black Edition

    That`s one fast son of a bitch! I can`t wait for the 512bit/1Gig version.
  15. substance90

    PhysX Runs On RV670, Scores 22,000 CPU Marks in 3DMark Vantage

    Too bad the guy will get himself sued, before he even thinks about doing this to the HD48xx driver.. It would have been another reason for me to go with a 48xx instead a GTX2xx.
  16. substance90

    ATI Radeon HD4850 Transcodes Four 1080p Video Files Simultaneously in Real-Time

    What good is it if it works only on loseless bd and hddvd?! Anyway, I don`t care so much, cause my C2D handles perfectly any Full HD content, ripped or loseless. :)
  17. substance90

    Toshiba's Newest Notebooks to Feature Modified CELL Processor

    Sounds a bit useless to me.. I mean a C2D can perfectly well handle any Full HD video. I think the extra Cell processor might be just a marketing move, but who knows... we`ll see.
  18. substance90

    Force3D Ushers Forth HD 4870 SKU Specifications

    Not interested! 512Mb/256-bit.. that`s old! How come the 8800GTX, that`s 2 years old, beat almost all of the new cards... Come on, it`s time for something NEW.
  19. substance90

    Mozilla Firefox 3 Release Candidate 2 Ready for Download

    When is the final version coming out?
  20. substance90

    4870X2 to be Released in Q2 2008, Will be Cheaper Than GTX280

    Now I`m becoming more interested! Too bad it doesn`t have any HDMI ports like the new units from nVidia :(
  21. substance90

    Next-gen NVIDIA GeForce Specs Unveiled, Part 2

    Well said, mate! Besides, what does one need such a graphics card for? I`m running every single game (except Crysis course) on high at 1920 x 1200 with a 8800GT 512Mb. And there`s the fact that more and more developers are abandoning the PC platform :(
  22. substance90

    Eizo Targets Gamers with New 24-inch HD2452W Screen

    Pretty not impressive! Neither the price, nor the specs. Nobody seems to be able to beat Dell`s monitors in the price/quality ratio.
  23. substance90

    ATI Radeon HD 4800 Series Video Cards Specs Leaked

    Nice specs and price ranges, but ATi really should hire some folk that actually CAN program drivers... when this happens, their lower prices will beat the hell out of nVidia or at least create some real competition.
  24. substance90

    Grand Theft Auto IV Gone Gold

    LoL, can`t wait! That will rock my 360 and it will be even better when it comes to the PC later... I`m sure it will!