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  1. DigitalUK

    Asrock 990FX Extreme3 - Issues

    im having a fair few problems with this board, has anyone else got this board as im wondering if the chipset is faulty. CPU = 1090T Cooler = Corsair H100 Memory = Corsair Vegenance (4x 4GB 1866) PSU = Thermaltake Toughpower 700w at first (bios 1.0) the cpu would throttle down at max load...
  2. DigitalUK

    The Reason Harddrive Prices have gone through the roof

    havent seen these pics anywhere yet and our supplier "Novatech" provided me with some pictures of what is causing the massive harddrive price increase ,ive also been told the prices are going to go up even more.
  3. DigitalUK

    [WTB][EU] LGA775 Motherboard

    im looking for a LGA775 motherboard to take an Intel Q6600, hopefully someone can help.
  4. DigitalUK

    [WTB][EU] AM2+ Phenom II

    im looking for a phenom II 920, 940, 955, 1090T (not to exspensive) to replace a good friends 6000 x2 as hes just brought a hd6950 and wants something to hold him over until bulldozers release (he will probably wait abit longer as well for price drops. hopefully someone can help. Heatware...
  5. DigitalUK

    [WTB][EU] AM2+ Motherboard (Crossfire)

    im wondering if anyone has a AM2+ motherboard for sale (Crossfire) at a reasonable price, im currently running on a 750a sli board and would prefer an AMD chipset, as i dont want to change to am3 with bulldozer around the corner. must be in uk to keep costs down.:)
  6. DigitalUK

    Bulldozer to come close to Core i7 ??

    hoping this is abit off, was hoping for faster than i7 , if its 6 core vs 6 core then its pretty good. Source: We have some good news for everyone who would like to see AMD make a big comeback in style. Since the time when Athlon used to be a high-end brand, and by that we mean the good old...
  7. DigitalUK

    hd5870 or gtx470

    which would be best a hd5870 or gtx470 , the machine is for a customer and hes not into tweaking, overclocking or anything he just wants to play games, looking around it seems to be a swings and roundabouts thing. he wants to play mafia 2, also plays cod,mass effect etc. i havent had either of...
  8. DigitalUK

    MSI RTFM-Chip?? mass email.

    does anyone know if this is a joke, email arrived from MSI as im a form member and purchased a fair few MSI boards over the years. heres a copy of the email. alot of insulted msi users.:mad: The MSI-forum and MSI-support team are fed-up with explaining you what can be found in the...