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  1. zelnep

    14nm 6th Time Over: Intel Readies 10-core "Comet Lake" Die to Preempt "Zen 2" AM4

    next up: the all "new" Z395 with active fan cooled VRMs, bundled up with 1000w psu and 280mm AIO and fire extinguisher
  2. zelnep

    AMD Share Price Falls ~28% via Weak GPU Sales; Revenue Share from GPUs Only 30%

    Stock volatility should be ignored in this market, today -9% "omg, sell now", tomorrow +15% "strong buy" (from same analysts*), but what about real AMD reported results, the Q3 2018 is the same as Q3 2017, I did expect more! it is not like there were mining craze in Q2-Q3 2017.
  3. zelnep

    Western Digital Announces 15TB Ultrastar DC HC620 HDD

    what is you need 90TB of space? will you go with 6 of these or 90 of 1 TB's?
  4. zelnep

    Intel At Least 5 Years Behind TSMC and May Never Catch Up: Analyst

    just remember - intel do not have problems with 10nm. intel has problems with 14nm! and it does not looks like intel will sort it (14nm yields) out any time soon and only then we will hear about 10nm problems - so it is multiple years behind for sure. 7nm TMSC (aka 10nm by intel standard) - have...
  5. zelnep

    Crucial BX500 480 GB

    dam - 80$ starting launch price for 0.5TB SSD (launch price = so it will go down over time)! I guess we will soon store our porn collections on SSD (as if we ned that (I mean we to need our pron collections, but if we need to store it on SSDs, because HDDs are fine). but seriously, what are...
  6. zelnep

    Are you gaming in 4K?

    you have RTX 2070 benchmarks? only thing we can know about for sure - it will be weaker than rtx 2080 is and it will cost 600-ish $ (or you think it will be 499,99$ - like nvidia says?) - that nor good value, nor 4k60 gpu.
  7. zelnep

    Are you gaming in 4K?

    when 4K capable GPUs cost 700-950$ (gtx 1080 ti - rtx 2080) - you have to be a rich boi to run 4K PC games, even tough decent 4k 60 panels have come down and cost sub 350$ these days
  8. zelnep

    More Buyers for AMD Due to Intel CPU Shortages, OEMs Unhappy

    good to know, because I need and want upgrade and was entertaining idea about i9-9900k or i7-9700k and was like: "ok, I know Ryzen 2700X is and will be better value, but I will wait for these intel reviews and see how I feel about it" but now ( from all I red in last few weeks) - thx intel for...
  9. zelnep

    NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 Founders Edition 8 GB

    at first I was in salt mode, but now I do understand RTX 20xx and its pricing a little better and I can conclude: remember AMD and Vega and atrocious value vs Pascal and might as well be EOLed before the lauch if there is no room for price to go down? Nvidia saw that and was like "hold my beer"
  10. zelnep

    NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 Ti Founders Edition 11 GB

    yes, I was wrong, it is 38%, lets even round it up and call it +40%... still a failure for the price increase. and no matter if I like it or not - 2080 ti and 2080 will be the only option for 4K gaming for next 2 years? and it stars at "just 899"$. imagine next generation of nvidias then...
  11. zelnep

    NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 Ti Founders Edition 11 GB

    adored was wrong - this is WORSE, he did predicted +40% increase over gtx1080 ti - but obviously that was leakded from nvidias "testing guidlines".
  12. zelnep

    NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 Ti Founders Edition 11 GB

    what a failure +28% faster than gtx 1080 ti - after 2.5 year of progress and almost x2 price increase? I did think this RTX 2080 ti would be like +50% faster (than gtx 1080 ti) - and still would call this a failure ! but this is just sad :( I just did check the power consumption... are you...
  13. zelnep

    More Clarity on 9th Gen Core Processor Pricing Emerges

    are resolution like 360x240 (or less) also ok to measure bottleneck ? - because it would show the bottleneck even more, but that information would not translate to real life at all (not even for 0.1% of gamers). so any decision on such a information would be misleading.
  14. zelnep

    Editorial NVIDIA's 20-series Could be Segregated via Lack of RTX Capabilities in Lower-tier Cards

    RayTracing will be fantastic, but for future. imagine if a 1250$ gpu's cant push RTX for 60fps at full HD - this means RTX is like 2 or more generations away. but even if you think 60-ish fps on fullHD is worth and acceptable - gues what - there will be like 0,5% (of total 100% PC gaming) or...
  15. zelnep

    Intel 14nm Processors Face Shortages

    as I wrote before few days in article about increasing inventories and overproduction (intels inventories has grown significantly over few past years - they will face huge writedowns soon) - but they will strike back - be ready for: shortage reports, buy while you can, preorder now, limited...
  16. zelnep

    Surging Tech Companies' Inventories Could Spell Trouble for the Industry

    that is a weird trend by most tech companies - even though their inventories rise - they still push "alternative news" like: shortages coming because of (insert whatever); back order before its sold out; this will be delayed - preorder now. look at intel - their 6th gen cpu's will be iterated...
  17. zelnep

    Are you getting the new GeForce RTX 2000?

    skipping, even tough I need a gpu right now and have 1000$+ for 4K, but I will buy either used or even new gtx 1080 ti and save couple of hundreds $, because this RTX 20xx - the GigaRayz, aka "we will charge whatever we like" generation will be obsoleted by any next release - either amd will...
  18. zelnep

    NVIDIA's BFGD Solutions Delayed to Q1 2019, Will Cost an Awful Penny

    120fps on 4K?... like what gpu are nvidia planing to recommend for this? do nvidia know something about amd navi? or intels 2020 project? because one thing nvida can know for sure - no green team cards that can push past 80fps on 4K anytime soon
  19. zelnep

    NVIDIA Releases First Internal Performance Benchmarks for RTX 2080 Graphics Card

    so if PRslides shows us +40-ish% in cherrypicked titles then irl it will be +30-ish%... 2.5 years and +50% price and that is all we will get? (for next 2+ years?) :kookoo:
  20. zelnep

    NVIDIA RTX 2080 Ti Ray-tracing "SOTR" Barely Manages 30-60 FPS at Full HD

    Jensen: "JiggaRayz - its just works".... - NO it does not and will have to be turned off even on RTX 2080ti and even on 1080@60 monitors....and now we can get that fluff out of the question - this RTX looks more and more like a complete dud. if RTX 20XX does not give +50-60% over equivalent GTX...
  21. zelnep

    NVIDIA Turing has 18.9 Billion Transistors

    did he (Jensen) just trolled us? - just now he announced all prices with aprox -200$ less of leaks and even screenshots from hour ago
  22. zelnep

    NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 Ti Reference Design Teased

    the fun is over, Zotac leaked prices... gtx 2080 will cost 800$ and Ti will cost 1100+$, so if these cards are not 50% or more powerful as Pascal - in non Raytrace tasks, then we will have a set back for the whole fricken generation :(
  23. zelnep

    Intel "Cooper Lake" Latest 14nm Stopgap Between "Cascade Lake" and "Ice Lake"

    you are talking like as if they could rush anything... only thing intel could and did rush is x299 (with that super weak price/performance) and also they did rush that 28-core presentation that was cooled with refrigerator and about that strong stock price - dont get me started... from that...
  24. zelnep

    Battlefield V System Requirements Revealed

    if FX-6350 can run this, then from intel side there should be i3 from Sandy/Ivy years
  25. zelnep

    Acer Predator X27 G-Sync HDR Monitor Goes Up for Preorder at $2000

    good that finally these (with asus) hit the market... I do not care about price, because I will never buy and pay for the early adopters bragging rights anyway. but there are people that will buy and have those "rights"... and that only means that after year or two (probably more knowing how all...